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Chapter 584 Chapter 584 – New World

Ascending to Legend and reaching the level before one’s eyes had basically exhausted the acc.u.mulation from the previous simulation. If one wanted to continue forward, one would need to spend a lot of time grinding.

This was unacceptable at the moment. After all, the current main world was still in chaos. The G.o.ds could fully recover at any time, and the changes in the future would be extremely fast.

Expending a lot of time to advance was not advisable at this time. In that case, he could only try to carry out a simulation.

This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind, and then he turned around and silently walked into the palace.

He had just ascended to legend, and he still had a lot of things to deal with, so there was no need to be anxious for the time being.

In the following period of time, the Kaki Palace would often hold banquets. Outside, there were people who sent gifts from time to time to express their congratulations to Chen Heng. Among these people, there were even envoys sent by the Oro Empire.

“The Oro Empire…”

Looking at the gifts sent by the Oro Empire, Chen Heng’s expression was a little playful. Although some time had pa.s.sed, Chen Heng did not forget the origin of his body.

The body that Chen Heng occupied was called Acto. Hatim was the son of the Duke of the Kingdom of Maridor and was a top n.o.ble in the kingdom.

More than ten years ago, the Oro Empire expanded everywhere and conquered the Kingdom of Maridor. Acto’s family was devoured, and his father died in battle. He had no choice but to embark on the road of exile. He died on the road, and Chen Heng occupied his body.

From this point of view, Chen Heng and the Oro Empire undoubtedly had a hatred of having their entire clan and country destroyed.

It wasn’t just him but also Hedoxiri and Ramu. They were both exiled n.o.ble families who had also walked out from the Oro Empire back then. Only by chance do they manage to get together with Chen Heng. However, similarly, the two of them also hated the Oro Empire. After all, they were originally living a good life. However, their family had suddenly been ma.s.sacred, and they had no choice but to leave their homes. This sort of thing would not be easy for anyone to bear.

And now, the Oro Empire had sent a gift to Chen Heng, congratulating him on his ascension. This was truly somewhat ironic. Chen Heng did not believe that the people of the Oro Empire were not informed of his background.

After all, from the very beginning until now, Chen Heng had never hidden his ident.i.ty as the son of a duke. Anyone with a heart would be able to find out as long as they made some inquiries.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it was down to what the gifts from the Oro Empire meant. Did they intend to befriend him? Or was it just normal etiquette?

Chen Heng appeared calm on the surface, but thoughts flashed through his mind.

It was not a big deal to befriend him first. That enmity was only with his original body. If there were a chance in the future, Chen Heng would also conveniently take revenge for him.

But now was obviously not the time. The Oro Empire’s strength was not weak. On the contrary, it was exceptionally powerful. Chen Heng had already become a Legend, but there was bound to be a Legend behind the Oro Empire.

The Oro Empire had existed for thousands of years in the World of G.o.ds. There must be strong powerhouses behind them for such a long time, and they might even have the means left behind by the G.o.ds.

The royal family of the Oro Empire was the descendant of the G.o.d of Shadows left behind in the human world. No one would believe if there was no existence above Legends behind it, or even more than one.

And there was also the Church of Shadows. The G.o.d of Shadows was well-known in the entire World of G.o.ds. He was only second to the G.o.d of Sun and a few other G.o.ds, and his rank was even higher than that of the Lord of Darkness and other G.o.ds.

If there were levels among the G.o.ds, then the G.o.d of Shadows was one of the tops. The churches that he left behind were naturally not weak. They could be said to be the most powerful churches in the world.

According to what Chen Heng learned from the Church of Nature, there was more than one high-grade divine artifact in the Church of Shadow. High-grade divine artifacts were much more powerful than ordinary divine artifacts.

Ordinary divine artifacts served the ordinary G.o.ds, while high-grade divine artifacts served the main G.o.ds of various divine systems. The power of this divine artifact was so powerful that it was not something a Legend could resist.

Even a DemiG.o.d was nothing in front of this divine artifact. Chen Heng would not be able to resist such a powerful force in a short period.

