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Chapter 1046: Strong Counterattack!

Young Lady Qiqi, I will definitely help you chase away that gigolo Young Master Ye and let Young Master Ye and that playboy Bai Lang become a couple. You and Master Jue will be together forever…

In his heart, Special a.s.sistant Lu was already secretly planning…

Little did he know that at this moment.

In front of the stage.

Faced with the question, Gu Qiqi already said calmly, “The Green Rice Wine brewed by the Jing Ning She clansmen doesn’t have any hormonal drugs. The raw materials of the basic wine are all taken from natural Chinese herbs. Using the academic terms of Western medicine to explain, they are rich in grape polyphenols, tea polyphenols, anthocyanins, salamanders, aromatic oils, natural antioxidants, and other substances. This is the fundamental reason why Green Rice Wine is anti-oxidizing and anti-allergic. It can also strengthen skin elasticity and softness, delaying aging, and achieve a strong beautification effect.”

Hearing Gu Qiqi say it so professionally and sincerely, everyone was a little relieved.

It was obvious that Gu Qiqi had studied it carefully. What she said made sense!

However, the judge was relentless. “Hmph, of course these ingredients might be included, but we can’t rule out the hormonal drugs you added!”

Oh dear, why did they feel that the judge’s reb.u.t.tal made sense too!

The onlookers were in a dilemma!

Gu Qiqi’s lips curled up slightly, as if she had already expected the judge to ask this question. She said coldly again, “This is very simple. Take my Green Rice Wine and test it. You’ll know if there are any hormones. Moreover, I’ll publicize the formula for the Green Rice Wine for free today. Everyone, you’re welcome to comment! I’ll compensate you 10,000 yuan if it’s fake!”


Gu Qiqi’s promise caused a thousand ripples.

It could be said to be a powerful counterattack!

Who would dare to say something so impressive without some confidence?

Moreover, Doctor Gu was actually willing to announce such a precious prescription. This was not something an ordinary person could do!

“I believe in Dr. Gu!”

“Dr. Gu’s medical skills are obvious. She’s definitely not the kind of person who would tamper with the medicine!”

“That’s right. I also saw Dr. Gu partic.i.p.ating in the surgery in the group stage. She has always been a special professional and responsible doctor. How could she fake the medicine?”

“Let’s not talk about anything else. If Doctor Gu is willing to share the expensive prescription for free, I’ll trust Doctor Gu unconditionally!”

More and more people stood on Gu Qiqi’s side and supported her.

The questioning judge, however, blushed as if he had been slapped in the face. He was too ashamed to show his face.

Feeling embarra.s.sed, he straightened his neck and gave one last blow. “You make it sound so nice. Who knows if you’ll announce it after the compet.i.tion? What’s the use of making it sound so good now?”

“I’ll announce it now. What’s the hurry? Don’t be anxious.” Gu Qiqi pointed at the big screen calmly.


In the next second, a huge picture of a handwritten prescription lit up on the big screen!

The handwriting was delicate and elegant, with a hint of unrestrained confidence.

It was the prescription written by Gu Qiqi herself.

The recipe for this Green Rice Wine happened to be recorded in the Medicine Manual. Even the herbs were picked and refined by her on the spot. The pure ancient recipe was probably even more authentic than the lost recipe of the Jing Ning She Clan.

Of course, the medicinal effect was magical!

The judges and audience stared intently at the prescription and jotted it down in their notebooks. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies were frantically taking photos.

It would be a waste not to take a photo of it. This prescription was priceless. With it, even if they didn’t cooperate with Gu Qiqi, they could still earn a lot. It was too satisfying!


When everyone’s gaze stopped on the last ingredient, they were dumbfounded.

Young Lady Qiqi, are you really not here to scam us?

Dr. Gu, it’s impossible for us to find this last ingredient!!!

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