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Chapter 404: Complete Appearances Of The Unknown Lands, Against The World

“It's Chu Kuangren!”

Yuan Xian said solemnly.

The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord was appalled to hear this.

“What? How could it be him?!”

“Li Ze was once a member of the Nine Head Clan. When I first went to the clan to investigate, I didn't find any useful information. But I did hear that the Royal Azure Dynasty Crown Prince, Gu Changge, has betrayed his kingdom and stolen the Nine-Headed Snakelet Pearl. I couldn't help but think if that incident is somehow related to Senior Brother Li Ze.”

“I then investigated further and found that Chu Kuangren has since returned the Nine-Headed Snakelet Pearl to the Royal Azure Dynasty. It's possible that Chu Kuangren did not get the pearl from Gu Changge, but he s.n.a.t.c.hed it away from Senior Brother Li Ze instead.”

“I'm quite certain that it's Chu Kuangren who killed Senior Brother Li Ze,” Yuan Xian said with confidence.

The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord grimaced in anger as a terrifying aura erupted from his body. “Chu Kuangren, I had second thoughts about partic.i.p.ating in the operation. However, now that I know you were the one who killed my favorite disciple, my hatred for you shall last until you die!”

On the other side.

In the Sacred Palace of Death.

The Sacred Death Palace Lord, who was radiating with a peculiar form of death qi, had called a meeting to order.

They were discussing whether to partic.i.p.ate in Sage Ruler Zhang Guang's plan to attack the Black Heaven Sect.

“Palace Lord, Chu Kuangren must die!”

An elder said, “As long as Chu Kuangren is still alive, he'll monopolize the Opportunities of Fortune left by the Emperors, leaving no chance for the rest to ascend!”

“That's right.”

“The Era of Great Battle cannot tolerate such an anomaly.”

“Besides, one of the palace's previous protectors, the Blacklight Sage, once possessed a formidable technique that was known as the Gluttonous Devouring Technique. It seems like this technique is now in Chu Kuangren's hands. We must take back what belongs to this Sacred Palace.”


Since most of the elders agreed for the Sacred Palace of Death to partic.i.p.ate in the operation against the Black Heaven Sect, the Palace Lord himself also agreed with the proposal.

In the depths of the ocean.

Rays of blue light shot up to the sky and, in the void, it transformed into a formation of eccentric and majestic underwater structures.

The most unique amongst these structures were the ascending palaces that had an unprecedented design. Evidently, it was designed by the finest of craftsmen. The palace structures were elegant and grand, symbolizing the rich history of the ocean.

It was a building that had survived countless ages.

This was one of the mysterious kingdoms of the underwater world… The Bottomless Chasm!

On this day, the Bottomless Chasm appeared in this world!

“We, the Bottomless Chasm, founded one hundred and sixty thousand years ago, hereby announce our arrival in this world. Those who are keen are welcome to join us!”

At the same time.

In the Black Warrior Domain, a surge of Daoist Rhyme appeared at a mountain peak and spread to almost half of Firmament Star.

A spectacular castle appeared out of thin air and situated itself perfectly on the peak.

“We, the Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace, founded one hundred and eighty thousand years ago, hereby announce our arrival in this world. Those who are keen are welcome to join our orthodoxy!”

In the Scarlet Phoenix Domain.

Within a quiet forest, fierce death qi flooded the air, turning the entire region into a wasteland.

Deep within the forest, a sinister black castle appeared.

“We are the Sacred Palace of Death, founded forty-three thousand years ago. We hereby invite keen cultivators to join our orthodoxy and transcend beyond the cycle of life and death.”

“We are the Craggy Ocean Tower…”

“We are the Ethereal Rapture…”

One by one, the orthodoxies projected their announcement to all of Firmament Star.

The Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace, Bottomless Chasm, Craggy Ocean Tower, Ethereal Rapture, Sacred Palace of Death, and many more orthodoxies from the unknown lands had made their appearances at the same time!

Many cultivators were dumbfounded.

“Holy sh*t! Did all of the unknown lands make their grand entrances altogether?!”

