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Chapter 1168: The Last Dinner

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“No.” Jian Ai couldn’t help but smile. “Leader Hans already promised me he won’t attack Bai Zhou again. Moreover, because the mercenary group failed repeatedly at Bai Zhou, they have already lost Prince Qi Ye’s funding. They shouldn’t be working for Prince Qi Ye in the future.”

“Besides, after these few days of interaction, I think Leader Hans and I have already become friends. I don’t think he’s a person who goes back on his word.”

Jian Ai was not someone who would trust others easily, let alone this person who was their enemy not too long ago.

However, she was also a person who believed in her intuition greatly. Putting aside the fact that Hans had a favor to ask of her, but just the feeling Hans gave Jian Ai made her believe Hans was a person who would do what he said.

Moreover, Jian Ai was such a person. She had promised Hans, so there was no reason for her to go back on her word.


Hearing Jian Ai’s confident tone, Xiao Zhen and the rest said nothing.

The most important thing now was to figure out Bai Zhou’s true thoughts. Did he have a clear plan to face his half-brother? Moreover, they had grown up together, and their relations.h.i.+p had always been good. At least in Bai Zhou’s opinion, this was the case. Facing such a person, did he have the determination to resist or even counterattack?

At this moment, Bai Zhou was sitting beside Jian Ai. His expression was as usual, as if he did not differ from his usual self. However, everyone present knew that he was just forcing a smile. When he learned that the person who wanted to kill him was Prince Qi Ye, Bai Zhou’s heart was like a scene of a burglary. It was a mess!

“Do you have anything to say?”

Jian Ai softened her tone and asked tentatively.

What would come would come, eventually. There was no use in running away. Bai Zhou’s body instinctively stiffened, and his expression slowly collapsed.

An instant of silence had already revealed his dilemma. A day was not enough for him to find the answer.

The others pursed their lips and looked at Bai Zhou with different expressions. Everyone knew the pain in his heart.

Jian Ai’s heart ached for him. She couldn’t bear to force him to accept this so quickly. She couldn’t help but pat Bai Zhou’s shoulder and say softly, “Don’t give yourself too much pressure. Calm down and think about it. I believe you know what to do!”

Yu Wuyuan sat opposite her and slowly said, “The mercenary group no longer plans to help Prince Qi Ye. If he still wants to attack you, he has to find a new organization. The strength of this organization has to be at least on par with the mercenary group. This is not something that can be found in a day. Therefore, as the Sect Master said, you still have time to think about this. There’s no hurry!”

The others nodded one after another. They understood why Bai Zhou was in pain and conflicted, but no one planned to interfere with his decision. After all, the person he was facing was his brother, so no one had the right to ask Bai Zhou to kill the other party. Even if they wanted to kill someone, Bai Zhou had to nod.

Feeling everyone’s intentions, understanding, and support for him, Bai Zhou nodded gently. When he opened his mouth, his tone was no longer as elegant as before. He said weakly, “Thank you!”

“Don’t worry. No matter what your decision is, we will be by your side,” Jian Ai said softly.

Bai Zhou turned to look at her and forced a smile that relieved Jian Ai.

It was rare for everyone to be present today, and with the addition of Zhi Tong, Chi Yang made many dishes that night.

Of course, he did not forget Irene and the rest.

Ever since Jian Ai and the rest returned to the villa in the afternoon, Irene and the rest could vaguely hear laughter coming from the living room. They knew that the people who had found the mercenary group’s headquarters were back.

“Those people are back? The leader let them go?” Louise finally couldn’t help but ask.

She thought Leader Hans said that he would let them go because he had also caught the other party’s people in exchange.

However, they did not expect that although the other party had safely returned to China today, no one cared about them.

Andrew sighed and said slowly, “Don’t panic. Anyway, we’ve been living here for a few days. There’s no harm in waiting.”


Before Louise could say anything, the door of the room suddenly opened. Then, Chi Yang pushed the dining cart in and looked at them with a smile. “It’s time to eat!”

Louise paused and turned to look at Chi Yang. She blurted out, “What do you want? If you want to kill me, kill me. Be quick!”

When Chi Yang heard this, he couldn’t help but blink inexplicably. “Kill? We never said that we wanted to kill you!”

“Then what do you want? To imprison and humiliate us?” Because they had sealed Louise in this room for a long time, her emotions had gradually reached a critical point of collapse. Especially after knowing that the other party had returned today, the remaining hope of exchanging hostages with the other party was shattered.

She wanted an outcome now!

The others also looked up at Chi Yang. They wanted to know why he had imprisoned them until now.

At this moment, Yu Wuyuan’s figure slowly appeared at the door.

When they saw Yu Wuyuan, their expressions instantly changed! This man had almost abnormal super strength. If not for him, they would not have been imprisoned in this room.

The sound of leather shoes stepping on the ground sounded. Each step was exceptionally stable, but it made one’s heart tug.

In the end, Yu Wuyuan stood beside Chi Yang. His gaze first landed on the exquisite food on the dining cart, then he raised it and slowly swept his gaze across everyone.

The corners of his naturally curled lips made his expression unable to be serious, as if he had a smile on his face all the time. However, he had an aura of an expert, that it was impossible to ignore his existence. As long as he appeared, everyone’s gaze would be drawn towards him.

Irene leaned in the corner and looked at Yu Wuyuan indifferently. Among everyone present, only she had a slightly different feeling for Yu Wuyuan.

As the strongest mercenary in the mercenary group, Irene had never lost. Yu Wuyuan was the first to defeat her, and he only used one move.

Moreover, among the six of them, only Irene had truly felt Yu Wuyuan’s strength. He was an existence that even she had to look up to.

Irene had been thinking about this question for the past few days. If there was Yu Wuyuan in this world, would there be a second one or even more?

Was she still considered an expert?!

Obviously, Irene would have to think about this question in the future because Yu Wuyuan slowly said, “This is your last dinner here. After eating, I’ll let you leave!”

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