Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 750 - Making Group 9 Return the Talismans (1)

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Chapter 750: Making Group 9 Return the Talismans (1)

Zhu Cen smacked his lips and innocently said to his boss under everyone’s envious red eyes, “Boss, this level 3 Energy Recovery Pill is so delicious!”

As soon as Zhu Cen finished speaking, w.a.n.g Jun and Su Wenying wished they could strangle this brat who had just swallowed a level 3 Energy Recovery Pill. They wished they were the ones who had been injured.

Even Gu Yunzheng wanted to strangle this kid to death at that moment, okay?

Just as everyone wanted to strangle this kid to death, Zhu Cen felt a very dense spiritual energy immediately flow into his limbs and bones, was.h.i.+ng over his tendons and widening his meridians.

Zhu Cen felt so comfortable that his whole body shook and he couldn’t help but moan. The spiritual energy and stamina that had been lost immediately recovered 120%, and the bite wound on his shoulder also began to heal thanks to the level 3 Energy Recovery Pill.

Zhu Cen’s face grew more flushed. He had also taken pills refined by their group’s Xiao Pan before, but the effect was like the difference between heaven and earth.

At that moment, Zhu Cen still didn’t know that this Energy Recovery Pill gave him far more benefits than that. This was completely different from the Energy Recovery Pill of ancient cultivation families; it was a genuine level 3 Energy Recovery Pill of the cultivation world with no impurities.

It would have an important impact on his cultivation in the future.

At that moment, Gu Yunzheng still didn’t know how precious this Energy Recovery Pill was. Only when he returned to the group and tested the density of the pill’s spiritual energy did he realize how incomparably rare and precious this Energy Recovery Pill was. Only then did his intestines turn green with pain. This was something for later.

In short, Gu Yunzheng was shocked when he saw how quickly Zhu Cen’s injury healed.

Zhu Cen suddenly flexed his arm and looked full of energy. “Boss, I’m fine. This pill is f*cking G.o.dly! Boss, hurry and take one too! It’s especially good for injuries!”

Thinking of how there weren’t many pills in the bottle, Gu Yunzheng decided to wait until he went back and did some tests. He said indifferently, “There’s no hurry. We’ll talk about it when the time comes! Same for everyone else who was injured!”

Since the young lady had given this to them, everyone naturally had a share.

As soon as Gu Yunzheng finished speaking, w.a.n.g Jun and Su Wenying were very excited and happy.

w.a.n.g Jun kept an eye on the young lady, who was talking to Director Feng. Seeing that she was about to leave, he immediately warned Gu Yunzheng, “Boss, we can’t let go of such powerful talent! That young lady is leaving!”

Gu Yunzheng narrowed his eyes, then looked at the serious expression of the young lady not far away. He thought of how she had casually thrown them a bottle of level 3 Energy Recovery Pills, and how she had thrown out talismans when she was dealing with those two evil spirits.

Gu Yunzheng vaguely felt that it was impossible for her to be from some ancient reclusive family. Even some of the direct descendants of ancient reclusive families nowadays couldn’t afford such extravagance, okay?

Unless this young lady wasn’t just an alchemist, but also a talisman master?

This idea was too absurd and terrifying!

No, no, impossible!

Gu Yunzheng vaguely felt that this young lady should have a major backer.

Before Gu Yunzheng could imagine any further, Feng Yuanlin couldn’t help but say loudly, “Zhenbai’s wife, wait, I gave a lot of talismans to Group 9 when you gave me a box just now. I saw that they didn’t use them all up just now, so the rest must be returned to the original owner! Although you drew these talismans and have as many as you want, we can’t waste them like this!”

Gu Yunzheng: …

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Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 750 - Making Group 9 Return the Talismans (1) summary

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