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Chapter 1045: Questioned for Using Hormones

Gu Qiqi’s Green Rice Wine caused a commotion.

The audience couldn’t help but stand up and beg to buy it!

The pharmaceutical companies withdrew their calls from Bai Lang and started chasing after Gu Qiqi’s team to seek cooperation!

The judges were even more embarra.s.sed. They had just finished writing and gave Young Master Ye 100 points. Could it be that they still had to give Gu Qiqi 100 points at this moment?

If they had known earlier, they would have given Young Master Ye 99 points so they would have left some leeway.

Just as they were at their wits’ end, a judge finally slapped his forehead and thought of a way to interrogate Gu Qiqi. “You said that this is Green Rice Wine. How can you prove it? The real way to brew Green Rice Wine has long been lost. You’re not from the Jing Ning She Clan. Where did you get the recipe? Perhaps you added some hormonal medicine to the wine?”

As everyone knew, hormonal drugs could temporarily increase the brightness and fairness of a person’s skin. It could even treat skin allergies.

However, once stopped, the condition usually repeated ferociously.

In fact, it would be worse than before.

So to maintain the effect, people could only continue to use hormonal drugs and this would lead to hormonal dependence.

Over time, the side effects of hormones would cause greater harm to the human body. Moreover, the skin would also leave behind negative effects such as pigmentation.

Therefore, the judges’ doubts could be said to be quite hars.h.!.+

There was finally a moment of silence. The people who had been in a frenzy suddenly calmed down. No one wanted to chase a drug that might have used hormones, even if the effect was magical.


Gong Jue, who was watching the live broadcast in the VIP room, instantly had a furious expression. “Who is that judge? Does he want to die?”

Beside him, Special a.s.sistant Lu quickly presented the judge’s information. “Sir, that judge is a professional troll. He has never treated the contestants well. He’s always finding fault with them. Should we… teach him a lesson?”

Special a.s.sistant Lu thought about how when Young Master Ye was competing, a judge had said bad things about him. Master Jue was furious and instructed him to secretly arrange for those people to not be able to survive in the future!

Now that it was Young Lady Qiqi’s turn to be questioned and criticized in public, Master Jue would definitely defend her even more, right?

The treatment couldn’t be worse than that stinky man, Young Master Ye.

Who would have thought?

Gong Jue’s reaction completely surprised Special a.s.sistant Lu.

After a brief moment of anger, he calmly snorted. “No.”

His wife could crush this jumping gra.s.shopper with a finger.

If he had the pleasure of s.n.a.t.c.hing his wife and crus.h.i.+ng the gra.s.shopper, he would be too tactless. After all, his wife had just said yesterday that there were some things she could handle herself. He should not get involved.

Well, then he’ll just have to stand behind her and give her the support when needed.

His wife will torture the sc.u.m. Attack!

Special a.s.sistant Lu had no idea what the Chief was thinking.

He sadly thought that the Chief’s love for Young Master Ye had unknowingly surpa.s.sed Young Lady Qiqi’s.

Look, when Young Master Ye was competing, Master Jue was so excited.

When he watched Young Lady Qiqi’s compet.i.tion again, Master Jue was much calmer.

When Young Master Ye was questioned, Master Jue clearly ordered to destroy him.

Young Lady Qiqi was questioned, and Master Jue stopped talking.

Wuwuwu, Young Lady Qiqi, I feel that it’s not worth it for you. You actually lost to a pretty boy in the end!

Young Lady Qiqi, don’t worry. I will help you!

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Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 1045 - Questioned for Using Hormones summary

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