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Chapter 1116: Chatting With the Planquilon Immortal World’s Will, Whether in the Past, Present, or Future

Inside the Pocket Universe, Chu Kuangren was obsessed with being that universe’s creator.

He looked at the endless chaotic qi outside the Milky Way, and he could feel something happening amidst that endless chaotic qi. It was a sign of life!

There was the presence of life within the chaos.

Chu Kuangren pondered.

There was a saying about the Chaos Celestial Demons back in his universe. Could it be that Chaos Celestial Demons were waiting to be born inside his Pocket Universe as well?

Chu Kuangren pondered as his consciousness entered the chaos.

He arrived at a ma.s.s of chaotic qi, which was akin to a gigantic egg. It was absorbing the surrounding chaotic qi, and a throbbing sound could be heard from within it.

“So is this the Chaos Celestial Demon?”

There were many similar gigantic Chaos eggs around this region of the chaos too.

All of them were throbbing with life.

Chu Kuangren then reached his hand forth and touched the gigantic Chaos egg before him while chuckling. “I’m looking forward to your arrival in this universe.”

‘So a Chaos Celestial Demon, huh?

‘Just the thought of it makes me excited.’


The moment that particular thought appeared in Chu Kuangren’s mind, the surrounding chaotic qi immediately gushed into that gigantic Chaos egg.

Chu Kuangren felt an inexplicable feeling from the gigantic egg.


‘It seems to be… grat.i.tude.’

Chu Kuangren turned silent for a while.

Since the Pocket Universe belonged to him, he could be deemed as the Great Dao Consciousness of this Pocket Universe.

His every move and every thought would bring forth huge change in the universe, and what he said earlier was no different than a blessing from the Great Dao itself.

With that, the gigantic egg before him would grow even more rapidly.


“I’m looking forward to when you’ll open up this universe for me,” Chu Kuangren said to himself.

At that thought, that gigantic egg vibrated slightly as if it had received a divine mission, seemingly feeling excited.

“Grow up well.”

After taking a glance at the gigantic egg, Chu Kuangren’s consciousness left the universe and returned to his own body.

“How weak.”

“I really am still too weak.”

After Chu Kuangren’s consciousness returned, he could not help but smile bitterly as he sensed his current cultivation strength.

Inside that Pocket Universe, his consciousness was seemingly omnipotent.

Opening up the heavens with a single slash, creating the world in a single thought…

He was the creator itself, the omnipotent G.o.d of creation!

However, now that he had returned to his real body, he was immediately faced with reality — the reality that he was just a mere Earthen Immortal.

He could only fight a few Heavenly Immortals right now, let alone be a G.o.d of creation.

“That feeling of creating everything truly is exhilarating. However, it doesn’t mean that I’ll forsake this universe that I’m in.”

“Inside that universe, I can create anything I wish. But in this universe, who’s to say I can’t do the same?”

“I can as long as I become stronger!”

Despite having experienced a lot inside the Pocket Universe, Chu Kuangren did not lose sight of his goal. He did not plan to give up on everything now and return to being a G.o.d of creation in that world. In fact, he had become more determined than before to become stronger.

Inside the Pocket Universe, he was the G.o.d of creation.

However, in this universe, he should be an elite that could reign supreme everywhere!

Chu Kuangren had a determined look on him.

“Alright. It’s time I deal with this,” Chu Kuangren mumbled while taking out seven golden bundles of light.

They were the seven wills of the Immortal World.

“The wills of Planquilon, aren’t you going to come out?” Chu Kuangren said calmly.

The moment he said that, the wills of the Immortal World suddenly merged into a Little Golden Man akin to the Heavenly Dao’s will.

That was the Planqilon Immortal World’s will.

“Greetings, anomaly.” A voice void of any emotion and gender sounded in Chu Kuangren’s ears.

Chu Kuangren looked at the Little Golden Man before him and instantly thought of the Firmament Star’s Heavenly Dao’s will. “Tsk, is this golden form the only appearance you guys can think of?”

“Then, how about this?”

