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Chapter 1513 - 1513 Cheated

1513 Cheated

In the blink of an eye, four days pa.s.sed. She was busy with all sorts of things, big and small, that weren’t really serious – it was all about her studies and social interactions, so Chi Shuyan completely forgot that yesterday was the day she was meant to hand over the Advancement Pills.

She woke up early in the morning. After was.h.i.+ng up, she remembered this matter and immediately logged into WeChat, only to see that the other party hadn’t said a word in the past few days. Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but wonder if he trusted her too much, or really treated her as a conwoman, and so didn’t have any expectations.

These were just pa.s.sing thoughts, and Chi Shuyan didn’t dwell on them. She immediately sent a WeChat message. She first apologized for being a day late, then said that the Advancement Pills had been refined. She would see him at noon or in the evening, and asked when he was free to send a message to confirm the time.

After breakfast, Chi Shuyan saw that there was no reply for a long time, so she wasn’t in a hurry. After breakfast, she said goodbye to Chef Li and the two little guys and got ready to go to school.


At that moment, Chef Li suddenly said, “Miss Shuyan, I heard that there’s a ghost market nearby. Can you help me buy some ghost coins on your way home in the evening? I’ll go and take a look at the ghost market when I’m free in a few days!”

Li Yu and Han Yu didn’t know what a ghost market was at all. The two little guys’ legs swung back and forth as they sat on the couch and curiously watched Chef Li and Chi Shuyan talk. They didn’t interrupt, and were very obedient.

Chi Shuyan nodded without hesitation. “Okay, I’ll buy them when I come back this evening.” Seeing Chef Li take out a lot of yuan, Chi Shuyan refused without thinking. “Don’t worry about the money for now. I’ll go with you to the ghost market to take a look in a few days!”

She had never been to such a place, and had only once seen it from afar with her teacher in her past life. She promised Chef Li, Li Yu and Han Yu that she would take them to the ghost market.

Chef Li didn’t want to waste her time, so he hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Miss Shuyan, I’ll go myself in a few days. You don’t have to worry! You really don’t have to worry! I’ve arranged to meet up with another good ghost!”

Only when Chi Shuyan heard this did she drop the matter. She didn’t become a Celestial Master just to exorcize ghosts. Just like how there were good and bad people, there were naturally good and bad ghosts. Apart from being a little curious about how Chef Li had made a ghost friend, she didn’t have any other thoughts. Before she went out, she repeatedly promised to help buy ghost coins this evening.

“Thank you, Miss Shuyan! Thank you, Miss Shuyan!” Chef Li was very grateful.

Chi Shuyan waved her hand and drew another circle on the calendar in the living room before she went out.

Elsewhere, Fan Yin had been dealt a huge blow these past two days and had stayed in his room without going out. His father’s disbelieving and cold att.i.tude was one thing, and now, he realized that he had really been tricked. The latter was the real blow to him.

Fan Yin had firmly believed at first that he had met a benefactor. His mother, Fan Xi, Fan Chunyang and Fan Zheng tried to make him see the truth, and said that there was no way he would get four Advancement Pills in return for the Golden Lotus. Fan Xi and the others even said that the person who had wanted to buy their spirit tea must have been deliberately hired by the young lady. His good friends and mother wanted him to hurry up and get the Golden Lotus back when he still could.

Fan Yin didn’t budge at first, and insisted that he wouldn’t allow anyone to go and take back the Golden Lotus. It had to be said that the reason why Fan Yin didn’t want the Golden Lotus back was partly because he had a very good impression of the young lady. Who asked her to be so beautiful? He was obsessed with looks. On top of that, he subconsciously believed her words.

He waited for the other party to contact him three days later. Yesterday was the day she was supposed to deliver the Advancement Pills to him, and he had been on WeChat all day and had looked out in particular for any messages.

But in the blink of an eye, the day pa.s.sed, and she didn’t contact him at all, let alone mention anything about the Advancement Pill. She didn’t even send him a message. Only then did Fan Yin have to admit that his mother, Fan Xi, Fan Chunyang, Fan Zheng, and even that b*tch, Fan Ping, were right. He had most likely been tricked again. He now suspected that the great elder who had always said before that he was fated to have benefactors was just being good to him and doted on him, and was just comforting him.

If the elder had really believed that he had met a benefactor, how could he bear to let Fan Yin keep the precious spirit tea in his room?

Thinking this, Fan Yin’s chest tightened. His eyes swept over the unopened jars of spirit tea on the table, and he walked over, wis.h.i.+ng he could just throw them out the window.

Before he could make a move, he heard Fan Ping’s familiar hypocritical voice behind him. “Brother Yin, what’s wrong? Is there any word on the Advancement Pill? By the way, Uncle said that if there’s no word on the Advancement Pill, it’s best for us to recover that Golden Lotus as soon as possible.”

Fan Yin felt disgusted when he heard Fan Ping’s voice, not to mention that this person called him “Brother Yin” every time. Was he worthy to do so?

He could see through Fan Ping, who did have some cultivation talent, but he really didn’t think he had any real abilities. Fan Ping only complained to his parents every day, or went to his father every day to act like a good son and curry favor with him; those who didn’t know better would think that he was the real son.

Thinking this, Fan Yin couldn’t help but feel disgusted with the person behind him. He couldn’t be bothered with him.

Arguing with such a person was completely beneath his status, but if he didn’t do so, the other party would think that he was afraid of him.

Although he had been grounded for the past few days, he knew very well that everyone in the Fan family knew about the ‘stupid thing’ he had done and how he had been tricked. He really didn’t believe that it wasn’t Fan Ping’s doing.

Fan Ping liked to use public opinion this way to curry favor for himself and make Fan Yin out to be trash. He made himself out to be a genius, and stepped on Fan Yin’s head. If it wasn’t for the fact that Fan Yin didn’t have the perseverance and was too lazy to cultivate, how could this guy’s cultivation surpa.s.s his?

Did this b*tch really think he was a genius?

Fortunately, Fan Xi, Fan Chunyang and Fan Zheng arrived at that moment. Unlike Fan Yin, the others still kept up appearances. When they saw Fan Ping in Young Master Yin’s room, their hearts sank slightly, but they greeted him on the surface. “Young Master Ping, you’re here too? What’s the matter?”

As soon as Fan Ping saw Fan Xi and the others come over, the hypocritical smile on his face disappeared and he no longer stayed to disgust Fan Yin. Instead, he found an excuse to leave. Before he left, however, the other party gloated, intentionally or otherwise. “Brother Yin, Uncle told you to get the Golden Lotus back as soon as possible. It’s fine to be tricked, but if you refuse to admit it after being tricked, you’re being stupid and harming the interests of the Fan family. Neither Uncle nor I will allow it. Brother Yin, take care of yourself. I hope that the next time I ask, you’ll have already gotten the Golden Lotus back!”

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