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Chapter 1375 - 1375 Cherish This Chance

1375 Cherish This Chance

Jian Ai knew Si Yue better. After all, the two of them were almost inseparable. This time, Jian Ai only brought Si Yue to look for the High Priest to cultivate the power of blood.

Therefore, she had long felt Si Yue’s reverence for Ye Liushang. Even if he deliberately hid it, he still couldn’t make it so that no one knew.

Jian Ai chuckled and looked at Si Yue. “Do you feel like a fan who’s about to see his idol?”

Si Yue frowned when he heard that. Before this, he did not understand the att.i.tude of those chasing celebrities, nor did he understand why Yun Buyao was so successful as a celebrity and had so many loyal fans.


But if the Sect Master explained his admiration for Ye Liushang as a fan for his idol, Si Yue seemed to understand.

He admired Ye Liushang from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing that Si Yue said nothing, Jian Ai thought he was embarra.s.sed. After all, Si Yue had always been cold and had never taken the initiative to say who he liked.

Jian Ai softened her tone and looked at Si Yue seriously. “Actually, the reason I agreed to let you come out with me is because I want you to take advantage of the time you can spend with the High Priest this time to cultivate well and improve your power of darkness.”

Si Yue was the youngest among them. Although he was extremely talented, he had not cultivated for long. Although he had already understood the high-level mental cultivation techniques of the power of darkness, it was far from enough. He needed to improve even more to catch up to the others.

Jian Ai initially didn’t have these thoughts. It could be said that she didn’t have an accurate understanding of strength before.

However, when the twelve guards appeared one by one, putting aside the top three, Jian Ai knew that the three of them were not on the same level as the others.

However, the others’ appearance shocked Jian Ai, especially the fourth-ranked Ming Zui. His strength was already comparable to Chi Lian’s. This was only the result of his own hard work.

Although Si Yue’s strength was not bad, he was indeed a little inferior to the other elders. In addition, his ability was special. Although he won with speed and strength, he had to take risks to fight the enemy hand-to-hand every time. The risk factor of fighting was also the highest among them.

That was why Jian Ai decided to make him stronger, so strong that she didn’t have to worry about him anymore.

Si Yue already knew Jian Ai’s intentions. He had lived up to her expectations this year and improved at lightning speed under the High Priest’s guidance.

If not for this, Si Yue would not have known that he still had so much room for improvement.

“The High Priest also said that as one of the five great abilities of the ancient sect, the power of darkness is far more terrifying than that. In other words, you still have a long way to go,” Jian Ai said.

“I know. I’ll cherish this opportunity,” Si Yue said solemnly.

Seeing his determined expression, Jian Ai couldn’t help but nod in relief. Then, she said, “Besides, it’s a pleasant surprise to see Ye Liushang this time. You heard it just now. Ye Liushang has done his best in cultivation. At such a young age, he has already done something no one could do for over a thousand years.”

“When he goes to the island, you can ask him to share some experience with you. I think it will be very useful to you!”

Si Yuehan: “Si Yue understands.”

Jian Ai turned to look at the weather outside the window and saw the boundless blue sea outside the island. The sun was strong, and it was a good weather.

She turned around and took out a sealed envelope from the drawer. Jian Ai raised her eyebrows at Si Yue and smiled. “Accompany me to Duoduo’s place later. I’ll send a letter!”

Si Yue looked at the letter in Jian Ai’s hand and knew who it was for.

“Are you really not planning to tell the High Priest?” Si Yue asked seriously.

Jian Ai pursed her lips and said with a difficult expression, “I can’t say it. If there’s a chance in the future…”

Jian Ai didn’t know how to tell Ji Yansong that she and his son were dating. A few days after confirming their relations.h.i.+p, she abandoned the other party and ran out alone.

Similarly, she did not know how to explain her relations.h.i.+p with Ji Yansong to Ji Haoyu in the future.

If Ji Haoyu knew she had been living with his father during her disappearance, wouldn’t it be a mess?!

Moreover, she knew that Ji Haoyu’s father was still alive, but she did not tell him immediately. Jian Ai felt she owed Ji Haoyu. Although Ji Yansong had specially instructed her not to tell Ji Haoyu, Jian Ai still could not completely stay out of it.

In short, their relations.h.i.+p was a mess. Jian Ai’s head hurt just thinking about it, so she couldn’t be bothered to think about it. When the truth was revealed, everything would naturally pa.s.s.

Si Yue sighed helplessly in his heart. He had never understood why people had to date and get married, so he was filled with question marks when Jian Ai, the Sect Master, suddenly had a boyfriend.

To Si Yue, this kind of thing was just asking for trouble, especially Jian Ai’s current situation, which confirmed his thoughts.

It had been more than a year since Jian Ai left China. Everyone lived on their original trajectory, and Ji Haoyu was no exception.

However, Ji Haoyu did not relax his longing for Jian Ai for a moment.

Ever since Jian Ai left that day, Ji Haoyu had been counting the days. He still remembered Jian Ai’s words at that time. She said that it would be at least a year and a half, or at most three to five years.

Now that a year had pa.s.sed and Jian Ai had not returned, Ji Haoyu knew that he might have to wait for three to five years.

The feeling of waiting was naturally not good, but other than that, Ji Haoyu could do nothing else.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door of the Ji Group’s CEO’s office.

The secretary pushed the door open and entered. She stood at the door and said to Ji Haoyu, “CEO, Young Master Qiu is here.”

Ji Haoyu was slightly stunned when he heard this. Qiu Jiahao was his good brother, but he never came to the company to look for him. Why did he suddenly come to the company today?

“Let him in,” Ji Haoyu instructed without thinking.

The secretary turned around and left for a moment. Not long after, Qiu Jiahao appeared at the office door with a cheeky smile.

“Young Master Ji… You’re busy there!” Qiu Jiahao smiled and entered the office. He turned around and closed the door.

Ji Haoyu also stood up from his office chair. It had been a while since he had seen Qiu Jiahao. He immediately smiled and answered, “Kid, why did you suddenly come here to look for me?”

“I happened to pa.s.s by the Ji Group, so I missed you and came up to see you,” Qiu Jiahao said casually. Then, he looked at Ji Haoyu and asked, “I didn’t disturb you, right?”

“No, sit. Accompany me for a drink,” Ji Haoyu said and walked to the wine cabinet to take out a bottle of good whiskey.

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