Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 766: Killing a Mind Power Grandmaster in One Move, It's a Pity That You Disrespected the Gods

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Chapter 766: Killing a Mind Power Grandmaster in One Move, It’s a Pity That You Disrespected the G.o.ds

"Cang, our G.o.d has arrived, and he demanded your presence!"

The leading Divine Mind Tribe member said. 

"Oh, our G.o.d is here?"

"That's right, so you better hurry up. If you behave well, our G.o.d might forgive your actions. He might even remove that Frost Seal Mark on you and restore your status as the young master."

That tribe member replied.

"Alright, let's go then."

Chu Kuangren chuckled as he put on a cloak.

Greenie also followed behind him.

The both of them entered the central hub of the Divine Mind Tribe, where there were countless houses and buildings better than the cave that Chu Kuangren was living in.

"Tsk. Well, who do we have here? Isn't this the former young master?"

"He's wearing a cloak made from the hide of a… White Spiritual Flame Fox. How can someone like him be using such a valuable thing."

"What a waste of fine fur."

"I hope it's not stolen from someone. With his living situation, how can he possibly come across something as valuable as this?"

Everyone looked at Chu Kuangren as they commented about his appearance.

Chu Kuangren remained calm. From Cang's memories, Chu Kuangren learned that he had gotten used to such treatment from his tribe members.

At the same time, he was also looking at his surroundings curiously with his mind power.

Most of the tribe members within the Divine Mind Tribe were ordinary people. Only a small number of them possessed talents for mind power, which they were able to cultivate.

To everyone, mind power was a gift from the G.o.ds.

As for refining qi, it was forbidden within the Divine Mind Tribe.

In their eyes, the act of refining qi meant stealing power from the G.o.ds. It was a great disrespect to the G.o.ds and deemed an unforgivable act.

However, having traveled to many places in the world throughout his time, Cang had witnessed the greatness of the cultivators that refined qi. He truly understood that this was the future of mankind.

That was also why he allowed Greenie, who did not have any mind power talents, to learn how to refine qi in secret. At the very least, he would be able to protect himself with this.

Chu Kuangren and Greenie arrived at a palace in the tribe.

Inside the palace sat a white-robed man.

A surge of freezing qi was flowing around that man, and it had frozen the surrounding ground, causing most of the servants in the palace to s.h.i.+ver from the cold.

Some had it even worse as the freezing qi had entered their bodies. Even if they managed to live, their life would be forever riddled with diseases and illnesses. Their health would certainly be crippled.

Only a few people remained unaffected by the freezing qi.

They were the Mind Power Cultivation Grandmasters of the Divine Mind Tribe.

One of them was a handsome middle-aged man who stood the closest to the white-robed man. Despite having a huge figure, he had a submissive look and was unconsciously crouching a little before the G.o.d's presence.

That person was the Divine Mind Tribe Leader.

He was also Cang's father.

"So, the unfilial son has finally come."

Cang's father snorted upon seeing his son's arrival. "How dare you take your own sweet time to come here. Our G.o.d has demanded your presence! Now kneel, quickly!"

Chu Kuangren ignored Cang's father and looked at the G.o.d before him with disappointment. "Oh, it seems like you're just a Lesser G.o.d. What a shame."

Everyone's expression changed upon hearing him say that.

To them, the G.o.ds were beings of the highest existence.

Even a Lesser G.o.d was still a being of a higher existence compared to them, so Chu Kuangren's tone earlier was obviously undermining their G.o.d's presence. 

If their G.o.d was made unhappy by this, he could easily kill Cang just by raising his hand.

It did not matter if their G.o.d killed Cang.

However, if the tribe were to be blamed for this, everyone would be in trouble!

At this thought, everyone present became frightened and horrified. They all stared daggers at Chu Kuangren.

Even Greenie, who was beside Chu Kuangren, was shocked.

'The young master is too bold for saying something like this.'

"You b*stard, how dare you disrespect our G.o.d!"

