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Chapter 511: Kefeng Films Would Invest

Talent shows were a great example.

Those online video platforms could collaborate with the artists because they partic.i.p.ated in the filmmaking.

It would particularly aid the mediocre actors who needed the shows of the platforms to increase their popularity. After all, there might be a chance they could end up filming a big hit.

Some nameless artists might very well zoom to stardom by the platforms and sign contracts with them.

The platforms would get a high revenue ratio while the artists sacrificed their pay to gain more resources from the former.

Needless to say, their relinquished pay could be made up through paid endors.e.m.e.nts. For the most part, they could make more than their acting pay, but that was a digression.

Kefeng Films was the major player of all the online video platforms.

On second thought, Tan Jinqi felt that it was only natural.

After thinking about it, he recalled that Kefeng was founded after Wei Zhiqian took over the Weifeng Group.

In comparison with other platforms, which were founded more than a decade ago, Kefeng Films was a relatively new company.

It was only three years since the day it was founded.

However, it quickly rose to the top spot and became the biggest online video platform in the country within three years.

For starters, Kefeng Films’ exclusive rights to broadcast and cover both domestic and international sports leagues had built its solid foundation of viewers.

Television was slowly becoming a relic of a bygone age as the number of watchers grew fewer daily. It was rather difficult to watch a show on the television when people were away from home. Hence, people streamed videos on their smartphones using cellular data or Wi-Fi.

Platforms like Kefeng happened to fulfill the needs of working adults and students, who could stream their favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

Following that, Kefeng had gotten the deal for exclusive broadcast and premiere of movies and series, including broadcast rights to several variety shows.

During the past year, it had released its original series of variety shows.

Tan Jinqi recalled that Kefeng Films owned the exclusive broadcast rights to “Legend of Wei and Jin.”

It was an epiphany moment for him, who recollected Wei Zhiqian’s backing of “Legend of Wei and Jin.”

At that time, he thought Wei Zhiqian did it for Tan Mo’s sake.

But it was only possible because of Kefeng Films.

However, Tan Jinqi still vividly remembered how most people had no faith that “Legend of Wei and Jin” could produce a satisfactory result, except for Director Liu and a few others.

Even Director Liu himself had never thought that it could become a super hit show.

In fact, Wei Zhiqian’s faith in Tan Mo was the reason he invested in the project unhesitatingly.

Whatever he did was all for Tan Mo.

Tan Jinqi took out the script and brochures and handed them to Wei Zhiqian.

He was no longer hiding anything from Wei Zhiqian.

With that, Wei Zhiqian examined the materials he received thoroughly.

Although Tan Mo wanted to remind him not to forget his meal, she remained calm after seeing his serious look.

After some time, Wei Zhiqian lifted his head and turned to Tan Jinqi. “This is a good script. Even though it’s a mythology series, it has a new setting no one has ever come up with. It also somehow makes you feel like it may very well be existing in real life.”

In truth, Wei Zhiqian was positive that the cultivation world in the script existed in their reality after rereading it.

It had some kind of resonance in his heart that words could not describe.

Nevertheless, Wei Zhiqian kept those feelings to himself.

“While I think highly of the script and wish to partic.i.p.ate in the filmmaking,” Wei Zhiqian added as he noticed Tan Jinqi’s gleeful expression, “I have to give you a heads-up.

“If you agree with our terms, Kefeng will work with you, and Weifeng will fully support you,” Wei Zhiqian said. “If you don’t agree, Weifeng will still invest in your project, but you won’t get much support. After all, Kefeng Films is the independent decision-maker in this matter. Back when I founded the company, I promised not to interfere with their decisions too much, let alone out of my personal interest.”

“Nevertheless, I’ll invest in your project in my name,” Wei Zhiqian said.

“What’s your term?” Tan Jinqi was a little demoralized as things did not turn out as smoothly as he expected.

“The development of all the major streaming platforms has reached the maturity stage. Naturally, the compet.i.tion is intense. Once a platform comes up with something new, the others will follow suit. So, we must be innovative and a pioneer in the industry. This is the only way the netizens will continue to set their eyes on us.

“Now, Kefeng has the plan to launch our first seasonal show. While we take Western series as a guideline, we won’t replicate it completely.”

Tan Jinqi’s eyes widened upon hearing Wei Zhiqian’s words.

He had not told Wei Zhiqian his plan, so the latter knew nothing about it.

Still, he could not believe that both of them were like-minded.

“We plan to release a new TV series category that only consists of seasonal shows. There won’t be many episodes each season. We’ll set it around 10 to 15 episodes. Every season will center around a consistent plot with its varied storyline and end with suspense to hook the audience for the next season. Otherwise, most of our viewers will be gone by the time season two releases.”

“This show requires fast-paced storytelling,” Tan Mo said. “Due to the little episode counts, more budget can be distributed to each episode. As a result, the overall quality of the show will greatly increase. The audience has been used to watching draggy shows with low budgets and awful visual effects. They will definitely be astounded by a high-quality show with fast-tracked plots. It’ll be a whole new experience for everyone.”

That was Tan Mo’s original plan.

Wei Zhiqian nodded with a smile. “Well said.”

“Since this show has a big amount of visual effects, we can finish filming in one go without having to see the pilot episode’s result,” Wei Zhiqian said. “The projected budget you listed here looks good to me, although Kefeng’s financial department hasn’t evaluated it.

“Speaking of which, I want this show to be exclusive on Kefeng Films only. Hence, it won’t be released on other platforms during the premiere broadcast, including television channels,” Wei Zhiqian said.

Tan Jinqi was taken aback upon hearing that.

“After the initial release, we’ll determine if this show should be broadcasted on television channels after seeing the viewers.h.i.+p result and the netizens’ comments. If both viewers.h.i.+p and audience ratings are good, Weifeng would make sure this mythology series found its way to satellite channels no matter the hurdles. With that, it’ll increase the popularity of you and your show.

“If you agree with this, I’ll ask Kefeng’s personnel to evaluate your film project. If you don’t want to make it into a web series, you should aim for its broadcast on television channels. Kefeng will announce its investment amount once it has finished the evaluation. I will invest some funds myself. But, of course, you won’t receive as much budget as the last option,” Wei Zhiqian clarified.

He did not make reckless promises due to his relations.h.i.+p with Tan Mo.

Naturally, the amount of his backing would not be meager if he invested in his name.

He would never invest in their film project under the name of Kefeng Films.

Tan Jinqi turned to Tan Mo and asked, “Momo, what do you think? You’re the one who wrote this script. So, you’re the owner of this intellectual property. Do you wanna sell it to Kefeng Films?”

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