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Chapter 765: Childhood Playmate Greenie, Absolute Freeze Technique, Preparing to Leave

In the woods.

Three young men were beating a young teen.

The young teen was holding a piece of baggage in his hand while the young men mobilized their mind power to form ice arrows and fireb.a.l.l.s, which hit him continuously.

The young teen guarded the baggage behind him. He held a black iron sword and swung it back at the men, smas.h.i.+ng the ice arrows and fireb.a.l.l.s one by one.

"Greenie, are you seeking your own death? No one in the tribe is allowed to practice qi refining techniques. How dare you violate the tribe's rules!"

A young man said as he looked at the green s.h.i.+rt teen with a gloomy expression.

Greenie had heard his words, but his expression remained the same. He replied indifferently, "Young Master once said that qi refining techniques are the future of the human race. If the Divine Mind Tribe continues sticking to these old conservative rules and doesn't know how to make progress, we will one day be replaced."

"Huh, young master? Your young master's corpse is probably stinking and rotten by now." The young man who was the leader of the group sneered.

"Fu Jin, what did you say?!"

Greenie's face changed, and his tone became cold.

"Heh, don't you know? Your young master competed with my elder brother, Fu Yuan a few months ago. However, his mind power had not improved at all over the years, so how could he beat my elder brother? He sustained a hit from my elder brother's Soul Shatter Stab. It's impossible for him to have survived that."

The young man, Fu Jin, laughed.

Upon hearing this, Greenie's mind became scattered, and his face turned pale.

Meanwhile, Fu Jin and his men took advantage of this opportunity to mobilize their thoughts. They condensed the spiritual qi between heaven and earth, turned them into fireb.a.l.l.s and ice arrows, and blasted them towards Greenie.

Greenie was uneasy at the moment, and the sudden attack completely threw him off. He had no chance to deal with it at all.

Just when he was in imminent danger, an invisible wave of mind power formed a barrier that isolated those ice bolts and fireb.a.l.l.s from hitting him.

"Such mind power... Who is it?"

The young man, Fu Jin, and the other three's expressions changed slightly.

That was when they saw a figure slowly walking into the woods.

This figure was dressed in white and had exquisite looks. Although he was not incredibly handsome, his temperament was so extraordinary that it was difficult to look away.

"It's Cang!"

"How is he not dead yet?!"

Fu Jin and his men's faces suddenly became horrified as they stared at Chu Kuangren, who was walking slowly toward them like a ghost.

Greenie looked at Chu Kuangren, beaming with joy. However, he was a little stunned a second after as he could sense that the Young Master in front of him was now a little different.

Although the face was still the same, his temperament was completely different now. It was both ethereal and otherworldly. He exuded an aura that made people want to get close to him but can't touch him at the same time.

"Young Master, are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

Chu Kuangren smiled gently.

Through the memories, he had already figured out the ident.i.ty of this green-s.h.i.+rt teen in front of him. This person was his only friend in the Divine Mind Tribe.

After his 'Young Master' t.i.tle was stripped from him, everybody in the tribe mocked him and bullied him in order to win the favor of the G.o.ds. Only Greenie, his childhood playmate who grew up with him, remained by his side.

"Cang, I didn't expect you'd be so lucky to have survived. Also, you're the one who instigated Greenie to cultivate the qi refining technique, am I right? I must inform the tribe leader of this matter and have him punish the both of you!"

Fu Jin threatened loudly.

Yet, Chu Kuangren simply glared at him.

With one thought, coldness pervaded the whole land.

A cold wind whizzed past.

Then, three ice sculptures emerged.

Beside him, Greenie's eyes widened in amazement. "The Absolute Freeze Technique! Young Master, this technique of yours has become so powerful."

Absolute Freeze Technique was one of the Divine Mind Tribe's mind power cultivation techniques.

It was also a cultivation technique practiced by Cang.

However, due to the Frost Mark Seal, his mind power had not improved for a long period of time, and his power of this cultivation technique had also stagnated.

