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Chapter 1341: Choosing the Jiang Family’s Future Heir

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He relaxed. “Yes. Remember to eat. Tell me when you’re done.”

Old Master Jiang nodded with a gentle gaze. “I know.”

They had a brief conversation.

Jiang Xianrou noticed the health supplements that Old Master Jiang and the others had mentioned. She couldn’t help but take a closer look. She felt that the small white pill in the bottle was very similar to the precious black market magic pill that Zhu Yuanhao gave her previously.

She didn’t think that the health supplements that Qiao Nian had ‘bought’ for Old Master Jiang would be related to the small pills that Zhu Yuanhao gave her.


Jiang Xianrou bit her lip and retracted her gaze. Only contempt and her usual arrogance and indifference could be seen in her eyes.


Elder Ye arrived late, accompanied by the butler.

Nie Mi arrived shortly after.

Su Huaiyuan, who had rushed over on the high-speed rail, arrived immediately after him.

When these three people arrived, not to mention Jiang Yao and the others, even Jiang Zongnan and Jiang Zongjin did not know what their father wanted to do.

Jiang Zongnan felt a little uneasy and whispered, “Dad, why did you call Old Master Ye and the others over? What exactly do you want to do?”

Old Master Jiang did not answer him.

Or rather, he ignored him and turned to greet the few people who had arrived. He arranged for the nurses to send over a few chairs for them.

His gaze swept across everyone and finally landed on Jiang Xianrou.

He said calmly, “I called everyone here today because I want you to witness something.”

Nie Mi’s temper was the most straightforward among them, and he was also the most impatient. He glanced around at the Jiang family members in the room but didn’t see Qiao Nian. He asked, “What’s going on? It shouldn’t be a small matter, right?”

“It’s at least a very important thing to witness.” Old Master Jiang paused. His turbid eyes were no longer as clear and sharp at this moment. “… What I need you to witness today is not one thing, but two things.”

Nie Mi frowned, wondering what he was up to.

The others, similarly intrigued, waited for him to continue.

Old Master Jiang had no intention of keeping them in suspense, nor was he in the mood. He immediately said, “Firstly, I want to officially announce my successor.”

Jiang Zongnan and Jiang Zongjin looked at him with shocked expressions.

However, Old Master Jiang did not look at anyone. He didn’t even look at his grandson, Jiang Yao, whom he used to like very much. He continued calmly, “I’ve chosen the successor of the Jiang family.

“It’s my granddaughter.”

Jiang Xianrou suddenly looked up. She was a little nervous, but also a little surprised and expectant.

The next thing she knew, she was at rock bottom.

“Qiao Nian.”

Qiao Nian?

Tang Wanru, Jiang Zongnan, Jiang Zongjin…

Even Jiang Yao, Jiang Li, and Jiang Xianrou were all stunned. They didn’t expect Old Master Jiang to announce this openly.

Old Master Jiang had actually left the old residence to the eldest branch when the two families separated last time.

But he didn’t spell it out.

What was usually not stated was that there was still a certain amount of controversy.

But this time, Old Master Jiang had found so many big shots in Beijing to announce that his successor was not the two brothers, Jiang Zongjin and Jiang Zongnan.

It was Qiao Nian, who had just arrived in Beijing from Rao City less than half a year ago!

The result was somewhat unexpected.

After all, the Jiang family had developed very well over the years, and their descendants were all very promising.

Old Master Jiang had two sons. Among his grandchildren were Jiang Yao and Jiang Xianrou. To outsiders, the two of them were very outstanding.

Only Jiang Li was in the entertainment industry and was unfitting in their eyes.

Logically speaking, Qiao Nian wouldn’t be the heir no matter who Old Master Jiang chose.

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Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again Chapter 1341 - Choosing the Jiang Family's Future Heir summary

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