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1475 The Lin Family 2

“Really?” Ms. Lin looked very surprised, and blurted out.

She had found it a pity that the jewelry, which should belong to the Lin Family, was now at Gu Chaoyan’s place. She had not expected that those things could be regained. She did not dare to ask Gu Chaoyan about this either.

However, things were different, when she offered to give them back. She was definitely going to take them.

Lin Jiaxing frowned as he looked at his wife. He turned to Gu Chaoyan. “I gave them to your mother at that time, so that should be yours. Those should have belonged to your mother.”


“Just take them back, Uncle. I have gotten her dowries, and Lord Huai has given me a lot as well. I am the Phoenix Girl, and I can get everything I want. You can just take them back. They belong to the Lin Family,” Gu Chaoyan said straightforwardly.

Ms. Lin might be very calculative, but she believed that her uncle was a nice man.

Her grandfather and her uncle treated her mother very well.

And even though her mother got married later, her uncle was still willing to give those things to her, because he adored her. Despite the fact that it wasn’t a very effective method, still, he did it out of kindness.

Because of that… she was not going to get very close to the Lin Family in her life, but she was going to take good care of the Lin Family.

Hearing what Gu Chaoyan said, Lin Jiaxing really had no idea what to say. He was very moved. The Lin Family once hurt Chaoyan, but she did not hold a grudge against them, and still treated them so well.

Ms. Lin also let out a sigh of relief.

It was good that Gu Chaoyan did not want to take revenge on them, but she felt very regretful.

No one had known that Gu Chaoyan would become the Phoenix Girl. If she had known about this before, she would not have offended Gu Chaoyan, or even tried to hook her up with her son, before Lord Huai and she got engaged.

That really brought a lot of regrets to her, but there was no need to feel regretful. She was not cutting the relations.h.i.+p with her no matter what.

As long as she still accepted them as uncle and aunt, everything else would be on an easy track.

Maybe… the Lin Family could become a n.o.ble family too.

That thought made her feel really excited.

Ms. Lin rubbed her hands, and said kindly. “Chaoyan, if you like the jewelry, you can keep them, but if you don’t need them, me and your uncle will bring them back.”


“And those are not very important right now, it’s just a small piece of cake, but your brother Jiashu is old enough to get engaged. If you have time, can you help him find a good suitor?”


“When Jiashu is engaged, me and your uncle will feel very happy,” Ms. Lin said with a smile.

“Mother!” Lin Jiashu could not help but cry out loudly. He had not expected that his mother would suddenly mention this matter in the conversation.

He had said many times that his mother should not get involved with his marriage, he would settle it himself.

His mother even promised to leave him alone, but now she was saying something completely different from what she had promised before.

He was going to get married to someone, which did not need to be picked by Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan had not expected this either.

She did not mind if the Lin Family used her name to find a suitor, but she was not going to help them with it personally.

She did have some good, nice lady friends, like the Elder Miss of the Chu Family, but…

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