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Chapter 1192: Soul Vanquisher Appears, All Of You Are Just Bait, Don’t Be A No Show

Lan Yu, Cao Yun, and the others arrived one after another.

Every one of them had reached the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and their rampant aura fluctuation that swept across the scene shook everyone present. Even the Corpse Demon successor was awestruck.

A serious look appeared in his eyes.

“I did not expect the trip to Kunlun Secret Realm would boost the strength of the Hundred Academy’s Heavenly Champions so much.”

“How many Opportunities of Fortune did they obtain for all of them to break through to the Heavenly Immortal Realm? I really want to meet Chu Kuangren myself.”

The Corpse Demon successor knew that the outrageous improvements of the Hundred Academy’s Heavenly Champions were because Chu Kuangren led the group to look for Opportunities of Fortune in the secret realm.

The Opportunities of Fortune in Jade Void Palace were jaw-dropping enough, let alone those in the Jade Pool.

‘If all of them improved this much, how about Chu Kuangren? How much has he improved?’ the Corpse Demon successor wondered.

Then, he turned his attention to Lan Yu and swung his hand at her. “Go.”

Several zombies beside him threw themselves at her.

Those zombies were more powerful than those before, and each possessed powers that could rival a Heavenly Immortal.

‘Let’s find out how strong you people really are?’ the Corpse Demon successor thought.

Lan Yu narrowed her eyes before das.h.i.+ng out with her Heavenly Skylight Scepter, and her Radiant War Immortal’s Core released blasts of energies at the zombies.

On the other hand, Cao Yun and the others each used their respective skills to clear out the zombies.

They were already Heavenly Immortals. Moreover, Cao Yun, Chu Hong, and w.a.n.g Chentian were even Middle Third-grade Heavenly Immortals.

The Phoenix’s Flame, the Golden Rule Order, and the Despot Thousand Troop Shadow released its terrifying energy fluctuations and obliterated a huge group of zombies.

“Something isn’t right.”

Although they started the fight with the upper hand, Cao Yun’s instinct told him it should not be so smooth.

Next to him, w.a.n.g Chentian shared the same thought. “There are so many of us here. No matter how arrogant and ignorant the Corpse Demon successor is, he should understand the situation better than anyone.

“He should have retreated, but he stayed and fought. Is he hoping to win every one of us alone?”

Cao Yun’s eyes flickered. “I think something else is going on here.”

“What are we going to do?”

“We free Zhao Fangfei and leave. As for the Corpse Demon successor, we’ll deal with him in the future.” Cao Yun believed it would be best to withdraw for now.

“Folks from the academy, do all of you know exactly who the Zhao Fangfei you’re trying to save is?”

All of a sudden, the Corpse Demon successor spoke.

His words made the expression on Zhao Fangfei’s face s.h.i.+ft.

“She’s the successor of the Demonic Dao’s Baimei Tribe! The Baimei Tribe has the best cauldrons of the Demonic Dao, and you people don’t even know about it?

“You poor souls. She has deceived all of you. Only fools like you would come to save her!” Corpse Demon successor cackled scornfully.

It was then a white light flashed and flew toward him.

The white light was actually a spear formed using the purest Radiant War Immortal’s Core energy, and it even contained a chilling battle intent.

“This is not good!”

The Corpse Demon successor’s expression turned sour. He quickly threw a punch and released the quiet demonic qi to clash to attack the incoming spear of light.

Upon collision, the spear of light exploded, and the terrifying energy it contained caught the Corpse Demon successor’s arm, blasting it into bits.

“D*mn it! D*mn it!”

The Corpse Demon successor stared grimly at Lan Yu further away.

The zombies he hurled at her had all been obliterated, with their torn limbs and torso scattered all over the ground, emanating a feeble corpse qi.

Lan Yu was stronger than he expected.

“You should shut up,” Lan Yu said coldly.

