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Chapter 956: Gave Him All Of Spring

“You have wrapped around your finger,” she chided lazily.

“Because I was the first to be wrapped around your finger.” Lu Heting’s voice was filled with happiness. “But the next time someone says something ambiguous to you, it means they don’t want their legs anymore.”

Su Bei understood that he was thinking about her reputation. Female artists were most afraid of scandals. No one wanted to be embroiled in scandals, especially when it involved a second-generation heir.

Mai Shanheng had indeed made the wrong move tonight. Even if it was a joke, he could not do it with a woman like Su Huixian present, eyeing everything covetously.

Su Bei understood his concern and said with a smile, “Since Mr. Lu was around tonight, no one would dare to casually make up stories about me. Didn’t you see how they looked? When they saw you, they all consciously put away their phones. They know that you’re low-profile, so they didn’t dare to take photos or do anything rash. They were afraid that if anything happened, they would become the biggest suspect.”

Su Bei had thought everything through, and Lu Heting’s anger slowly dissipated.

He drank, but Su Bei didn’t. Su Bei would drive, so Lu Heting sat in the pa.s.senger seat.

Su Bei thoughtfully fastened his seatbelt for him.

He was tall and had long legs. When Su Bei fastened his seatbelt for him, she had to lay in his arms.

“I can do it myself,” Lu Heting said, but he didn’t want her to leave.


“I’m willing to pamper my husband. After all, I chose my own husband, didn’t I?” Su Bei fastened it for him and patted it before sitting down and starting the car.

At that moment, Lu Heting’s face was filled with joy.

He only wanted to enjoy a gust of spring breeze, but Su Bei had given him all of spring. He had begun to feel the warmth this world had to offer.

Lu Weijian and Mai Lele finally helped Mai Shanheng to the underground parking lot.

Lu Weijian kept complaining. “He’s so heavy! He doesn’t even look fat. Why is it so hard to carry him?”

Mai Lele was also sweating profusely. She put Mai Shanheng down and leaned against the car. She said, “I can’t support him anymore. I can’t!”

Without anyone supporting him, Mai Shanheng opened his eyes and saw the car he wanted the most. He sobered up and ran toward the car.

Lu Weijian was shocked. Wasn’t that Su Bei’s car? Shouldn’t Big Brother be in the car? What was Mai Shanheng trying to do?

Before he could stop him, Mai Shanheng had already rushed toward the car.

Mai Lele asked anxiously, “What is my brother doing?”

“If he wants to die, then let him go. I can’t stop him.” Weijian stopped Mai Lele, afraid that she would be involved in the b.l.o.o.d.y mess later.

Mai Shanheng rushed over and leaned against the car window, knocking on it heavily.

Su Bei rolled down the window. She did not expect Mai Shanheng to follow her.

Mai Shanheng panted heavily. He did not care about Lu Heting sitting on the pa.s.senger seat and shouted, “Su Bei, Su Bei…”

Su Bei quickly pressed Lu Heting down. Suddenly, she thought of something. She looked at Mai Shanheng, who looked like a hungry wolf who had seen food. “You want to drive my car?”

“Mm, mm, mm, mm!” Mai Shanheng was touched by what he heard. He had wanted to drive this car for a long time!

It was because of this car that he wanted to know the person who owned it!

What he wanted to do the most was to drive Su Bei’s car.

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 956 - Gave Him All Of Spring summary

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