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Chapter 2236 2238 Burned To Ashes So That Your Mother Couldn’t Recognize You

"It was Xiahou Susu who did it?"Gu Qiqi's eyes turned cold.

Just now, the female voice that came from the monitor and the wall was indeed a bit like Xiahou Susu's voice.

However, for some reason, she felt that there was someone else's smell.

It was a very familiar and very distant person.

She could not remember why.

Why did Xiahou Susu hate her so much? Why did she want her dead? Was it really just to fight for Gong Jue?

This question puzzled her.

A woman's intuition told her that it was not that simple.

Xiaobei watched as she fell into deep thought, he tried his best to comfort her weakly, "Sis, you don't have to worry about her escaping after her ident.i.ty is exposed. I've already installed a GPS system on her phone. "You can activate the tracking function when you log in to this website..."

He used his weak voice to remind Gu Qiqi.

Gu Qiqi was both surprised and touched.

She was surprised that Xiaobei's hacking skills had become so powerful. She was touched that Xiaobei himself was in prison, but he still remembered to help her find the culprit.

Her Xiaobei!

"I know. Be Good. Don't talk anymore. Save your strength! I'll bring you back now. I'll make sure you're as good as New!"Gu Qiqi looked at Xiaobei's badly burned body and made up her mind.

Although her attainments in cosmetic surgery were far inferior to her mother, Qin Wei, she was still a professional in cosmetic surgery.

For Xiaobei's sake, she would become an expert in cosmetic surgery just like she did in eye surgery and heart surgery. She would help Xiaobei reconstruct his appearance!

Who knew.., xiaobei shook his head desperately. "Sis, don't worry about me. Hurry up and chase after Xiahou Susu. Don't let her escape!"! She wanted to kill you. If she did not seize this opportunity to catch her, it would be difficult in the future... you... If you don't catch her, i... I Won't leave. I Won't treat her anymore..."

Gu Qiqi was touched and helpless.

In order to get rid of her, Xiaobei did not even care about his own burns.

How could this be?f??ewe??૦?el.c??

It seemed like it was time to wait for Xiaobei to recover and find a capable lady to take good care of him.

She smiled and said, "Okay, I'll listen to you."

However, she quietly raised her hand behind Xiaobei and slapped him!

Xiaobei's vision went dark and he fainted in her arms!

Gu Qiqi then raised her chin and looked around the tomb, she said coldly, "Xiahou Susu, I don't care which dark corner you are hiding in. You better remember this -- today, I will pay you back tenfold for what you did to Xiaobei! You Dare to bomb my brother, right? I will burn you to ashes so that your mother won't even recognize you!"

The tomb was silent.

The walls no longer made any sound.

She did not know if Xiahou Susu had heard her announcement, but she was sure that she had left secretly.

She carried Xiaobei and rode on the snow leopard, jumping out of the tomb.

In front of them, the soldiers of the palace guards were running like mad:

"Miss QIQI, are you... are you okay?"

"Miss QIQI, we were scared to death. Please don't leave us behind. Without You, we would have been chased and bitten by snakes..."

"Miss Qiqi, is that young... Young Master Xiaobei you're carrying? He really is..."

Everyone wanted to say something but hesitated.

Just as they had expected, Gu Xiaobei was indeed acting as bait.

But, something did not seem right. Why did it feel like young master Xiaobei had been burned into charcoal? His entire body was covered in herbs as he lay motionless in Miss Qiqi's arms.

Was He... still alive?

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Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 2236 2238 Burned To Ashes So That Your Mother Couldn't Recognize You summary

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