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Chapter 965: 965: My Wife Is The Best

The students representing Qing Hua would be heading towards Country S from the Imperial City, which was why Ling Siqi would be following Jinqian and Yunxiao. It would be more convenient for them as well.

Since it was an international flight, the check-in counter for the first cla.s.s and economy cla.s.s would be separate, but when Ling Siqi was about to check in, she was told that her seat got upgraded.

Ling Siqi was shocked at first, but she soon realized that it was because Jinqian and Yunxiao would be in the first cla.s.s seats, which was why they also upgraded her seat.

This was because their college had already booked economy seats for them and they would have never upgraded her seat, which was why she was sure that it was Jinqian and Yunxiao who did it.

Ling Siqi was incredibly thankful to have Jinqian as her sister-in-law.

Her life had entirely changed from the moment she met Jinqian.

She would have never thought that a domineering CEO like Di Yunxi, he wouldn’t be angry at her for separating him from his child. He did not lecture or punish her. This man was known as the cunning fox, but when he was with them, he played the role of a responsible husband and father.

Ling Siqi couldn’t help but think that even if Di Yunxi would never fall in love with her and was only taking care of her out of responsibility, it was already enough for her.

As the stewardess guided her to her seat, Ling Siqi followed her, with the pa.s.sengers staring at her with envious looks.

She had been partic.i.p.ating in the other matches previously and she had been on international flights, but most of the time, she took the economy seats. When she learned that she got upgraded, she thought that the only difference would be her seat being wider than those from earlier.

Soon, she walked past the economy section and got to the first cla.s.s.

Not only were the seats wider than the ones that she had before, but there was also a barrier between each seat. It looked more like a capsule.

When Ling Siqi was brought to her seat, Ling Siqi took a good look around. Suddenly, she saw Di Yunxi holding onto her son, Xiao Chen. He had a red bandana on his head and words were written on it…

‘Mummy is the Champion!!’

That was not only on Xiao Chen’s head. It was also seen on…

Di Yunxi’s head!

He had the same bandana on his head and the words were ‘My Wife is the Best!’

Both of them were smiling brightly when they saw her. Although their outfits made her speechless, Ling Siqi’s eyes turned red and there were tears rolling down her cheeks.

“You… Why are you here?!”

“Auntie said that I have fully recovered now and it wouldn’t be a problem for me to be on a plane. I wanted to cheer for you and so did Daddy! So, we decided to give you a little surprise! Are you happy?!”

“Of course! I love it! Thank you!”

Ling Siqi was so touched that she almost cried.

All these years, she had gone through so many hurdles while trying to raise Xiao Chen. She was an unmarried woman and it was extremely difficult to raise a child alone. When Xiao Chen was born, she had no one to support her, including her parents. They even tried to send Xiao Chen away to the orphanage.

Back then, she had to fight with her parents for Xiao Chen while recovering from the delivery. She only managed to keep Xiao Chen with her after her parents had disowned her.

Thankfully, Xiao Chen has always been a great child. She felt that with Xiao Chen next to her, all the suffering that she had been through was nothing.

However, Xiao Chen had a high-grade fever at six months old, and that’s when he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

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