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Chapter 1118: Yellow Crane for the Crown Prince 4

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Zhou Huaijin ignored him as if he did not exist. He nodded calmly.

Zhou Huailing sneered, flung his sleeves and left. He had a twisted look on his face. He was furious, obviously.

Other princes might get very anxious seeing the Crown Prince leaving like this, but Zhou Huaijin did not even frown. He only asked the servants to clean up the things in the hall.

He behaved as if nothing had happened.

By this point, Zhou Huailing was already in the wagon heading back towards the Crown Prince’s Mansion.


He was really furious.

He kicked the coachmen several times the moment he got onto the wagon, and he smashed the teacups out of the wagon constantly, kicked the wagon and made a huge fuss in front of Lord Huai’s Mansion before he vented his anger and headed back formally.

His Eighth Brother was stupid to counter him becuase of one minor restaurant! He would not spare him in the future!

Zhou Huailing was thinking furiously, with his fists clenched.

The wagon arrived at the Crown Prince’s Mansion without delay. Zhou Huailing kicked the coachmen several times again when he got off the wagon, before heading back to the study in a hurry.

Junyi had his own study in the yard, but Zhou Huailing did not think that it was very convenient because he had to ask Junyi to come to him every time he needed him, and it would take some time. Zhou Huailing had no patience, so he had a study set up just for Junyi, and Junyi would appear the moment he returned.

It was very convenient.

So Zhou Huailing went straight into the study whenever he needed something.

The moment he went into the study, and before Junyi even realized what was going on, Zhou Huailing vented his anger by throwing everything onto the ground.

The vases were all shattered.

Junyi saw the mess in the room when he arrived and was startled.

What was going on? What made the Crown Prince so annoyed?

He went to stop him.

In Junyi’s opinion, it was very stupid when someone smashed things just because he was angry, because it led to nothing other than losses of themselves.

The best solution was to sit down and think through the whole thing, so that they could come up with a way to solve the problem!

An established man could take revenge whenever they wanted. They could just acc.u.mulate the anger and forces to take revenge when they were ready .

“Crown Prince, what happened, what made you so mad?” Junyi asked as he picked up several books.

“What made me angry?” Zhou Huailing was so furious. “Eighth Brother doesn’t even want to let go of the restaurant. He is so good, right? He doesn’t even want to give me the restaurant even though I went to him! Dumba.s.s, I must let him know the consequences of what he has done!”

Junyi was also startled.

Lord Huai did not want to give him the restaurant?

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