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Chapter 512: Where Is the Entrance

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I think it is good,” Tan Mo said. “My school had a team that conducted research. People who watch dramas using a television are mostly over 50 years old, and a larger percentage of this group are retirees. They are not used to using small-screen devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones to watch dramas, and prefer watching the family drama genre. While in the group of youngsters aged between 14 and 40, those between 14 and 24 watch dramas more often, followed by those aged between 24 and 35. Those in this group prefer to use online platforms to watch dramas and variety shows.

“Even if some dramas and variety shows are being aired on television channels, due to the high number of advertis.e.m.e.nts interrupting their show, they prefer to watch the show on video applications later than the airing time on television. Without advertis.e.m.e.nts, the viewing process is smoother and more enjoyable. They can still interact with netizens via live comments, and it is more interesting. Moreover, the research team surveyed the group of people between 24 and 35 years old and found that they chose not to purchase a television when they renovate their new house and instead install a projection screen and use a web-based video application to project the programs they want to watch. With regards to news and such, everyone uses their mobile directly to watch the news and do not need to watch it live on television.

“The number of people who watch shows on television channels will be large, but it also depends on the genre. For the offline type, the group who watch television are mostly audience aged 50 and above, and the probability need not be calculated. Thus, the real audience is actually the youngsters who watch dramas via the web.

“From what Uncle said, if the effect of airing is good, we can air the second round on satellite channels, then capture the audience who watches television channels, which would increase the audience for the dhow.” Tan Mo also felt that it was not required to have the drama on satellite channels.

There were many dramas on satellite channels, and it did not mean anything if a drama was aired on satellite channels.

Tan Jinqi nodded. “I also think so.”

Wei Zhiqian was delighted. “So, do you agree to my first suggestion to let Kefeng Films be the only party that airs the show?”

“Yes.” Tan Jinqi nodded.

Wei Zhiqian smiled and asked, “Is there an electronic version? I have to send the electronic version to the relevant departments in the company and let them evaluate all aspects, including the feasibility of developing the drama, investment estimate, and such.”

Wei Zhiqian had totally entered work mode.

When Tan Mo had delivered dinner to Wei Zhiqian, she had accompanied Wei Zhiqian while he worked.

However, at that time, no one entered Wei Zhiqian’s office to speak with him.

Wei Zhiqian was working alone.

Tan Mo had fallen asleep after a short while.

It was entirely different from now when Wei Zhiqian discussed work with other people.

At this moment, it seemed that Wei Zhiqian owned the room.

It turned out that he was like that when he worked.

Even his habit of slightly furrowing his brows was especially charming.

Tan Jinqi thought that this was how one looked like when they talked about work seriously.

Chairman Yao of Journey Films did not even evaluate anything and said that his script was not feasible.

He was obviously playing with them.

“Yes.” Tan Jinqi sent the electronic version to Wei Zhiqian.

Wei Zhiqian sent it to Zhou Jinan and had him send it to the relevant departments at Kefeng Films.

“Let’s eat quickly and hold a meeting when we go to Kefeng later,” Wei Zhiqian said. “You talk to Kefeng personally, and I will listen from the side.”

Kefeng Films had its own separate office building. It was right beside Weifeng Group’s building but was slightly shorter.

Weifeng Group invested in and built its own work area.

It had built a full industrial park at the time.

Its businesses in B City were all located in the same area.

After the trio quickly finished their meal, they walked back to Weifeng.

They entered the building where Kefeng Films was located.

They called for a meeting within short notice. Representatives from Kefeng Films’ departments quickly arrived at the meeting room.

They found it normal when they saw Tan Jinqi.

However, Tan Mo, who was beside him, was obviously still a young lady.

Had she started working at such a young age?

Many people had seen Tan Mo at Weifeng’s headquarters in the building next door.

While Kefeng was nearby, no one had seen her before.

Wei Zhiqian, who was by the side and had agreed to just listen, asked, “Jinqi, Momo, who will start first?”



The Kefeng Films’ representatives looked at each other.

‘He addressed them so intimately.’

‘The Momo he mentioned, could it be that little lady?’

“I will start,” Tan Mo volunteered.

Wei Zhiqian nodded and said, “Let me introduce everyone. This is the scriptwriter of “Legend of Wei and Jin,” Tan Mo.”

“Manager Zhuang,” Wei Zhiqian called the representative of the copyright department, “you read the script Mr. Zhou sent to you, right?”

“Yes.” Manager Zhuang glanced at Tan Mo in shock and respect and said, “I was thinking that the script was very good and did not expect that it was written by the scriptwriter of ‘Legend of Wei and Jin.’”

The name Tan Mo was not on the script that she had sent to Tan Jinqi.

“The script was set in a novel manner.” Only Manager Zhuang had read the script.

The staff members from the other departments had yet to read it.

The other staff members became interested after they heard what Manager Zhuang said and asked, “How is it a novel?”

“Let me put it this way. The ‘Legend of Zu’ series of the past was very cla.s.sic and stunning. The clans inside were familiar to us and names of places in reality,” Manager Zhuang said. “But I do not relate to it at all. Kunlun, for example, was as if it was another world. I would not link it together with the real world. It was like watching a mythological story and was very far away and intangible.”

“However, this script had its own complete world with its set of rules. I read it and also know that it belongs to another world, but it was like a parallel world to our real world. We can arrive at it once we find the entrance.” Manager Zhuang sighed and said, “If it is filmed well, it might even cause some people to start a search for its entrance.”

“That’s amazing.” Manager Gao from the production department was also interested.

Tan Mo was not at all afraid to speak and said composedly, “Let me introduce to everyone the setting of our story.”

As Tan Mo spoke, Tan Jinqi cooperated with her by showing the slides accordingly.

A large and complicated map was shown on the screen.

“Then, let me talk about the two episodes that we have currently.” Tan Mo picked the points that were more exciting to present.

“We will have a few seasons. The content of the first season will be focused on our mainland.” Tan Mo’s “our” brought everyone present into the drama.

It was as if they were able to arrive at the mainland of the fictional world once they found the entrance.

The mainland was also their home after they had become immortals, like the land of the Hua Empire.

“The beginning of the story starts from the legendary door of immortality.”

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