Since he could not fight against it, how about building a good relations.h.i.+p with it?

This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. He did not have the strength to contend against the Oro Empire for the time being. Since that was the case, he would be the first to show weakness. Building a good relations.h.i.+p with it might help him lower his guard a little.

As for conflict? This Chen Heng did not have any. It was not his grudge, so what was there to be conflicted about. Even if it was his grudge, it was fine to lower himself when he could not beat him. He just had to wait until he was strong enough in the future to get back at him.

Various thoughts flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. Hence, he treated the envoy of the Oro Empire solemnly, putting him above the rest of the countries and giving him enough respect. The banquet lasted for three days and three nights before it finally ended. Chen Heng even reached a cooperation agreement with the Oro Empire, taking advantage of this opportunity. For a time, the relations.h.i.+p between the Hatim Kingdom and the Oro Empire seemed to be unprecedentedly good, surprising many people.

As a king, there were undoubtedly many trivial matters to deal with. In the palace, Chen Heng busied himself for more than two months before he finally found some free time.

At this time, he also sensed that his condition had gradually stabilized. It was almost time.

This thought flashed through his mind. Then he silently closed his eyes. In his mind, the familiar interface of the simulator was opened again. However, it was different from the past. At this moment, on the column of simulation points, the numbers were constantly jumping, changing at any time.

It seemed to be increasing every moment. Chen Heng was not surprised by this situation. Ever since he had spread the mark in the past, the number of simulation points on his body had increased from time to time. These simulation points were naturally the credit of the owner of the mark. Tool man like Charlie had become more and more in this period. As time pa.s.sed, the quality of tool men gradually improved. Under the survival of the fittest, some low-quality, completely unqualified owners of the marks would gradually be eliminated. They would either die in the interdimensional travel or have the mark taken away by others. Either way, they would not live for long. Therefore, as time pa.s.sed, these marks would most likely end up in the hands of those with good abilities. These people were either like Charlie, who was an extraordinary being and had extraordinary abilities, or they were backed by a large faction and had all sorts of help.

Whether it was ability, talent, personality, or other aspects, they were all the best of the best, far superior to ordinary people. Of course, under the survival of the fittest, the environment would force one to become excellent.

After all, it was impossible for one to travel smoothly in the alternate world. There would always be various risks. And at this point, it was time to test one’s character.

During this process, one would gain some experience and grow. In the end, these people could obtain quite good benefits from traveling through alternate worlds.

Chen Heng also took a cut from these people and obtained a steady stream of simulation points. At this point, Chen Heng’s simulation points were increasing every moment because of this reason.

In the beginning, Chen Heng was a little surprised. He felt that this feeling was not bad, but he slowly got used to it as time pa.s.sed.

However, the constant growth of simulation points also brought Chen Heng a lot of benefits. At least now, he did not need to look at the number of simulation points anymore. It was far enough for traveling.

“Let’s begin…”

Looking at the simulation points operating in front of him, Chen Heng muttered to himself as this thought flashed through his mind. Then, he began to make his move.

He didn’t have many requirements for the simulation world this time. The only requirements were that the upper limit of that world was high enough, and at the same time, the time flow between that world and the World of G.o.ds was large enough.

If the world’s upper limit was not high enough, it was easy to create the situation in the original world. No matter how hard he tried, he could not ascend to the next level. Under such circ.u.mstances, Chen Heng could not achieve his goal of further ascension.

As for the time flow rate, it was for the sake of the changes in the World of G.o.ds. After all, he did not want the World of G.o.ds to have evolved into a situation where G.o.ds were everywhere when he returned from the simulation. That would not be ideal.

However, other than those, he did not have any other requirements. Soon, the exploration of the simulation ended, and the huge number of simulation points were directly consumed.

“So much point has been consumed?”

Looking at the consumed simulation points, Chen Heng was somewhat surprised. Just by setting two conditions, the number of simulation points he had consumed this time was over ten thousand.

From its looks, the level of the world he had explored this time was probably very high? Or was the flow of time vastly different from the World of G.o.ds?

This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind, and then he could not help but smile. He began to look forward to it.

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