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Chapter 1268: Catch The Culprit

The vice president quickly opened his drawer and took out some medicine for the president.

After taking the medicine, the president felt slightly better, but he remained upset. He ma.s.saged his temples for some time until he raised his head to look at the vice president. “Who did this? Who stole the archives?”

Other than the president and the vice president of the academy, other researchers were also present including Yuan Huan. Everyone turned to look at the vice president.

The vice president smiled sadly. “No idea. The entire surveillance system was hacked last night, so we don’t have any records of the incident.”

The National Academy of Medicine was established to help society. The research archives contained years of work done by the researchers before them, so it meant a lot to the academy. The loss of these archives was considered to be a catastrophic event.

Prof Gao was standing by the side. He was the same man whom Huo Yulin encountered last night. Huo Yulin had kicked his phone at the time.

He gritted his teeth and said angrily, “I’m sure the culprit was one of ours. Otherwise, he would not have entered the research laboratory so easily.”

The a.n.a.lysis solution was the result of a decade’s work. Now that it was gone for good, Prof Gao felt as though his heart was bleeding just thinking about it.

“Didn’t you run into the culprit? Don’t you have any impression of him?” The vice president looked at Prof Gao.

Prof Gao felt even more upset the moment the vice president mentioned this. “He was in disguise, so I did not get a close look at his face.”

“He was a tall, skinny man and an excellent martial artist. I have a feeling he’s around my age.” Yuan Huan finally broke the silence and shared his observations.

“That’s right. Yuan Huan even fought with him.” Prof Gao contemplated before turning to ask Yuan Huan. “Didn’t you try to give chase? Who do you think he is?”

Yuan Huan turned the ring on his finger gently and said, “I don’t know yet. I have come up with a list of possible suspects based on my observation.”


The vice president asked Yuan Huan to present his list.

Yuan Huan came prepared. He retrieved a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to the vice president.

The vice president took a look at the list and concluded that none of them seemed like suspects before handing the list to the president.

There were a total of six names on the list. The president looked at the list, retrieved a pen, and struck out one of the suspects. He placed the name list on the table and said, “This man can be excluded from the list. As for the remaining five people, go check their records and find out where they were last night.”

When the vice president took the list back, he noticed Huo Yulin’s name was struck out and felt a little puzzled. He recalled the guy had only joined the academy for roughly a year. “Why did you eliminate Huo Yulin?”

Since Huo Yulin was very new, this made him even more suspicious.

The president knew what the vice president was thinking. He explained. “He was abroad when this happened. How could he have stolen the archives?”

“Was he overseas?” The vice president was caught by surprise

The president nodded. “He’s a member of the T5 research inst.i.tute. There was a neurological conference abroad, so I sent him over.”

The vice president suddenly remembered the neurological conference as well. “Okay then. I’ll exclude him.”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged the president before he added. “Moreover, he rarely comes over, so I doubt he is familiar enough with the place to pull this off.”

The vice president agreed and said, “In that case, I will make arrangements for this to be investigated.”

The president waved his hand. When he looked at the list of missing research archives, his face turned so haggard that it seemed as though he had aged by a decade.

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