A young man yelled as he stepped out from the side. Chu Kuangren knew who he was. That person was Fu Yuan, the culprit who killed the original Cang.

Fu Yuan was very puzzled at this time too.

He did not know why his Soul Shatter Stab had not killed Cang.

However, it did not stop him from behaving loyally before the G.o.d's presence. He believed that if he showed enough loyalty, he would be favored by the G.o.ds and eventually be chosen as their Divine Envoy. That would be the greatest honor one could ever hope for in their lives.

Fu Yuan could not help but get excited as he thought of that.

His mind power surged and turned into a large invisible hand that shot out.

However, just when his large invisible hand was about to reach Chu Kuangren, it was instantly shattered by an immeasurably dense burst of mind power.

Fu Yuan's expression changed a little. "What happened?"

Chu Kuangren was already looking at him by now.

A hint of killing intent could be seen in his eyes.

How many Blood Tribe troops had he killed in the Extraterritorial Battlefield?


His killing intent was not something that anyone could easily bear. Even a sliver of it was enough to make Fu Yuan feel a chill down his spine as if he was thrown into a freezing cellar.

"This guy… When did his gaze become like this…"

Fu Yuan's face was as pale as paper.

He gritted his teeth and shouted. As he channeled his strongest mind power technique, he said, "You b*stard, have a taste of my Soul Shatter Stab!"

The Soul Shatter Stab was mainly used to attack one's soul. Once unleashed, even an Emperor would not end well if he were hit by it.

It was this technique that killed the original Cang previously.

The Soul Shatter Stab shot forth and landed on Chu Kuangren's soul.

A scream then rang out.

It was not Chu Kuangren but Fu Yuan!

He felt that his Soul Shatter Stab was akin to an egg being smashed against a piece of rock as it exploded into pieces on the spot.

The backlash from his Soul Shatter Stab made his soul scream in pain.

"What a fool."

Chu Kuangren said.

With a flicker of his mind, swirls of mind power emerged.

A terrifying chill broke out from Chu Kuangren's feet towards Fu Yuan, turning the latter into an ice statue within an instant.

He was frozen by Chu Kuangren's Absolute Freeze Technique.

Everyone was dumbfounded upon seeing this.

'Is he truly our young master?'

'How did he suddenly get so powerful?'

"My son!"

At this time, another middle-aged man standing beside the G.o.d yelled in sorrow and looked at Chu Kuangren angrily. That man was Fu Yuan's father, one of the few powerful masters of the Divine Mind Tribe.

"I want you to pay for my son's death!"

Fu Yuan's father roared, and his Emperor-level mind power surged forth like a raging tide. The surrounding spiritual qi soon gathered and turned into a tall flame giant that radiated with power.

This was one of the mind power cultivation techniques from the Divine Mind Tribe, the Spiritual Flame Giant!

The Spiritual Flame Giant slammed its palm towards Chu Kuangren.

However, Chu Kuangren just yawned and unleashed the Absolute Freeze Technique once more. With that, that gigantic flame giant was immediately frozen into an ice statue.

Fu Yuan's father did not survive that attack either.

Everyone was utterly stunned by this.

Never mind Fu Yuan, even his father could not resist an attack!

Cang's father was dumbfounded.

He looked at Chu Kuangren and felt that he was looking at a stranger. On the other hand, Chu Kuangren was looking at him with an apathetic gaze.

"You're not Cang! Who are you?!"

Cang's father yelled in horror.

The Lesser G.o.d beside him also got interested and slowly stood up. "Interesting. I didn't expect someone who was given a Frost Seal Mark by my master, a Venerable G.o.d, to be that powerful. It seems like your mind power is stronger than everyone in this Divine Mind Tribe."

"But it's a pity that you've disrespected the G.o.ds!"

He then gently raised his hand. A powerful divine power erupted, and cold winds started to appear with dense surges of freezing qi that was about to erupt. He believed that a Lesser G.o.d was enough to deal with such a person.

However, his expression immediately changed.

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