“Demonic Dao’s successor? Baimei Tribe? I don’t care. All I know is that she’s a Heavenly Champion of Hundred Academy’s Inksnow Academy, and that is all that matters!” w.a.n.g Chentian laughed out loud.

Cao Yun and the others did not seem bothered about it as well.

There was a rule in the academy that stated it accepted all regardless of anything. Those who became its disciples or students would be considered a part of the academy, and as fellow disciples and students, they should help each other.

The academy did not care about backgrounds.

There were even some Demonic Dao cultivators in the academy. As long as they did not cause any trouble or break any rules, they, too, could learn and cultivate like the others.

“Hmph! What a bunch of fools!”

“Soul Vanquisher, come out! I can’t hold them off any longer!” the Corpse Demon successor shouted.

Right after that, black energy pillars shot up from the mountains and into the sky.

The energy pillars then converged in the sky and released a pitch-black mist. The surroundings were swiftly painted black, forming a pitch-black enchanted barrier.

Everyone trapped within the black mist felt like they had been sent into another dimension.

“Is this an enchanted barrier formation spell?”

“What is going on?”

“It is indeed a trap!”

Lan Yu, Cao Yun, and the others frowned as they cautiously sized up their surroundings.

Then, a pitch-black figure walked out from the void. The figure emanated the energy of a lost soul, and he looked like a ghost instead of a living person.

“This energy… It’s the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe of the Demonic Dao!” Zhao Fangfei furrowed her brows.

She started to recall her recent pursuits, and after she connected the dots, she realized something. “You… I’m not the target? I’m just bait for you people to lure the Hundred Academy’s Heavenly Champions out! You people are going after all the Hundred Academy’s Heavenly Champions!”

Zhao Fangfei’s tone sounded cold. Yet, at the same time, she was surprised.

What she still failed to understand was why the Demonic Dao wanted to go through all the effort just to target the academy.

The Hundred Academy barely had any enemies.

“You’re half right,” the Soul Vanquisher said with a smile.

“You are indeed a bait, but the Hundred Academy’s Heavenly Champions are not our target. I think you can also consider them as bait. Our real target has always been him and him only.”

“The Chief?!”

Cao Yun was the first to voice speculation.

“You people are targeting the Chief?”

“That’s right. Our target is Chu Kuangren,” the Soul Vanquisher said with a smile.

“Fools. Do you people think you can target my Master? Where did you get the confidence to do that?” Lan Yu snickered.

“That’s not something a bait like you should worry about,” the Soul Vanquisher said.

“I’m afraid you can’t even control your bait very well.”

Lan Yu wielded her Heavenly Skylight Scepter forward.

Then, countless big violet eyes appeared densely on the black energy barrier and emanated a strange energy fluctuation.

Lan Yu and the others started to get a headache, which made them lose their concentration.

“This feeling… It was you people who targeted us back at Fengdu Underworld City!” Lan Yu channeled her Immortal’s Core energy to withstand the strange energy fluctuation.

She had seen those disgusting eyes back at Fengdu Underworld City.

“What a shame. I almost had the Samsara Emperor Seal, but Chu Kuangren’s early arrival foiled my plan. So, I thought I’d set up the next Thousand Eyes Formation for you,” Soul Vanquisher said with slight regret.

“That’s it? My Master can easily break!”

“That’s right, but you people can’t!”

The Thousand Eyes Formation was extremely powerful because it targeted the soul. Hence, Lan Yu and the others were forced to split a major portion of their mental concentration to withstand the power.

However, the Corpse Demon successor seized the chance and ordered his army of zombies to attack.

Under the influence of the Thousand Eyes Formation’s effects, Lan Yu and the others had exhausted most of their strengths, and on top of the sea of zombies charging toward them, there was no way they could break free from the trap.

“I’ll leave you folks here for a while first. Hehe…” the Soul Vanquisher giggled.

After that, he stared into the distant sky and muttered, “Chu Kuangren, I set this killer formation just for you. Please don’t be a no-show!”


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