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Chapter 1689 - 1689 I Will Definitely Win!

1689 I Will Definitely Win!

She met Liang You and went straight to the point. “Mr. Liang, this is the last time I’ll see you if you can’t provide crucial evidence.”

Liang You’s body trembled visibly.

“Try your best to recall everything and tell me everything you know. You’re responsible for telling me all that you know while I’m responsible for verifying it.” Su Bei was very direct.

Liang You slowly and seriously began to recall his original intention and purpose of writing the script.


Liang Husheng spoke confidently when asked by the reporters if he had stolen his nephew’s ma.n.u.script.

Liang Husheng’s voice was a little regretful. “I knew about this child’s situation long ago. He’s under a lot of pressure and has some mental problems. As an uncle, I’ve neglected him. After this incident, I’ll help him find a psychiatrist for consultation and try my best to cater to him.

“As for the matter of the script, I entered the industry when he was very young. Did I use his scripts when he was still a child in kindergarten, then?”

Seeing everyone laugh, he said solemnly, “The creation of b.l.o.o.d.y World started two years ago. At that time, Liang You was in prison. No matter how capable I was, I couldn’t have gone to prison to s.n.a.t.c.h his things, right?”

Liang Husheng had the right to speak. Naturally, everyone believed his words.

Besides, what he said was reasonable.

The reporters’ questions were just routine.

As Liang You’s name was mentioned again and again, Liang Husheng’s kindness was deeply rooted in people’s hearts. He took care of his nephew who had lost his parents and cared about his physical and mental health. Even after Liang You was released from prison, Liang Husheng still did not want to give up on him and was actively looking for a psychiatrist for him.

He had done everything an elder and relative could do.

But the more this was the case, the greater the psychological pressure on Liang You.

Because he knew very well what was behind this.

Although Liang Husheng had never directly used any of his creations before, he had not lived with him for free.

Ever since he was a teenager, he had ghostwritten many scripts for Liang Husheng after he came up with an outline. Although only parts of the scripts were used each time, it was these parts that added color to the overall work.

Although Liang You was not good at talking, he was especially good at writing dialogue. Many of the well-received dialogues in Liang Husheng’s works were written by Liang You.

Previously, Liang You didn’t care about these things. However, before he went to jail, Liang Husheng had personally promised him that as long as he was released from prison, he would introduce him to an investor and director. He would let him write his own script.

However, Liang Husheng had really disappointed him.

Su Bei recorded everything Liang You said.

He asked Lu Hang to use some methods to verify it.

Part of his words was easy to verify.

Lu Hang quickly handed the test results to Su Bei.

When Su Bei received the contents, she understood.

b.l.o.o.d.y World was indeed taken from Liang You’s World of Martial Arts. The first half of his ma.n.u.script might have been taken by Liang Husheng. After copying the contents, he destroyed it.

After Liang You received the news, he asked, “President Su, can I still send the first half to you after I finish writing it?”

“Send it over!” Su Bei said.

She also mentioned this to Yue Ze. “We can film it. Go and find suitable actors.”

Yue Ze immediately went to do it.

At the same time, Su Bei also contacted Fu Yujia. She wanted to talk about this matter and resolve it internally.

Fu Yujia received her email and smiled. “Alright, I want to see what he’s gonna talk to me about.”

They met at a cafe.

Fu Yujia brought Han Xu over.

Yue Ze accompanied Su Bei alone.

“Miss Fu, I’ve already asked Liang You about the situation of the script this time. He has already told me everything he knows. This is the concept of his creation, his original intention, and the timeline,” Su Bei said. “I hope you can give an explanation after reading it, Miss Fu.”

Fu Yujia took it and glanced at it. She could write something like this ten times a day.

The ordinary-looking man in front of him, Su Lu, was the opponent who had defeated her countless times. He had also become a stumbling block in her path.

Fu Yujia had a natural resistance to Su Lu.

This time, who knew if Su Lu was going to trick her again?

“I’m done. What do you want to say, President Su?”

“The script you’re filming now was written by Liang You. But he hasn’t authorized it for you yet. Miss Fu, I believe you know that even if it’s filmed, it can’t be sold in the end.”

Fu Yujia smiled. “Mr. Su, Liang You is a criminal with a criminal record. There’s something wrong with his brain. Do you believe what he says?”

Naturally, Su Bei could not reveal to her all the evidence that Liang You had said.

What if Fu Yujia was ‘smart’ enough to destroy the evidence?

Su Bei could only stop at nothing. “Miss Fu, I believe you’ve seen what should be shown to you. I believe you should verify some other things with Liang Husheng. I won’t continue to persuade you anymore.”

“Then there’s nothing to talk about, President Su.”

Fu Yujia was certain that Su Bei did not want to see her succeed this time. She was deliberately trying to scare her. Of course, she did not believe her at all.

Fu Yujia would definitely win this time!

She stood up and said, “Excuse me, Mr. Su.”

Su Bei smiled. “Okay, goodbye, Miss Fu. By the way, Miss Fu…”

Fu Yujia stopped in her tracks.

“Miss Fu, if you’re unwilling to talk things through with us, we can only go through the legal channels.”

Fu Yujia smiled happily. “I’ll happily oblige.”

Fu Yujia had always been at odds with Nirvana Entertainment, so she would never believe their words. She was also unwilling to give up on this famous project so easily.

However, out of caution, she still contacted Liang Husheng and had a long talk with him.

Liang Husheng’s words were much more powerful than Su Bei’s. Moreover, he had many years of creative experience and had become famous through several works. Liang Husheng was a golden signboard in the literary world of TV shows. If it weren’t for the fact that Fu Yujia was willing to spend money this time, he might not have agreed to film with them.

Thinking of this, Fu Yujia became even more confident.

Two days later, the lawyers of Nirvana Entertainment sent a lawyer’s letter to Sheng Tang Entertainment, asking them to stop the infringement and filming immediately. Otherwise, they would sue them in court!

When Fu Yujia received the lawyer’s letter, she was so angry that she laughed. “I didn’t even argue with Su Lu, yet he still dares to provoke me? Is his brain damaged?”

Liang Husheng was also a little disapproving. “I heard that President Su has always been very smart, but this time, he’s been deceived by a person with a criminal record. It can be seen that no matter how smart a person is, there will be times when they fail.”

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