“What's this now? Why this all of the sudden?”

“This is going to be interesting. Now that all of the unknown lands have appeared, it'll surely disrupt the status quo. The current sage orthodoxies can now only be at their mercy.”

“There are only two options left for the current sage orthodoxies. It's either they pledge their allegiance to the unknown lands, or they risk losing out on cultivation resources. In the worst case, they may even be decimated if they end up offending the unknown lands.”

“That's right. Times have changed now.”

The appearance of the unknown lands had shocked everyone.

Many were left guessing what their first course of action would be. Would they first expand their territories or recruit new cultivators?

However, before the cultivators could guess any further, the orthodoxies of the unknown lands made yet another shocking revelation.

“The Bottomless Chasm's first objective is to destroy the Black Heaven Sect!”

A cold voice reverberated from the deep ocean.

“The Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace's first objective is to destroy the Black Heaven Sect!”

A loud, magnificent voice echoed from the mountain peak.

“The Ethereal Rapture's first objective is to destroy the Black Heaven Sect!”

The orthodoxies of the unknown lands announced their common goal in unison, which was to destroy the Black Heaven Sect.

It was almost as if they had made prior arrangements.

The sole purpose of their appearance was to annihilate all of Black Heaven Sect.

Firmament Star was in a great commotion. Countless orthodoxies and cultivators were keeping a close eye on the unknown lands' next move.

“These unknown lands surely have style. Their first mission in the outside world is to go after the Black Heaven Sect.”

“Heh, I bet it has something to do with Chu Kuangren.”

“For sure. The Black Heaven Sect isn't an outstanding orthodoxy in any way, but it has the notorious Chu Kuangren. Who else would they go after if not him?”

“Sigh. Unfortunately, Chu Kuangren doesn't understand the importance of keeping a low profile. Otherwise, he wouldn't have to deal with such a consequence.”

“The Black Heaven Sect's fate has been sealed. With so many of the unknown lands attacking them, they would surely perish even if they have ten times the power. Chu Kuangren alone cannot stop this attack.”

The reactions varied across orthodoxies. However, for those who had an unpleasant past with the Black Heaven Sect such as the Linghu clan and Overlord Sage Tribe, they were particularly pleased with such news.

“Haha, this serves that Chu Kuangren right! Now, his entire Black Heaven Sect shall be buried along with him!”

The Overlord Sage Tribe Leader laughed heartily at the announcement.

“Chu Kuangren, I never would've thought your time would come!”

The Linghu clan's head smirked as he stared into the Black Heaven Sect's direction. He then said to an elder, “Put the word out that the Linghu clan is willing to join forces with the unknown lands in their attack against the Black Heaven Sect!”


Following the Linghu clan's announcement, other orthodoxies saw a similar opportunity to do so as well.

“This Linghu clan surely is cunning. By joining this operation, not only can they seek their revenge from the Black Heaven Sect, but it'll be a great opportunity to ally with the unknown lands too!”

“Quick, send someone to the Heavenly Golden Imperial Palace and inform them that the Overlord Sage Tribe is willing to send its armies to the Black Heaven Sect.”

“Spread the word out that the Thunder Falcon Tribe is willing to be at the frontline of this attack against the Black Heaven Sect.”

“Hmph, the Sky Emperor Palace will not just stand by and watch in this operation!”

“Chu Kuangren has killed our lord, the Serpent Deity. The Thirty-Six Oceanic Islands can no longer tolerate his existence. We shall partic.i.p.ate in this attack against the Black Heaven Sect as well!”

“The Eight Wind Palace is eager to join too!”

Those who were at odds with the Black Heaven Sect took this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone — to seek retribution and strengthen diplomacy with the unknown lands. In fact, even orthodoxies that held no grudges against the Black Heaven Sect did not want to miss out on the opportunity to get onto the good side of the unknown lands.

As one powerhouse after another announced its allegiance, most cultivators were left stunned.

Within a day, the Black Heaven Sect was suddenly an irrefutable evil ent.i.ty that had to be eliminated at all costs!

For the Black Heaven Sect, it was now them against the world!

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