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Chapter 1690 - 1690 President Su Is Crazy

1690 President Su Is Crazy

Fu Yujia smiled and threw the lawyer’s letter away. “I think he’s dissatisfied that my career is doing better than his, so he wants to make things difficult for me. Well, he’s never gotten along with me. Han Xu, ignore them! Also, make a public response on Weibo!”

Sheng Tang Entertainment posted this matter on Weibo.

The comments received a lot of support.

[Although President Su has always been good at what he does, anyone with a discerning eye can tell who’s right and who’s wrong this time, right?]


[Maybe he got carried away by his past victories and forgot what he should and shouldn’t do.]

[We really have to teach them a lesson. Only then will this young person in charge know how deep the waters are!]

[Although I have a good impression of Nirvana Entertainment and have no feelings for Sheng Tang Entertainment, I have to say that Nirvana Entertainment is in the wrong this time!]

[That’s right. Liang You looks like an ingrate. There’s something wrong with his brain. Is President Su crazy to believe a mental patient?]

Because of this, when Nirvana Entertainment was preparing for The World of Martial Arts, some actors who cherished their reputation did not even dare to audition.

After all, no one wanted to get involved in this mess.

Moreover, it was still uncertain if this movie could be filmed.

Su Bei contacted Director Jiang Hua, the director of b.l.o.o.d.y World.

Director Jiang Hua was especially good at group scenes. Previously, he had filmed many group scenes that were very successful.

He was sitting in front of Su Bei now. When he heard that Su Bei was inviting him to shoot The World of Martial Arts, he was stunned and laughed.

“President Su, it’s not that I want to question you, but the script of The World of Martial Arts is very similar to that of b.l.o.o.d.y World. You know what kind of person Liang You is. With all due respect, it’s useless for you to do this. I want to ensure the survival of myself and my team. I really don’t dare to get involved in your mess.”

Su Bei smiled. “What if it’s confirmed that Liang Husheng plagiarized?”

Jiang Hua said, “There has to be evidence. No one will believe what you say without it.”

Su Bei nodded. “If there’s really evidence, are you willing to give up working with them and work with me?”

“Of course,” Jiang Hua replied.

However, he really couldn’t believe that Su Bei could produce evidence.

The outside world was already discussing it. Liang You’s reputations was already bad enough just because he had been in jail. It was impossible for Director Jiang Hua to believe a criminal and not a famous screenwriter.

“Then it’s settled, Director Jiang! When the time comes, I hope the main actors can come over as well. I’ve seen your casting choices. I admire your taste.”

Jiang Hua smiled and said, “You flatter me.”

But who was he? How could he be deceived by a few words of praise?

But it was true that Jiang Hua dared to pat his chest and guarantee that there was no problem with the cast chosen this time.

Sheng Tang Entertainment had given him the greatest freedom. They did not interfere in the casting or filming. When he was filming, he was full of confidence and was free to do whatever he wanted.

He believed that this TV show would definitely explode in popularity!

Su Bei became the target of criticism during this time.

Liang Husheng had specially mentioned this during several interviews. “I don’t deny that Liang You’s thoughts are very rich and imaginative. However, it’s not easy to turn these imaginative thoughts into creativity and put them into practice. Since you trust him, President Su, I hope you can succeed!”

His words of blessing did not contain any sincerity.

The outside world felt indignant for Liang Hu.

He had raised his nephew well, but now, he was being bitten by an ingrate.

They heard that the project on Su Bei’s side had even been established.

The netizens couldn’t help but ask: [Who approved it? What’s wrong with their eyes?]

[Money really makes the world go round. Is that even possible?]

[Has Nirvana Entertainment been bewitched? I don’t understand what’s going on!]

Everyone in the company was also having some doubts.

No one understood what Su Bei was doing.

Seeing that the project was being prepared and Yue Ze and Xu Zhiqin were working hard, everyone could only work hard together.

Anyway, the company was paying them their salary. What could small-time employees like them say?

Fu Yujia said to Han Xu, “As soon as they start filming, we’ll sue them! This time, Su Lu sent himself to my doorstep. Won’t it be a pity if I don’t fight with him?”

Han Xu smiled and said, “Our lawyers are ready. We’re just waiting for them to announce that they’re going to start filming.”

“How’s our own progress going?”

“We’re more than halfway done. By the way, Su Lu even contacted Jiang Hua in private, but Jiang Hua rejected him.”

“He overestimated himself!” For the first time, Fu Yujia felt her opponent’s cowardice. It was also the first time she felt the pleasure of crus.h.i.+ng her opponent!

Nirvana Entertainment officially announced that The World of Martial Arts was about to start filming.

Sheng Tang Entertainment sued them in court!

The matter attracted a lot of attention.

Everyone knew that Nirvana Entertainment was courting death. Now, they wanted to see how they would die.

Su Bei agreed to cooperate with the court case.

On the day of the prosecution…

In court…

Sheng Tang Entertainment had hired an elite lawyer. After all, Fu Xing was behind Fu Yujia.

Su Bei only brought the ordinary lawyers from the company.

Facing the reporters, she said simply, “Everything depends on the evidence!”

Liang Husheng also said firmly, “Look at the evidence! I prepared this work two years ago and registered the copyright a year ago. And during this time, Liang You was in prison. No matter what evidence you produce, I’ll definitely win!”

The reporters were also waiting to see how Su Bei would fall from grace this time.

What kind of evidence could she produce?

As it was a public trial, many people who were interested in the case could attend.

In the public gallery, everyone was discussing. Everyone was not optimistic about Nirvana Entertainment at all. They had only come to witness their defeat.

This trial was live-streamed under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Sheng Tang’s question was very simple. “Liang You, where have you been for the past three years?”

“In prison.” Liang You’s voice was a little weak.

“Then may I ask why you went in?”

“Drunk driving.”

“Then may I ask if you’ve written independent scripts before?”

“I… I’ve written some…”

“I’m only asking you if you’ve ever written independent scripts. You only need to answer with a yes or no.” The lawyer was unyielding.

“No.” He hadn’t completed a script before. He had only written fragments.

“Are you a screenwriter?”

“I’m a screenwriter’s a.s.sistant. I can also be considered a small-time screenwriter.” His voice was lacking confidence.

“Are you a screenwriter, then?” The lawyer insisted.

Liang You lost his confidence. “Not really.”

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