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Chapter 1259: Elder Miss’ Problem 2

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sword Two did not even have time to check on Elder Miss before he hurried away.

Sword One returned to the room, took hold of Elder Miss’ hands, still feeling really anxious.


In the hall.

Qing’s face was very pale-looking.


She kept thinking about her Elder Miss, as she realized that something was wrong with her. She could not hide her emotions.

“Young Master Chu, our Elder Miss is not feeling well, so she can’t see you today. She will visit you at your mansion later and meet Elder Miss of the Chu Family as well.” Qing’s voice trembled. That was after she tried to press down her own emotions.

Hearing that, Chu Yu’s face changed.

Lady Chaoyan was not feeling well? Was it because of what happened the day before?

He had met numerous people in the capital and how Qing reacted told him that she was telling the truth.

It was totally unexpected.

Chu Yu could not help feeling worried.

He wondered if it was because of what happened the day before, causing her to feel unwell now.

Since she told him that she would visit him at the mansion later, she did not plan to tell him what was going on. So Chu Yu nodded without asking more. “If you need any help, come to us anytime. We will help you with whatever we can. I will be off now.”

Qing nodded with teeth clenched. She walked Chu Yu out of Xinlin Mansion before she hurried back to check on Elder Miss.


Chu Yu returned to the mansion with a serious look on his face.

It was totally beyond their expectations, so Chu Yu felt slightly anxious.

After being seated in the hall, he kept drinking tea.

Chu Yu had just become an adult. He was an experienced Young Master who could deal with different kinds of things, but he was, after all, too young to stay stable.

Chu Tian walked in and read what happened through Chu Yu’s face. He asked in surprise. “What happened? Is it not going well?”

Chu Yu nodded.

“Lady Chaoyan is not feeling well. I did not get to see her. She said that she would visit us when she feels better, and check on Xiwen,” Chu Yu said.

Not feeling well?

Chu Tian was surprised too.

Yesterday when the chaos happened in the court, Mu Yihan’s metal humans kept killing people. It had been Lady Chaoyan who had suppressed the forces. He was there and witnessed everything. Lady Chaoyan was not injured despite the exhaustion, and she looked well when she left. So he had not expected that Lady Chaoyan would fall ill, but…

The whole thing must be real.

Lady Chaoyan was an honest lady who would not find this kind of excuse to turn down the invitation.

“Yu, don’t panic. Since Lady Chaoyan says that she will visit us, we shall just wait right here.” Chu Tian trusted Gu Chaoyan totally.

Chu Yu nodded.

“At the morning session…” Chu Tian was about to say something, when the housekeeper of the Chu Family hurried in. “Prime Minister Chu, someone from the Yao Family is here, asking for you.”

The Yao Family?

Honored Princess Jing’s family? What were they doing here?

“Bring him in,” Chu Tian said expressionlessly, looking slightly furious.

The housekeeper did what he was told.

Soon the messenger from the Yao Family came in.

He showed a smile at the sight of Chu Tian. “Prime Minister Chu…”

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