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren could now freeze all three of Fu Jin and his men in front of Greenie. The strength that he had showcased far exceeded Greenie's imagination.

It was a known fact that Fu Jin's strength was considered excellent among the younger generation of the Divine Mind Tribe and comparable to Sages who refined qi.

"It's not bad."

Chu Kuangren merely remarked.

He looked at Greenie and a.n.a.lyzed him using Lil Ai. From his perception, he learned that Greenie's current strength was equivalent to that of a Sage when the latter was actually only in his twenties.

If fast forward to the future, a twenty-odd-year-old Sage would definitely be the most elite sky-pride. Of course, this was also owing to the environmental bonus of the archaic ancient times.

Cultivation culture may have only just developed in this era, but the world here was rich with spiritual qi and Heavenly Dao manifestations, making it a very conducive environment for cultivation.

"Let's talk once we get back."

Chu Kuangren smiled faintly, not paying any heed to those ice sculptures.

With that, the two of them returned to the cave.

"Greenie, what have you been doing in these past few months?"

Chu Kuangren asked curiously.

Upon hearing this, Greenie took out the baggage behind his back and said, "Young Master, I found you something great."

He then opened the baggage.

In the bag is a white, fluffy cloak.

"Young Master, this is made of the White Spirit Flame Fox's fur. It is very warm. You can try it on," Greenie said.

Chu Kuangren was taken aback. "You went to kill a White Spirit Flame Fox?"


"That's too dangerous. The White Spiritual Flame Fox is powerful and well-known far and wide. Did you injure yourself?" Chu Kuangren asked.

The White Spirit Flame Fox was a powerful wild beast that lived tens of thousands of kilometers away from the Divine Mind Tribe. It possessed the combat strength of a Great Sage and was not inferior at all to Greenie when it came to power.

The fact that Greenie managed to slay it must have taken him a lot of effort.

"It's okay, Young Master. The fur of this White Spiritual Flame Fox can suppress the cold. With this cloak, you will feel much better from now on."

Greenie put on the cloak for Chu Kuangren.

It was not too tight or loose. It fit just right.

"Young Master, how is it?" Greenie asked.

After Chu Kuangren put it on, he was enveloped in the warmth of his cloak. Moreover, the cloak was furry and felt very pleasant to the touch.

"You're really kind. This cloak is very good, but the Frost Seal Mark in my body has been lifted. You don't have to risk your life for me again in the future."

"Lifted?" Greenie was shocked. "That's the mark left by the Venerable G.o.d of Ice. Young Master, how did you manage to get rid of it?"

"Oh, I can't exactly explain everything to you now. But I have been studying this mark all these years and incidentally managed to remove it the other day."

Chu Kuangren simply found an excuse.

He did not want to reveal his true ident.i.ty that he was, in fact, from the future.

Who knew what sort of effect this would bring to the future timeline?

Although Greenie felt that Chu Kuangren was a little different, he did not dwell on it too much. He was just happy that his friend had lifted the curse, which had bugged him for many years.

"Young Master, now that you've killed Fu Jin and gang, I think Fu Yuan and the rest will not give you a break. Why don't we flee this place before they find us?"

Greenie said worriedly.

Fu Yuan was the strongest among the younger generation of the Divine Mind Tribe, and his father was one of the few Mind Power Grandmasters in the Divine Mind Tribe. This man's combat strength was comparable to that of an Emperor — an unattainable realm currently for Greenie himself.

"We will leave, that's for sure. But before leaving, I still have something that I want to get done," Chu Kuangren said.

Likewise, he had no interest in staying in a tribe full of G.o.ds' devotees. Even if Greenie did not mention it, he would leave the place.

However, there were two items in this Divine Mind Tribe that he was very interested in, and he planned to obtain them before they made a move.

"Cang, show yourself!"

Just then, a voice came from outside the cave.

Chu Kuangren and his companion walked out.

More than a dozen tribe members surrounded them. Instinctively, Greenie s.h.i.+elded Chu Kuangren behind him. "What do you want from us?"

No way.

They had just killed Fu Jin moments ago. How did these people find out so soon?

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