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Chapter 1138: Staying Close For Warmth 2

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Golden Foot did not let go of such a good opportunity.

Her expression became ferocious and demonic. The corners of her mouth curled up, and she spat out words like beads.

“Marrow Absorption Technique!”

Both sides were separated by a water ball, which was half a meter apart.

Even so, Golden Foot’s cheeks shrunk, and then her red lips pouted. A terrifying suction force erupted from within.



Spiritual source and blood essence were instantly extracted from the pores all over Xu Xiaoshou’s body.

The powerful suction force from the woman’s mouth was even more exaggerated than the suction force from the water ball at this moment.

Xu Xiaoshou was completely unable to withstand it.

He felt as if his body was being pulled by a violent wind and started to shake uncontrollably.

However, he still had “Toughness” on him. No matter how strong the violent wind was, he had never taken even half a step forward pa.s.sively.

At this moment, her battle awareness as a higher void was displayed.

Sensing the special transformation on the other side, Golden Foot did not hesitate.

She took advantage of the situation and allowed her water ball to push her toward Xu Xiaoshou’s direction due to the terrifying suction force of the “Marrow Absorption Technique”.

There was naturally a risk.

This was because the bounty stated that Xu Xiaoshou’s battle strength was close to a cutting path, and he had a sovereign physique.

If she was to recklessly approach him, she might very well be killed in her weakened state.

However, Golden Foot couldn’t wait any longer. She only needed to take a sip.

The ‘Marrow Absorption Technique’ was powerful to begin with, and the gap between the two was getting smaller.

If she was to take a sip, Golden Foot believed that with her higher void level, she would be able to swallow the spiritual source, blood essence, and even the life force of a master stage in an instant!


The closer they were, the stronger the suction force.

The uncontrolled blood in Xu Xiaoshou’s body seeped out from his pores and pa.s.sed through the water ball, flowing into Golden Foot’s red lips and nouris.h.i.+ng her body.

Golden Foot’s listless state was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaoshou, who was at his peak, collapsed in the blink of an eye. Even his body began to shrivel up.

“Absorbed, pa.s.sive points, + 1.”

“Absorbed, pa.s.sive points, + 1.”


The information bar started to pop up rapidly.

Xu Xiaoshou watched as a large amount of spiritual source and blood essence flowed out of his body. However, he seemed to be unable to do anything as he stood rooted to the ground.

However, in reality, the ‘Spiritual Awakening’ had been triggered once and he had already recovered from the enchantment of the witch opposite him.

In other words, in his current state, Xu Xiaoshou could clearly sense his terrible situation, and he had the ability to fight back.

He believed that the witch definitely did not know this.

The other party was absolutely naive to think that he was under the control of the illusion and could only helplessly let the life energy in his entire body be absorbed by her until he was drained dry.

The moment she had triggered her “Marrow Absorption Technique”, 70% of his spiritual source disappeared!

Xu Xiaoshou knew that this was an unbridgeable gap caused by the difference in cultivation level.

However, he had “Eternal Vitality”, “High Spirits”, and “Transformation”.

When his life force was drained, these three sovereign stage pa.s.sive skills were naturally triggered and circulated crazily.

In an instant, he replenished his blood essence to more than 70% of his peak condition.

Based on his current situation, he was about to be drained to death. However, he could still hold on for…

Seven seconds!

“This Marrow Absorption Technique is a little strong… but if you want to suck me, you looked for the wrong person!” Sensing that the opponent’s ability could not kill him, Xu Xiaoshou laughed in his heart.

Seven seconds was too long.

This period of time was enough for him to do a lot of things!

In fact, Xu Xiaoshou approached her despite knowing that the opposite side had spiritual guidance and control. The reason was naturally not because of the desire between a man and a woman, but because he wanted to take the initiative to inquire about the crisis.

Although this demoness looked unfamiliar, her strength was strange, and her realm was not ordinary. There was a high probability that she was one of the people who had been blasted down from the Guyin Cliff by the Water Ghost.

As for the people on the Lone Cliff, after receiving the Water Ghost’s advice, Xu Xiaoshou already knew that most of them had come to find him and wanted to kill him.

Instead of waiting for death, it was better to take the initiative to attack!

Under the Spell Forbidden Barrier of the Deep Sea, a higher void was suppressed by nearly 99% of their strength.

If he still did not dare to take the initiative to approach the remaining danger, how could he face a large number of in the future?

With these thoughts in mind, Xu Xiaoshou took the initiative to step into the other party’s trap step by step, wanting to see what the other party would do.

However, after holding back for so long and going through so many twists and turns…

It turned out that an esteemed higher void, under the Spell Forbidden Barrier of the Deep Sea, could only use techniques that he, Xu Xiaoshou, could completely counter to attack him.

“I’ve overestimated you…” Xu Xiaoshou no longer hid it, and a mocking smile appeared on his face.

One breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths…

Time pa.s.sed.

Golden Foot greedily absorbed the nectar one mouthful after another.

This thing was just like Mu Zixi absorbing life force. One mouthful was enough to cause addiction, and it couldn’t be stopped.

Only after three breaths did Golden Foot suddenly wake up.

That’s not right!

How could Xu Xiaoshou have so much spiritual source? Wasn’t he only at the Master Realm?

At this time, Golden Foot could see the mockery smile on Xu Xiaoshou’s face through the two water b.a.l.l.s.

He was smiling?

How could it be?

He wasn’t under the control of the Book of Heaven?!

Just as Golden Foot was shocked, Xu Xiaoshou, who seemed to be unable to move, suddenly twisted his neck and asked gently, “Have you sucked enough?”

Golden Foot instantly felt her scalp go numb.

All the pores on her body stood up as she realized that Xu Xiaoshou was really out of her control.

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