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Chapter 1186: 1186: Is This How You Talk to Your Great Grandfather?!

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At this moment, no matter how cunning Di Zhong was, he had no idea how he could integrate Di Jingxuan’s fortune into the royal family in Country B.

In the beginning, the netizens had been complimenting Di Zhong, the great-grandfather of the Di siblings, but now, it was filled with criticism.

“How we would be compensating the victims would be up to Di Jingan to figure out. This is none of your business. Qianqian. I have no idea why you said that I killed your grandmother and almost killed your mother which caused you to be separated from your parents for years. I think this may be why all of you hate me and are trying to accuse me so that I would be embarra.s.sed in front of the whole world.

“However, I want you to know that as your grandfather’s father, I never wanted him to marry your grandmother, and I have tried to stop them, but I never killed your grandmother. There must have been a mistake. You mentioned earlier that Ah Xuan is in the hospital now? I would be willing to visit him and explain what happened.”

Di Zhong realized that all five of them were just ignoring him. Even if he was the king or the fact that he had weapons, no matter if it was authority or power, they were well above him.


In order to get them to bow to him, he had to meet Di Jingxuan first.

Di Yunxi smiled, “King Di Zhong, I would like to ask if you watched the Chloe Contest today?”

Di Zhong was furious, and he didn’t want to answer the question.

All of these started because Di Jingan went to the compet.i.tion. He didn’t want to talk about it.

Di Yunxi didn’t need an answer as he continued, “I believe that you would have watched them. Since you have, you should know that I and my siblings hate it when others lie. You should have just admitted it if you killed them. There’s no need for you to explain it or say that it’s a misunderstanding.”

“Di Yunxi! Is this how you talk to your great grandfather?!” Di Zhong was about to turn insane, and he could no longer control himself.

“You aren’t good enough to be my great-grandfather.” Di Yunxi smiled, and it was the same one that Jinqian always had on her face.

“We are different from you. We don’t like telling lies in front of all these media and also people from around the world. We can be responsible for what we are saying.”

When Di Jinqian was done, Di Yunxi continued, “I have already pa.s.sed all of the videos and evidence on how you killed my grandmother and mother to the reporters of Country I. I believe that all of them will be released soon after this live stream. If there’s anyone who would like to see it, it would be accessible to all of you.

“As for you, King Di Zhong, my lawyers have already filed charges against you at the International Court of Justice. There would be no need for you to meet my father since my parents wouldn’t want to see you. You would only have to think about how you are going to save Di Jingan, how to pay for the compensation fees, how to save the reputation of Country B, and also how to save yourself from the revenge that will be coming from us very soon. These would be more practical.”

Jinqian then added, “Oh! Please don’t think about getting our father to inherit the throne of Country B and then making us pay for the compensation. I can tell you that the Qingyan Corporates currently belong to my big brother. My father is only responsible for enjoying his life now. It would be highly unlike for you to get a single penny from my big brother.

“Also! My big brother is happily married now with a son. You should stop thinking about how he should marry Miss Li Jinen, the daughter of the Li family. Di Jingan already told us how you wanted our big brother to marry her. You should not give Miss Li any more hope. It would be impossible for it to happen.”

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The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant Chapter 1186 - Is This How You Talk to Your Great Grandfather?! summary

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