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Chapter 1034: Sister Nian Is in the Illegal Zone!

The plane took off from the capital’s international airport and took ten hours to reach the illegal district.

Qiao Nian had only sent Ye w.a.n.gchuan a message before the plane took off. She lowered the brim of her cap and slept in her seat.

Tian Jing frowned a few times when she saw her quiet and lazy att.i.tude, but she couldn’t say anything.

Ten hours later.

The plane landed in the illegal district.

Liang Conglin and the others rushed to the Jin Chen Hotel where Jiang Li and the others were staying.

As a seven-star hotel in the illegal district, Jin Chen Hotel was extremely luxurious in appearance and interior. The marble floor was paved, and there was a special fountain and a little angel carved from white jade at the door.

After entering the hotel, Tian Jing led the way and first brought them to a tea restaurant on the first floor. She found a seat and was busy making a call.

The waiter brought them coffee.

Liang Conglin waited for news from Tian Jing while watching the girl find a corner to sit down. She seemed to be indifferent and not very interested in her surroundings. She had her head lowered as she played with her phone.

He raised his hand and pinched his high nose bridge. Although he was already very tired after ten hours on the plane, he still asked Qiao Nian very gently, “Qiao Nian, are you tired?”

The girl’s fair hand was on her phone. She had just replied to a message when she heard his question. She looked up. Her face under the cap was eye-catching even in the illegal zone.

However, she quickly pulled down the brim of her cap, revealing only her cold chin. Her voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e as if she was not fully awake as she spoke. “I’m fine.”

“As long as you’re fine. Hang in there.”

Liang Conglin thought very highly of her. After all, Qiao Nian was considered the Newcomer King of this year’s Qing University’s freshmen. She was the future hope of the Chinese Medicine Faculty and the successor Nie Mi thought highly of. On the account of these few people, he had to take good care of her. Furthermore, Qiao Nian had the backing of the Ye family, the Jiang family, and even Qin Si.

Seeing that the girl was indeed in good spirits, he looked at Tian Jing, who had gone out to make a call. He comforted Qiao Nian, “Wait a while. When Professor Tian contacts a student from the Arbitration Council, we’ll hand the information to him and then we can find a place to stay.”

Since they were in the hotel, they should be staying in this hotel.

However, Jin Chen Hotel was not a place ordinary people could stay.

Celebrities from the illegal district gathered here. Unless one had a background, it was difficult to stay here.

There was also another reason.

Liang Conglin had a headache.

In all the continents, Jin Chen Hotel was one of the top seven-star hotels. The standard of a seven-star far exceeded that of five-star hotels in China.

A slightly better five-star hotel in Beijing easily cost more than ten thousand yuan a night.

Needless to say, Jin Chen Hotel was more expensive.

It was of seven-star standard.

The sculptures they saw when they entered were all made of white jade. The marble on the ground showed its value. Even the most ordinary room in a hotel of this level cost at least ten thousand yuan a night.

Six of them came this time. There were four professors including him and Tian Jing, and Qiao Nian.

If it was one room per person, it would be six rooms in total.

A room cost more than ten thousand yuan.

Staying in six rooms would cost them nearly a million yuan a night.

Qing University was rich, but that was the school’s money!

They had to stay here for at least two days. If things didn’t go smoothly, they might have to stay for a week or even ten days. Who could afford this?

They couldn’t possibly embezzle the public fees of Qing University to cover their hotel expenses.

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