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Chapter 503: Is This Brat a Dog?

For a moment, he felt that Su Shengjing was more like his father.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Rong Cheng is really unworthy!

Qiao Man didn’t care about Su Shengjing at all. She raised her chin and arrogantly said, “Su Shengjing, you’re just an actor. I think you don’t want to work in the entertainment industry anymore.”

Su Jiu immediately looked at the police officer and angrily pointed at her. “Police uncle, this bad woman just threatened my father. Are you going to arrest her?”

The police officer was embarra.s.sed, so he said to Qiao Man, “Miss Qiao, please mind your words. The little girl is right. If you hurt other people, you’ll be held responsible.”

Qiao Man was furious. There was still a sharp pain on the back of her hand. She lowered her head and saw a clear bite mark on the back of her hand; blood was seeping out of it.

She glared at Rong Si again. Is this brat a dog?

That bite was so powerful!

She shot a glance at Song Wanqiu and snapped at Su Shengjing, “Fine, let’s cut to the chase. I’m here for a serious matter, and I need to talk to Song Wanqiu alone. Can you guys go out?”

When she saw that they did not move, mockery flashed past her beautiful face. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to her! In fact, I still have a way to save her from jail.”

Rong Si stared at her, not trusting her at all.

Sheng Tianci also felt very doubtful, but if she really had a way to get Song Wanqiu out of jail, then it couldn’t hurt to listen, right? Hence, when she asked everyone else to go out, he could only say to Su Shengjing, “Shengjing, let’s go out first.”

“Okay.” Su Shengjing nodded.

Before leaving, Sheng Tianci coldly looked at Qiao Man. “Officer, I hope you can watch this woman. Don’t let her cause any trouble.”

Su Jiu wanted to stay and listen to what that woman had to say to Auntie Song, but Su Shengjing carried her out. She could only wait outside anxiously.

Half an hour later, Qiao Man walked out of the interrogation room with a proud smile.

She glanced sideways at the three people waiting outside and snorted in disdain before leaving the police station with her bag.

Sheng Tianci immediately returned to the interrogation room. Seeing that Song Wanqiu’s face was still pale and her expression was a little dazed, he anxiously asked, “What did she say to you just now?”

Su Jiu also wanted to know. She perked up her ears and listened carefully.

Song Wanqiu hugged Rong Si and hesitated for a while before saying, “She said that if Rong Cheng wakes up, he can choose not to sue me. However, she wants me to leave the capital with Ah Si and go overseas, and never return.”


Su Jiu froze.

When Song Wanqiu said this, Rong Si subconsciously looked at her with a complicated expression on his little face.

So that was what the woman had said.

Qiao Man had said that as long as Song Wanqiu took Rong Si and went overseas, as long as they went as far away as possible and never came back, she would not sue her, but even give them an allowance so that they could live overseas.

Rong Si really wanted to leave this G.o.dforsaken place and stay as far away from that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Rong Cheng as possible. However, he couldn’t bear to leave Little Jiu, or even Uncle Su and Uncle Sheng…

“What do you mean by never come back? This is where you’ve been living, right? What right does she have to tell you to go?” Sheng Tianci was furious. “Don’t listen to her. This time, you were just defending yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. I will definitely find the best lawyer to fight the case for you. I won’t let you go to jail!”

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I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating Chapter 503 - Is This Brat a Dog? summary

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