Planquilon’s will changed before him once more, taking the form of a silver-haired woman who was Lan Yu.

Even its voice was exactly the same as Lan Yu’s.

Chu Kuangren’s gaze turned cold as he activated the Heavenly Devouring Daoist Art, causing a terrifying energy fluctuation to spread. “I don’t mind devouring you right now.”

A fearful look appeared on ‘Lan Yu’s’ face, and her eyes turned red, looking as if she was about to cry. “Please Master, you’re frightening me.”

“You truly are testing my patience here.”

Chu Kuangren immediately grabbed ‘Lan Yu’ and lifted her into the air by the neck. His Heavenly Devouring Daoist Art was activated.

As he absorbed the wills of the Immortal World, the Firmament Star’s Heavenly Dao energy inside him grew rapidly.

‘Lan Yu’s’ expression changed. Then, she dispersed into countless golden sparks of light, escaping from Chu Kuangren’s grasp.

The golden sparks of light merged again. This time, it turned into a little girl around seven or eight years old in a golden dress.

The little girl had a doll-like face and was looking at Chu Kuangren indifferently.

That expression did not make her appear as human as before.

“Do you think I’ll hold back if you a.s.sume this form?” Chu Kuangren said apathetically.

“Chu Kuangren, I have come to make a deal with you,” said the little girl, who was Planquilon’s will.

“Out with it. What do you want?”

“The Battle of the Heavenly Champions.”

“Of course.”

Chu Kuangren was not surprised at all.

“You have already seen that unspoken prophecy from the academy’s Dean. The Battle of the Heavenly Champions is real,” the Planquilon Will continued speaking.

As the will of the Immortal World, she knew what everyone inside the Planqilon Immortal World was doing, including the academy’s Dean.

The only exception was Chu Kuangren.

He was an outlier that she could not possibly control.

“I need you to represent me in the Battle of the Heavenly Champions and help restore me to my full Immortal World Will form,” Planquilon’s will said.

“Hmph. How funny. One moment ago, you were pitting many odds against me, and now you want me to partic.i.p.ate in that fight for you? In your dreams.” Chu Kuangren sneered.

“That was not an attack but a trial for you to undergo. Ever since the beginning, I have already chosen you as my Heavenly Champion!” said Planquilon’s will.

“I don’t need to prove myself before you.” Chu Kuangren was still uninterested.

“The Battle of Heavenly Champions was nothing like the Battle of the Fated Ones. Among the other Fragmented Immortal Worlds, I’m not as excellent. Even if I manage to choose a Heavenly Champion, it’s impossible for me to win in the Battle of Heavenly Champions.”

“However, you’re an anomaly, an uncontrollable anomaly, so perhaps you can achieve the impossible in this Battle of Heavenly Champions,” Planquilon’s will continued saying.

“If I help you restore to your full Immortal World Will form, what can I gain from this?” Chu Kuangren asked nonchalantly.

“Ruler of the Immortal World! If I become a complete will of the Immortal World, I shall make you the new Immortal World Ruler!”

“That’s all?” Chu Kuangren’s lips tugged. “I can become the Immortal World Ruler without your help.”

Planquilon’s will was speechless.

Chu Kuangren said it very casually.

However, she could sense an unquestionable tone from those words. It was as if the t.i.tle of Immortal World Ruler was in the bag for him.

‘Even if he’s an anomaly, this… He’s just too arrogant.’

“Every Heavenly Champion is carefully selected by their respective Fragmented Immortal Worlds. There will be no short of pure-blooded divine beasts, descendants of Arch Gilded Immortals, and more. All of them are supreme beings in their own right that the likes of Jin Diyi can’t possibly even compare,” the Planquilon Will explained.

She was trying to remind Chu Kuangren that Jin Diyi was nothing to the many stronger opponents that he would soon face in the future.

“Hmph. When I first stepped on the path of cultivation, I said this… Let them all bloom and sprout, for I alone shall stand out! Those words have been an indisputable fact until now.”

“I’ve been undefeated in ten thousand battles and will stay undefeated for thousands more, whether in the past, present, or future!”

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