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Chapter 245: s.h.i.+ Yi Knocked Into Yu Mingyue

“What's going on?”

After jumping off the horse, s.h.i.+ Yi walked straight to Chu Sihan and asked.

Yun Ting followed over and looked at them suspiciously.

“They're just a few sc.u.mbags. It's not a big deal.”

Chu Sihan glanced at him lightly and said, “I'll handle this. You guys go in first.”

s.h.i.+ Yi was about to nod when his gaze suddenly stopped on a spot. His eyes lit up. “It's Miss Lu. She's here too?”

Chu Sihan and Yun Ting followed his gaze and saw Constable Ji and Lu Sheng walking over.

“Lord, Young Master s.h.i.+, Young Master Yun.”

Lu Sheng smiled from afar and greeted the three of them.

“Constable Ji, I'll leave that to you. Deal with it as soon as possible.”

Constable Ji had just finished bowing to s.h.i.+ Yi and Yun Ting when Chu Sihan instructed faintly.


After acknowledging, Constable Ji ran over.

Lu Sheng frowned slightly. “People from the Liao Mansion?”

Chu Sihan nodded slightly. “Yes.”

“People from Liao Mansion? What Liao Mansion?” s.h.i.+ Yi asked suspiciously.

“Nothing. Let's go in.”

Chu Sihan glanced at s.h.i.+ Yi and Yun Ting before holding Lu Sheng's hand and walking in.

The duo's gaze landed on their hands. After looking at each other, s.h.i.+ Yi raised his eyebrows slightly. “Brother Chu, have you… awakened?”

Yun Ting raised an eyebrow. “Don't you have eyes?”

s.h.i.+ Yi snorted coldly and was about to walk in when he accidentally b.u.mped into a girl who was about to enter. The girl stumbled and almost fell.

It was Yun Ting's quick reflexes that saved the girl from falling.

“Miss, are you alright?”

s.h.i.+ Yi asked immediately.

“I'm fine!” Yu Mingyue stood up and shook her head. She smiled and said, “I saw an old friend walking in. I wanted to catch up to her, so I walked a little hastily.”

s.h.i.+ Yi was dazzled by her smile. He was slightly stunned for a moment before smiling and making an inviting gesture. “Miss, please go ahead!”

Yu Mingyue nodded slightly and smiled awkwardly at the two of them before continuing her journey.

Not long after the three of them entered, Fourth Master Lin happened to bring Lin Jiang over.

“I heard that Lord Chu is here too. Haven't you always wanted to see him? I'll bring you to greet him later.”

Fourth Master Lin continued speaking to Lin Jiang as they walked. Lin Jiang smiled and said lightly, “Father, I didn't tell you that I've already seen Lord Chu before?”


Fourth Master Lin was surprised. “Where did you see him?”

Lin Jiang said, “Huang Yang Town.”

After entering Dongfang Mansion, he pa.s.sed the wedding invitation and the gifts to the Dongfang Mansion's servants before scanning the crowd.

He heard from Lu Ran that Lu Sheng, the Third Prince, and Chu Sihan had come to Lin Jiang Mansion. Since Chu Sihan was here today, he did not know if she was here.

“Oh right, Jianger.”

Fourth Master Lin asked casually, “Last time, you said that you met a skilled woman and wanted to acknowledge her as your master. Have you found her?”

Lin Jiang nodded and was about to speak when he seemed to have thought of something and his eyes flashed.

He turned to face Fourth Master Lin and said, “Father, I remember you said that you and Lord Chu are good friends despite the difference in age. Then, is your relations.h.i.+p with him especially good?”

“Why are you suddenly asking this?”

Fourth Master Lin looked at him suspiciously. “Could it be that you have something to ask Lord Chu for help with?”

Lin Jiang nodded. “There's indeed such a matter. Lord Chu is Father's friend. I'm equivalent to a junior in front of him. I'm afraid it's difficult to say certain things.”

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Lord Chu's Wife Is Wild Chapter 245 – Shi Yi Knocked Into Yu Mingyue summary

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