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Chapter 1899: Chapter 1901 you can’t Bully a woman

Translator: 549690339

As it turned out, a man like Si Yi couldn’t help but eat vegetables every day.

Even a fool could tell that he was angry because Joseph was too close to him.

She had to admit that she liked Si Yi’s angry look.

Yun Jian blinked slightly and lifted his legs. Suddenly, she put her hands around his neck.

This could be considered as silently allowing Si Yi to do something to her in this wilderness. There were only trees, gra.s.s, and cliffs around him, but they could cover this wilderness completely.

Si Yi was also a normal man. Seeing his beloved woman hinting at him like this, he did not stand on ceremony anymore and used his actions to prove his love for her.


Hunting School.

After sending Yun Jian and the other students into the forest, Ling Wei and Jamil both returned to their own residences.

All the students had to survive in the forest for a month. During this month, even if the students were attacked by ferocious beasts and died in the forest accidentally, it would still be their good fortune.

Everything depended on the word ‘strength’.

Of course, this was not the main point for Ling Wei and Jamil. The main point was that during this month, Ling Wei and Jamil could be said to have had a relaxing vacation.

Ling Wei would not stay in the hunting school for long. The dark soul organization still needed him in the training camp.

But for some reason, during this one month, he did not want to return to the dark soul organization.

One had to know that out of the four leaders of the dark soul organization, only Ling Wei was the most dedicated. It could be said that he had devoted his life to the dark soul organization.

In the past, whenever Adam, Molson, and Xue Ying went out to play, Ling Wei would directly reject them and continue to train his own training camp.

The dark soul organization had today, and Ling Wei’s contribution was indispensable!

Originally, Ling Wei planned to return to the dark soul organization’s training camp for more than a month, but he did not want to go back now.

Returning to his simple bedroom in the hunting school, Ye Ling sat at the foot of the bed. Seeing him return, Ye Ling stood up with some fear.

However, when she heard Lin Wei’s words, she continued, “Pack up and leave with me.”

Ye Ling had already stayed in the hunting school for nearly ten years. She had not left this place in ten years.

She missed home and wanted to leave, but she could not leave.

Therefore, when she heard Lin Wei’s words, Ye Ling’s previously gloomy face instantly reflected a ray of antic.i.p.ation.

“I can leave this place?”Ye Ling asked Lin Wei in disbelief.

Lin Wei was still a man of few words. He looked at Ye Ling and nodded. Then, he turned around and reached out to open the door, intending to leave for a while.

“Then... then can I go home?”Ye Ling’s face was filled with disbelief, but she looked at Lin Wei in disbelief. She excitedly took two steps towards Lin Wei.

However, just as she excitedly took two steps towards Lin Wei, Ye Ling did not notice the smooth ground. In the next second, she directly fell towards Lin Wei.

Ye Ling had developed well and was very plump.

With this slip, her plump body was directly thrown onto Ling Wei’s arm.

Feeling the warm lump, Ling Wei’s expression, which was as calm as usual, changed drastically.

This was...

! ! ! !

Fortunately, Ling Wei’s face was facing the door, so ye Ling could not see Ling Wei’s expression.

At this moment, Ye Ling had already realized that she had been rude just now. She stood up straight with a red face, and Ling Wei’s expression instantly returned to calm.

“You have to look at the ground when you walk. Why are you running around!”In order to alleviate the scene just now, Lin Wei coughed lightly and berated ye ling.

Ye Ling blinked. For some reason, she was not afraid of his berating at all now.


“Be, be gentle... hmm...”the cloud paper was pressed against the edge of the cliff by Si Yi, doing something shameful, trying hard to restrain herself from making a sound.

Her face was as red as a red apple.

Si Yi kept staring at the cloud paper. His handsome face was raised, and his anger was reduced by half.

His small paper was the most beautiful at this moment.

At the last moment when Si Yi was holding the cloud paper, Joseph’s voice came from afar:

“Where did you go? Let me tell you, you can’t Bully Women!”

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