The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp! 2883 Chapter 2883: they eloped (asking for a monthly pass)

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2883 Chapter 2883: they eloped (asking for a monthly pa.s.s)

Although the stone sculpture had rough lines, it had a charm that made people submit to it. If an Linchuan had not plunged his head into the basin, he would have already knelt down and kowtowed.

Yun chujiu frowned. These fish bones had been petrified for at least tens of thousands of years. At that time, there was already a statue of this dog Sh * t owner, which further proved that the Divine Devil Hall had existed before, at least this SH * tty Lord did exist.

Didn’t this mean that the SH * tty Lord of the Divine Devil Temple had lived for tens of thousands of years? However, it was also true. Since he could tear through the void, it was very likely that he had the cultivation of a G.o.d. It was not surprising that he had lived for tens of thousands of years.

Previously, there were murals in the cave of the human-faced octopus. Now, there was a statue at the bottom of the sea. Could it be that the Divine Devil Temple’s power was mainly in the sea?

Yun Chujiu thought of the mermaid man again. The mermaids lived in the sea. could their extermination be related to the Divine Devil Temple?

An Linchuan saw that Yun chujiu did not speak for a long time and thought that she was affected by the dead silent stone. In a moment of desperation, he poured a basin of water on Yun Chujiu.

Yun chujiu almost gasped. Just as she was about to teach an Linchuan a lesson, she was surprised to find that some of the water that had been poured on the ground was seeping down through the cracks beside the statue.

To be precise, it didn’t seem like it was seeping into the statue, but rather, it seemed like it was flowing down. Could it be that the bottom was empty?

Just as Yun Chujiu thought of this, the big fish skeleton suddenly collapsed!

An Linchuan was unlucky enough to be right under the big fish skeleton. As he dodged, he shouted, “Junior sister Xiao Jiu, quickly dodge!”

Yun chujiu also quickly dodged to the side. The big fish skeleton had smashed into the stone statue. She didn’t know what mechanism it had smashed into, but a dazzling red light flashed past. An Linchuan and Yun Chujiu didn’t have the time to react,

they disappeared on the spot.

Not only them, even the stone statue had disappeared without a trace. There were only bones scattered all over the ground.

Right, there was also an Linchuan’s basin that had fallen on the ground.

As Jin Zhi and ye Bingyu were in closed-door cultivation, mountain master an rarely summoned an Linchuan apart from lecturing. Therefore, after these two disappeared for a few days, it was Shangguan Hao who discovered that the two of them had disappeared!

Therefore, after much investigation, a female disciple from Alkaid Peak said that Yun Chujiu and an Linchuan had gone to the back mountain of alkaid peak for a few days in a row. Furthermore, they had an intimate att.i.tude towards each other. Could it be that they had eloped?

Mountain master an almost fainted from anger!

This useless brat! Learning from the good without learning from the bad. In the past, he only didn’t cultivate properly. Now, he actually learned to elope?

Mountain master an looked at the Furious Mountain Master Baili and stroked his forehead. “Mountain master an, calm down. Even if the two of them really had that intention, they wouldn’t go so far as to elope. There should be a misunderstanding. Let’s properly search the back mountain of Alkaid Peak!”

When Mountain master an heard Mountain Master Baili’s words, he calmed down slightly. After thinking about it, it made sense. He didn’t object to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d being in love. There was no need for him to elope out of the primordial chaos sect. He was really out of his mind.

Mountain master an hurriedly arranged for everyone to search the back of the mountain of Alkaid Peak, but to no avail.

In the end, it was still Shangguan Hao who remembered that an Linchuan had once said that there was a secret territory of his at the back of the mountain of Alkaid Peak. After searching carefully, he finally found the cave behind the thick vines.

Everyone saw the washbasin at a glance, but they weren’t as careful as Yun Chujiu. They only thought that the ground was filled with rocks.

Shangguan Hao picked up the washbasin on the ground and looked at it. “This washbasin belongs to junior brother An. I’ve seen it before. He couldn’t have left it here for no reason. could something have happened to him and junior sister Jiu?”

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The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp! 2883 Chapter 2883: they eloped (asking for a monthly pass) summary

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