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Chapter 966: 966: A Strong Background

At that moment, she felt like the sky was about to fall on her.

From that day onwards, she had been on the road to treating Xiao Chen. She continued her studies of biology and chemistry at home, but it was extremely difficult for her to find a job that could give her the money that she needed.

She was always disturbed at work and met bad people. She would then end up losing her job, repeatedly.

She lived lifelessly and there was nothing else that she wanted. She wanted to make sure that Xiao Chen would grow up healthy and stay by her side while he grew up. She wouldn’t mind living a lousy life to make that happen.

However, her luck got better when she met Jinqian, who turned out to be Dr. J. Not only did she treat Xiao Chen for free, she even brought Di Yunxi back into her life.

At this moment, she felt as if she was on cloud nine. She felt as if she was walking on a cloud and everything felt surreal.

Wasn’t Di Yunxi a domineering CEO? Why was he dressed in the same way as Xiao Chen, with such a lame bandana on his head?

But… Even if it was lame, he still looked good with it on his head.

“Daddy… Mummy is crying.”

Xiao Chen turned towards Di Yunxi, and the look on his face said, ‘It’s time for you to s.h.i.+ne.’

“She’s feeling happy.”

Di Yunxi kissed the adorable chubby cheeks of his son. His entire lips were covered by the baby-fat-filled cheeks.

After being satisfied, he pulled himself away from his son’s cheeks. He placed his son on the seat, stood up, and grabbed Ling Siqi’s arms before bringing her to her seat.

He settled her on the seat and clasped the seatbelt. He got some tissues from the air stewardess. He threw away the first two pieces and only used the third piece to clean Ling Siqi’s face.

Ling Siqi might be beautiful but she had been living a rough life. As she enjoyed Di Yunxi, who was taking good care of her, Ling Siqi felt that it was completely different from the life that she had before. She immediately went from h.e.l.l to heaven.

Di Yunxi wiped off the tears from Ling Siqi’s face and said, “I am so sorry for not informing you about this ahead of time, but Xiao Chen was the one who told me that we should make memories. Even if we are married now, you should be surprised once in a while. I thought that he was right and decided to listen to what our little boy said.”

“Then… Where will you be staying?” Ling Siqi asked.

“We will be staying with you,” Di Yunxi answered without any hesitation.

Ling Siqi shook her head, “Because of the compet.i.tion, most of the rooms are full. I even heard that the professors from Qing Da and Zhou Da fought for the remaining rooms. In the end, they only managed to settle it by having them share the room.”

“Don’t worry. The Brilliant Hotel belongs to the Min family, and there is a presidential suite that is always left empty for Min Jue. Your brother-in-law is a close friend of the Min Young Master. You won’t have to worry about where we will be staying.


Ling Siqi was a little confused as she looked in the other direction.

At the end of the cabin, Jinqian and Zhan Lichuan put down the barriers and waved at her, “Sister-in-law! Good luck!”

Ling Siqi saw both Jinqian and Zhan Lichuan. She even saw Di Yunxiao, and all of them were waving to her.

The air stewardesses around them smiled uncontrollably, all extremely envious.

Ling Siqi was only a college student. She was pretty, but from the way that she was dressed, she definitely wasn’t from a rich family.

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