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Chapter 558: Boss’s Owner, Want to Knock? (2)

“Stop! Stop spinning!” Wu Gong roared angrily. Boohoo… d.a.m.n it! Why were these beasts reacting so quickly? They were about to spin him unconscious before he could do anything! How could they be so shameless!

“We can’t stop. You’re going to kill us if we stop!” Darling said as it ran, its fluffy little face full of fear.

“Stop! I won’t kill you! Stop!” Wu Gong couldn’t take it anymore. Boohoo… Just run away. Why did they have to run around him!

“We’ll stop if you ask us to? That’s so embarra.s.sing!” Feng Zhan said coldly. He flew around Wu Gong and threw small flames at him from time to time!

“d.a.m.n it, what do I have to do to make you stop?” Wu Gong asked in exasperation. He was about to be angered to death by these beasts!

“What’s the benefit of stopping?” Charm suddenly asked, the smile on its little face so devious!

“What benefits do you want?” Wu Gong asked while suppressing his anger.

“We want money, a lot of money,” Charm said without thinking. Alas! It knew that its master lacked money!

“There’s a lot of money in this ring. I’ll give it to you. Stop spinning it!” Wu Gong took off the ring and handed it to Charm. He really couldn’t take it anymore!

“Since you’ve paid, let’s help you!” Charm took the ring and said understandingly.

“Uh! What do you mean?” Wu Gong asked doubtfully. He felt that something was amiss, but he quickly understood what the little white fox meant!

“Brothers, let’s be agile and help him!” Charm said to all the beasts.

“Yes, yes.” The beasts nodded in unison and began to use various means to leave an unforgettable memory for Wu Gong!

“Ah! You little liars! You lied to me!” Wu Gong felt intense pain on his body and couldn’t help cursing.

“Wu Gong, didn’t you want us to stop? We stopped!” Charm said innocently. Boohoo… They really stopped obediently!

“Charm, don’t talk nonsense with this Wu Gong. Speaking of which, he has a lot of meat on him, and his skin is very thick. It’s quite tiring to scratch him,” Darling said with a displeased face. Boohoo… Its little claws were hurting from scratching!

“Uh! Stop scratching if you can’t scratch him. We can teach him a lesson with a kick!” Charm said after some thought. In fact, it didn’t approve of using such primitive methods. However, it seemed that its master’s beasts liked to use scratching! Alas! That was a method only low-level spirit beasts would use!

“Charm, that feeling is different, hehe!” Darling said with a chuckle.

“Uh! Do whatever you want!” Charm said helplessly. Then it stood to the side elegantly to watch the commotion. Alas! This low-level method was not suitable for it!

Charm didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the scratching army, but the other beasts were enough to make Wu Gong suffer. He was a Mystic Supremacy, but he was entangled by the small beasts and couldn’t unleash his full strength. His body was covered in wounds in just a short while…

“Hehe, Wu Gong, take this!” Darling was tired from scratching. It condensed the water-attribute mystic energy in its body into a water ball, gathered it in its claws, and threw it at Wu Gong…

With a splash, Wu Gong, who was unprepared, was drenched by the huge water ball. Moreover, the water-attribute liquid quickly seeped into his wounds, making him want to bang his head against the wall…

“Hehe, Wu Gong, let me help you dry your clothes!” Feng Zhan said very kindly when he saw Wu Gong drenched in soup. He spat out a stream of Southern Spirit Flame. Wu Gong’s clothes were dried in the blink of an eye, but the flames on his body continued to burn…

“Ah! It’s on fire. I’ll help you!” Darling said quickly and threw water b.a.l.l.s at Wu Gong one after another!

However, its water ball failed to extinguish Feng Zhan’s Southern Spirit Flame. Instead, it made Wu Gong into a drenched chicken. Then the flames on Wu Gong’s body dried Darling’s water ball. They repeated this process over and over again. Before long, Wu Gong fainted. Obviously, he fainted from anger!

“Uh! La.s.s, these beasts of yours are really good!” The little old man, who had been watching the commotion by the side, wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. Alas! These beasts were really too terrifying. Even the Mystic Supremacy fainted from their anger. Amazing!

“Hehe, it’s okay!” Leng Ruoxue said with a smug smile. She knew very well what her beasts were capable of, so she was not surprised that they would make Wu Gong faint from anger. In fact, she felt that Wu Gong’s endurance was too poor. Hmph! What a useless Mystic Supremacy!

“Master, this is Wu Gong’s storage ring. He’s very poor and doesn’t have much money.” Charm jumped into Leng Ruoxue’s arms and said with disdain.

“Oh!” Leng Ruoxue took the ring and threw it to Zheng En without looking at it.

“Master, this Wu Gong fainted. What should we do?” Charm raised its little head and asked.

“Hehe, this Wu Gong can’t live anyway. Do as you see fit!” Leng Ruoxue said with a malicious smile.

“Boss’s master, why don’t we use him to fis.h.!.+ I know of a type of fish that likes powerhouses the most. Moreover, that kind of fish is also very delicious,” the little peac.o.c.k suggested.

“Are you talking about the golden sand fish?” Icy, which had been sleeping, opened its eyes and asked.

“Yes, that kind of fish is very difficult to capture. However, it will be very easy to capture with this Wu Gong as bait,” the little peac.o.c.k explained.

“Hehe, what are we waiting for? Let’s go fis.h.i.+ng quickly!” Icy said impatiently. Golden sand fish were legendary delicacies. However, golden sand fish lived in the deep sea, and it was extremely difficult to capture them. And as Little Peac.o.c.k said, it would be very easy to capture them if there was good bait. Hehe, if it remembered correctly, golden sand fish seemed to like it the most…

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