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Chapter 2235 2237 The n.o.ble You, The Lowly Me

In the hospital, Xiaobei, who had been declared to have heart sequelae for the rest of his life, had a sweet smile on his face. He said, "Sis, Dad has promised that we won't be separated.".

She was 19 years old. When Xiaobei was 14 years old, her college entrance exam had been changed. In the dilapidated nursing school, she was bullied by a group of female hooligans.

Xiaobei had escaped from the sanatorium. He grabbed a steel pipe and rushed up to her with all his might. he shouted, "Who dares to bully my sister? !"! "I'm mentally ill! It's not against the law to beat someone to death! If you have the ability, you can die together with me!"!

The others did not know that he was blind, but they were really intimidated by his recklessness and let Gu Qiqi go.

She was twenty-eight years old. When Xiaobei was twenty years old, the two siblings were held hostage by a strong man in black in an abandoned cla.s.sroom at Qingcheng High School. When she was hanging upside down in front of the blackboard and was about to be humiliated, Xiaobei screamed, "Sister, I'll fight them to the death!"!

That year, Gu Xuexue's high-heeled shoes had crushed Xiaobei's eyes and broken his mouth... but she had never stepped on Xiaobei's heart!

Because his original heart had never changed. He had always missed his sister, and had always treated her as his only family!

The past memories surged into his heart.

Gu Qiqi's eyes were misty. "Xiaobei, I won't doubt you. Never, never, never. You will always be my good little brother."

Tears rolled down Xiaobei's face. "Sis... But I'm the son of a condemned man, the son of that filthy man, Gu Qiushan. Are you really not going to despise me? "Aren't you afraid that others will poke at your back and say that you're n.o.ble? Why are you still talking to the lowly me... ?"

Gu Qiqi clenched his skin and a finger that was still intact. She sobbed and said seriously, "You're my little brother! The others have nothing to do with us!"

Xiaobei's lips slowly curled upwards.

? His charred face seemed to be s.h.i.+ning:????we??????.co?

"Sis... you really are the white moonlight in my heart forever..."

Although he already had a crush on the woman he loved, Gu Qiqi's position in his heart would never, ever be replaced.

When Xiahou Susu used Yun Qiao's whereabouts to seduce him, did he feel tempted?

Of course!

That Was Yun Qiao.

He had a crush on Miss Yun Qiao for so many years.

However, if he had to sell Gu Qiqi in exchange for Yun Qiao's information, he couldn't do it!

However, since he knew that Xiahou Susu was going to attack Gu Qiqi, if he directly refused, what if Xiahou Susu went to find someone else to cooperate with?

Then qiqi would be pa.s.sive!

Therefore, he had no time to think and quickly agreed.

He agreed to cooperate, pretended to cooperate, and then waited for an opportunity to gather information and think of a way to deal with it.

Who would have thought that he was scheming against Xiahou Susu, and Xiahou Susu was also scheming against him!

The plan that Xiahou Susu had agreed to with him at the beginning was to have him write a letter and lead Gu Qiqi to meet him at the University of Science and technology. When Gu Qiqi arrived, he would secretly put a piece of eavesdropping material inside the University of Science and technology into Gu Qiqi's bag, then, he would deliberately let the security find out and accuse Gu Qiqi of stealing.

This way, Gu Qiqi's reputation would be tarnished, and she would not have the chance to acknowledge the bei Gong royal family.


On the day of the implementation, Xiahou Susu found a handwriting expert to edit a few words on the letter and changed the location to Fragrant Hill Maple Leaf Valley!

She even took Xiaobei hostage!

Only then did Xiaobei realize that Xiahou Susu did not want Gu Qiqi's reputation to be tarnished. She wanted her to die!

It was already too late to think of a plan since he was under someone else's control. Therefore, he sacrificed himself to save Gu Qiqi!

Fortunately, everything was still in time. His dear sister was not injured.

As long as he completed the last thing, he would die without regrets.

Xiaobei opened his mouth with great difficulty and said to Gu Qiqi in an extremely weak voice --

"Sister, I'm in Xiahou Susu's..."

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