Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 2764 2767 Bai Yeyuan Finally Caught The Wild Man! 1

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Chapter 2764 2767 Bai Yeyuan Finally Caught The Wild Man! 1

Xiao Ning was so concerned by this question that she almost cried again.

HMM, someone is bullying me. I feel so wronged!

However, she endured it and forced a smile. She replied nonchalantly, "I'm fine..."

Fu Qingyun was silent for a moment before he said to her in a low voice, "Miss Ning Ning, if anyone bullies you, whether it's an outsider or your family, Tell Me, okay? I will do my best to help you."

Xiao Ning felt a lump in her throat.

She nodded. "Okay, if anyone bullies me, I will definitely tell you. Help me fight... You're so tall, you should be a good helper in a fight..."

Fu Qingyun's lips curled up slightly. She was in a good mood after being praised by her.


At this moment.

Outside Xiao Ning's bedroom.

The man standing at the door was livid.

Bai Yeyuan left the banquet downstairs and went straight to her bedroom, ready to coax her.

Earlier, when he saw her looking down and not saying a word at the dining table and leaving Midway, he could not help but feel smug.

Was the little thing jealous?

Was she feeling jealous?

Was she secretly wiping her tears and cursing him when she went back?

He couldn't wait to go back to his room and laugh at her for being so ridiculously jealous!


When he arrived at her door, he found that she was calling another man.

This was not a normal phone call. The contents included an appointment to eat, an appointment to do a question, an appointment to fight... all sorts of appointments!

The little thing was laughing so hard that she actually asked that man to beat her up?

This was outrageous.

He thought that she had been wronged, that she was jealous, that she was sad, and that she had rushed over to comfort her without eating.

But what about her?

It turned out that she had left the scene midway not for him at all, but to hide in bed with another man and talk on the phone.

Bai Yeyuan clenched his fists, and in the next second, he was going to break into the room, s.n.a.t.c.h the phone, and kill that Adulterer No. 1!

However, a voice flashed through his mind: Don't hurt her.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

If he went in now, he really couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't kill the Adulterer No. 1 after killing her.

He had to control himself.

Bai Yeyuan dragged his heavy footsteps and left the bedroom door step by step.

He didn't take out his phone until he was far away. He ordered ye Yi coldly, "Check her phone call immediately. I don't believe that person can hide forever!"

He wanted to deal with Adulterer No. 1, but he had to do it quietly!

= = =

Seven days later.

Liu Ruyin's birthday reception dinner for Bai Yeyuan was held in the revolving restaurant of the Empire State Building.

The entire birthday banquet was beautifully decorated. Even the flowers on the table, a knife and fork, and even the carpet for the guests were exquisite and expensive.

Liu Ruyin had a good taste in beauty and was very familiar with the upper-cla.s.s society.

She had personally organized such a complicated and perfect dinner party, but when it was time to welcome the guests, she obediently stood behind Old Madam Bai and pretended that she had nothing to do with the party. She did not show off and only treated herself as a junior invited by Old Madam Bai to attend the party.

Old Madam Bai was extremely satisfied with her performance. "Ruyin, I like this steady and capable look of yours. You're really similar to your sister... You're fated to be with our ye Yuan... Thank you for your hard work, child..."

Liu Ruyin smiled. "Old Madam, it's not hard at all. It's fine as long as ye Yuan is happy."

Old Madam Bai looked around and frowned. "Where's Ye Yuan? All the guests today are here for him. Why isn't he here? This is ridiculous!"

At this moment.

Bai Ye Yuan was standing on the balcony of the banquet hall, sipping a gla.s.s of wine alone.

Ye Yi came over to report carefully, "President, we've finally found the man who contacted Miss Ning!"

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