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Chapter 403: A Conference, Sage Ruler Zhang Guang's a.n.a.lysis, Surround The Black Heaven Sect

After Chu Kuangren's briefing with the Daoists, he went behind closed doors, consumed the Yin Yang Soul Pill, and began upgrading his soul energy.

While he was in closed-door meditation.

In the outside world.

At the Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace of the unknown lands.

“Haha, I see, I see!”

The current Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace Lord, Sage Ruler Zhang Guang, was staring into an archive book. It seemed like he had just understood something and was laughing heartily at his newfound revelation.

Purplevoid Sage came and asked in curiosity, “Palace Lord, what're you so happy about?”

“Purplevoid, didn't you express your intent to destroy Chu Kuangren a few days before?” Sage Ruler Zhang Guang said.

“Yes, I did. But didn't you cancel the plan because Chu Kuangren is somehow related to the Headless Lady?”

Purplevoid Sage said helplessly.

He was initially not aware of Chu Kuangren's ties with the Headless Lady. If there was a single misstep, it would result in a huge problem.

No matter how furious he was with Chu Kuangren, the fate of the Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace was at stake.

“Cancel? Impossible!”

Sage Ruler Zhang Guang laughed in malice. “Chu Kuangren's existence has threatened the balance in this world. We need to rid him as soon as we can, but before that, we need the perfect plan to do so.”

“For the past few days, I've been diving deep into research about the Headless Lady, and I've finally figured out Chu Kuangren's tactics.”

Purplevoid Sage immediately raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean by that, Palace Lord?”

“Heh, inform the Sect Leaders of Acheron Manor, Ethereal Rapture, Craggy Ocean Tower, and the other orthodoxies, and gather them in this hall. It's about time we get rid of this pest that's called Chu Kuangren!”

Sage Ruler Zhang Guang said with a cold determination.


Soon, a few ancient bronze mirrors were positioned in the Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace's grand hall. Each bronze mirror reflected rays of light that manifested into the figures of the various Sect Leaders.

The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord, Acheron Manor Lord, and others were using their spiritual thought forms to appear in the Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace.

It was one of the secret techniques that the orthodoxies in the unknown lands used to communicate with each other. It was only used for a highly important conference.

“It's rare for you to summon us through the Mirror Reflection Arts. Has anything happened, Brother Zhang Guang?” A middle-aged man with white temple hair asked. He was the Black Moon Tower Lord.

“I've called this meeting to discuss a problem that we need to get rid of, which is Chu Kuangren,” Sage Ruler Zhang Guang said.

The Sect Leaders then looked at each other.

The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord, who was a gray-robed elder, said, “Chu Kuangren's existence is indeed a threat to us all, but his power is not to be underestimated even by us. Besides, he's capable of summoning the power of the Headless Lady. How are you going to resolve that problem, Brother Zhang Guang?”

Upon hearing the mention of the Headless Lady, a man with a golden scale protruding from his forehead turned solemn and muttered coldly, “I guess I don't need to tell you just how terrifying the Headless Lady is. If we don't get rid of her, how are we going to get rid of Chu Kuangren?”

“Heh, Chasm Dweller, I already had a solution in mind when I called you here,” Sage Ruler Zhang Guang said with a smile.

The rest were pleasantly surprised.

“Brother Zhang Guang, have you found a way to get rid of the Headless Lady?”

“How's that possible? The Headless Lady was an Emperor in her past life. How's the Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace capable of defeating her?”

“What's going on?”

The Sect Leaders were incredulous.

Although the unknown lands were a group of formidable cultivators, the power of an Emperor thrived far beyond that. To defeat an Emperor was almost an impossible task. Otherwise, the Bottomless Chasm would not have suffered such irreparable damage.

“Indeed, the Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace is incapable of defeating the Headless Lady. However, so does the Black Heaven Sect!” Sage Ruler Zhang Guang said.

“What do you mean?”

The Dark Moon Tower Lord asked.

“I've studied the archives and found that the Headless Lady has appeared several times throughout history. According to the description, the Headless Lady has always behaved peculiarly. It is almost as if she's in a constant state of searching for her head…”

“Before Chu Kuangren's appearance, the Headless Lady first appeared several thousand years ago when she fought with a Boundary Emperor. The Boundary Emperor was severely injured, but he managed to escape with a lady's head in his hands. Ever since then, there has been no further information about the Boundary Emperor's whereabouts.”

“If I'm guessing correctly, the unnamed islands that recently appeared on the sea was where the Boundary Emperor resided. Since the Headless Lady's head was in his possession, the reappearance of the island was sure to draw the Headless Lady's attention.”

“Everyone knows that Chu Kuangren has gotten his hands on the Opportunity of Fortune on the unnamed island. I'm guessing that the Opportunity of Fortune could very well consist of the lady's head. Chu Kuangren must've used the head to lead the Headless Lady into the Bottomless Chasm. It's how he's been influencing the Headless Lady all along!”

Sage Ruler Zhang Guang explained his findings.

The Sect Rulers seemed to be convinced by his explanation.

“Chu Kuangren cannot control the Headless Lady, but he can draw her attention to a location, which is enough to cause collateral damage to all of us. However, if we combine our army and surround the Black Heaven Sect, Chu Kuangren will not summon the Headless Lady no matter how crazy he is.”

“Once the uncontrollable Headless Lady appears in the Black Heaven Sect, it would spell the demise for his orthodoxy.”

Sage Ruler Zhang Guang continued to explain.

He had finished his a.n.a.lysis on the Headless Lady. All that was left now was to convince the sage orthodoxies of the unknown lands to join hands in attacking the Black Heaven Sect and get rid of Chu Kuangren once and for all!

“Since Chu Kuangren can no longer summon the Headless Lady, I must avenge the Bottomless Chasm. Count me in your plans!” The Great Chasm Dweller Lord of the Bottomless Chasm said.

“Acheron Manor's empyrean walker has also perished in Chu Kuangren's hand. I must make him pay for this.”

The Acheron Manor Lord had also accepted Sage Ruler Zhang Guang's proposal.

The rest of the Sect Leaders were still hesitating at this point.

“Count the Ethereal Rapture in.”

Master Daoist Yun Tao of the Ethereal Rapture said. He still held a grudge against Chu Kuangren for taking away his premium Celestial chalcedony. He would not easily let go of this great opportunity to destroy Chu Kuangren.

“Everyone, Chu Kuangren poses a great threat to everyone here. This mission is all-or-nothing! The more power we have, the better our odds are!”

Sage Ruler Zhang Guang pledged the remaining Sect Leaders for their allegiance.

“This is a major issue. Please allow me three days to think it over.”

The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord said.

“Sure. Please come back to me with your answers in three days. I'll a.s.sume that you refuse to partic.i.p.ate in this mission if I don't hear from you by then.”

Sage Ruler Zhang Guang said.



The attendants replied before their spiritual thought forms faded away.

In the Craggy Ocean Tower.

The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord was still hesitating over the proposal. “Chu Kuangren is unpredictable. Only heaven knows how many tricks he has left up his sleeves. Besides, he still has the Headless Lady's head in his possession. What if he goes haywire and takes everyone down with him? This is a matter of great concern, and I must think carefully about this.”

At that instance, a young man walked into the hall.

“Oh, Yuan Xian, why are you back?”

The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord was surprised to see him.

Yuan Xian was Craggy Ocean Tower's new empyrean walker after the death of Li Ze.

“Honorable Master, I've come back to inform you that I've found Li Ze's murderer,” Yuan Xian said solemnly.

“Who's it?”

The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord muttered in a cold tone.

“It's Chu Kuangren!”

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