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Chapter 1443 - 1443 Origin of the System

1443 Origin of the System

What was this?!

Lin Xiu was shocked as he looked at the thing that was being levitated from the ground.

A long, transparent oval pillar suddenly appeared before them.

“What is this?!”

Luo Huatian stared at the long gla.s.s pillar in shock.


Boom – –

With that said, there was a bright red light that appeared inside the gla.s.s pillar.

“Such powerful energy…”

The energy that suddenly appeared was overpowering.

It was even more powerful than those from a G.o.d King!

“So powerful!”

Luo Yue commented about it as well.

“Is that the tool spirit?”

Lin Xiu hesitated a little before asking.

Lin Xiu had no idea what the tool spirit actually looked like.

He could only feel that the energy inside the pillar was overpowering.

It was so strong that even Lin Xiu felt surprised.

“I don’t know either.”

Luo Huatian shook his head.

He didn’t know much about the tool spirit.

He only knew that all of them from the Warrior G.o.d Realm were looking for the tool spirit.

Lin Xiu felt surprised.

Forget it then. It doesn’t matter if this was the tool spirit. It was most important to figure out now if he could absorb this ball of energy.

Lin Xiu then reached out and placed his hand on the gla.s.s pillar.


With that, Lin Xiu then realised that this pillar was not made of gla.s.s!

He would stick his hand inside it.

Then, he could feel the dark energy from inside the pillar!


There was a sudden change in his expression.

This red energy was too powerful. Simply touching it could cost his life!

He only wanted to touch the gla.s.s to see if he could absorb it.

But…. It was too late. As he placed his hand on the red energy, they immediately rushed over to Lin Xiu and entered through his fingers.

Then, they slowly crawled up his arm and into his body!

When they got a closer look, the red energy that had crawled up Lin Xiu’s arm caused it to be covered with red veins which look incredibly horrifying.

“Lin Xiu!”

Seeing what had happened, Luo Yue looked worried.

“Don’t come here.”

Lin Xiu quickly stopped her.

Seeing how the red energy was entering his body, Lin Xiu had a cautious look in his eyes.

Until now, he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

However, having an unknown energy entering his body wasn’t good news after all.

Luo Yue then hesitated but her eyes were still fixed on Lin Xiu.

“Let’s just observe it for a minute. I don’t think it’s anything bad for now.”

Lin Xiu was worried that if something bad did happen, he might drag Luo Yue along with him.

Lin Xiu then closed his eyes.

Then, he tried to activate the ‘engulf’ skills of his system.

However, they showed that it had failed.

It was as if it was impossible for this skill to absorb this energy.

Then, Lin Xiu could clearly feel that the red energy was headed for his chest and then his brains!

All of the veins in his body popped out.

All of them had turned red as well.

Lin Xiu’s body was looking strange.

As the energy headed to his brain, Lin Xiu’s pupil shrank subconsciously.

Then, everything before him turned black.

The next moment, there were bright lights that appeared slowly.

“You actually got here.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve met another person.”

Lin Xiu took a good look around and there was a man standing before him.

The man was dressed in a loose robe as he stretched his back.

“Who are you?”

Lin Xiu cautiously asked the man.

The man was levitating in the air and his body was glowing as well.

He looked like a spirit.

“You’re not strong enough. You aren’t a G.o.d King.”

The man shook his head as he spoke to Lin Xiu.

“But, you managed to get his inheritance. Otherwise, I would have killed you.”

The man continued muttering to himself.

“His inheritance? Who are you talking about?”

Lin Xiu frowned.

“Bai Lingxian?!”

Lin Xiu thought about it and thought that he may be wrong.

It wouldn’t be possible.

He was only good at engraving G.o.d’s mark.

“Bai Lingxian? I’ve never heard of him.”

The man frowned.

“Then, who is he?”

Lin Xiu got even more curious.

He could feel that this man meant no harm.

“You can say that he does not have a name, or perhaps he does…

“You can call him the True G.o.d.”

The man continued.

“True G.o.d?!”

Lin Xiu was shocked by his words.

True G.o.d? Did he really get the inheritance from the True G.o.d?

But…. he has never heard of it.

“The warriors whom you refer to as G.o.d Kings are just a joke.”

He had a sarcastic smile on his face.

“I still don’t understand who he is and how I got his inheritance.”

Lin Xiu furrowed his brows.

He still couldn’t understand how all these happened.

He had only got a few inheritance before this.


“I’m dead. I can’t believe the True G.o.d has chosen such a stupid heir.”

The man started laughing.

“You’re the one who’s stupid!”

Lin Xiu wasn’t happy with what he heard.

How dare this man say that he was stupid?

“The inheritance has been with you since you were born on earth in 2666.”

The man then laid on his side.

He had it since he was on earth…..?

“You meant the system?!”

Lin Xiu was shocked.

This man knows that he has a system!

“Tsk! I can’t believe that the True G.o.d actually came up with such a thing.”

The man laughed as he continued saying.

“You mean my system is the inheritance from the True G.o.d?”

Lin Xiu was mind blown.

He never thought that this was the reason behind it.

“Of course. Did you think that you were really that talented?”

The man mocked Lin Xiu.

“Well, you are lucky that you found me.”

“Could this be arranged by that idiot? d.a.m.n it! He tricked me again!”

The man suddenly looked mad.

“So… where did the True G.o.d go?”

Lin Xiu was still in awe.


The man then suddenly turned quiet.

“He’s dead?”

The True G.o.d that came up with such a powerful system is dead?!

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