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Chapter 105: The Eldest Aunt (3)

Supposedly, Duan Yarong was Zhao Youlin's aunt and Joy should have called her Madam Zhao. Meanwhile, the word “grandma” was meant for Zhao Youlin's mother. The meaning came across totally different because they were not blood-related.

When Joy called Duan Yarong grandma, she froze. The next moment, she grew so excited that words could no longer describe it.

She pulled Joy from Zhao Youlin to herself while in tears. Then, she held Joy's small face and said while shuddering, “Good boy, good boy.”

Joy tilted his head and looked at his “grandma” whose eyes were red in tears in a puzzle. 'Why did grandma look like she's about to cry? Have I done anything wrong?'

As Joy thought about it, he turned his head anxiously and sought help from Zhao Youlin by looking at her.

Zhao Youlin noticed her precious son's nervousness. She reached out to caress his head and said, “Grandma likes you, Joy. Don't you think you should return her affection? Otherwise, she'll be sad.”

Joy was relieved when he heard Zhao Youlin's words. He immediately put on the sweetest smile and took the initiative to wrap his hands around Duan Yarong's neck. He said soothingly, “Grandma, I like you too. Don't be sad.”

While saying this, Joy sniffed and his eyes sparkled. Then, he exclaimed in joy, “Grandma, you smell like b.u.t.ter cake! I like it too!”


Ironically, Duan Yarong was hugging the child. Her milky scent reached him and he had said she smelled like b.u.t.ter cake. She did not know if she should laugh or cry.

She reached out and pinched Joy's round face. She teased him, “Joy, are you sure I smell like b.u.t.ter cake? Or did you steal the cupcakes and so the smell is all over your body?”

Zhao Youlin was also teased by her son's surprising remarks. She touched his nose with her index finger, smiled faintly as she said, “Eldest aunt, don't listen to him. He's a glutton and likes to eat. He just had some fruits before we came. How could he get hungry so soon, what a piggy!”

Joy reacted to it as soon as he heard his mother say so about him. He held Zhao Youlin's hand and protested, “I'm not a piggy. You are, Mommy!”

Zhao Youlin and Duan Yarong were stunned. Their eyes met each other and they burst into laughter in unison.

Joy was puzzled as he looked at the two grown-ups laughing out of nowhere. Apparently, he did not understand why the two of them had grown so happy all of a sudden.

The initial dull atmosphere between the two dissipated after Joy's interruption.

Duan Yarong could not help but hug Joy and kissed him. She said in glee, “Alright, you're not a piggy, your mommy is. Joy, are you hungry? I've had some afternoon tea and refreshments just sent over here not long ago. Come and see if you fancy them. But, don't eat so much because you still have to take in more at the banquet. Otherwise, you couldn't taste the delicious cakes if you're full.”

Joy's eyes sparkled when he heard Duan Yarong. He turned his head and cast a questioning glance at Zhao Youlin.

After getting Zhao Youlin's approval, Joy said to Duan Yarong seriously, “Grandma, I've got a big stomach and can fill it up with lots of good food. So, don't worry about me, Grandma.”

Duan Yarong froze. She unwittingly let out another bark of laughter and pulled Joy into her arms. She said adoringly, “You have such a great appet.i.te, how could you still deny that you're a piggy?”

“No… No…” Joy puffed up and wanted to retort. Instead, Zhao Youlin pinched his little face, which had grown rounder ever since they left the Mu family.

“Indeed, you've got a huge appet.i.te. I can't afford to feed you anymore.”

Joy became aggrieved right after hearing Zhao Youlin's words. He pulled Zhao Youlin's sleeves and said pitifully, “Mommy, I won't eat so much anymore. Don't abandon me…”

Zhao Youlin fell speechless.

As the saying went, all grandparents were very fond of their grandchildren. When Duan Yarong first saw Joy, she found him to be extremely pleasing to her, and the feeling only grew stronger after they had more interactions with each other. How she wished to hold him in her arms forever.

As such, when Duan Yarong saw Joy was aggrieved, she immediately switched sides and gave a piece of her mind to Zhao Youlin. “How could you say this to a child out of nowhere?! Children can easily take it seriously!”

The next moment, she scooped Joy up regardless of Zhao Youlin's reaction and said to him adoringly, “Don't listen to your mother. If she can't afford to raise you up, I will. I'm going to take you to have some refreshments now.”

Zhao Youlin touched her nose awkwardly after being reprimanded by Duan Yarong. She unwittingly sighed as she looked at their silhouettes and thought to herself, “Has she forgotten about her child after getting to know her grandchild?”

On second thought, it was a good thing, after all.

Zhao Youlin looked at the close rapport between Duan Yarong and Joy from afar. This was her first time feeling such… warmness ever since she was reborn.

Zhao Youlin enjoyed the afternoon tea with Duan Yarong. Although it was late, it served as an appetizer before the banquet started.

“Eldest aunt, you may put Joy down first and let him take them on his own,” Joy could not help but say so when she saw Joy was still in Duan Yarong's arms.

“It's okay, I don't mind hugging him.” This was Duan Yarong's first time hugging a child at such a young age. She was feeling excited and so, how could she possibly let go of him so easily?

Zhao Youlin saw that Duan Yarong really adored Joy. So, she did not say anything more.

They chatted with each other until Duan Yarong asked about Zhao Youlin's current residence since her divorce from Mu Tingfeng.

Zhao Youlin answered truthfully without the intention to hide from her, “That guy is quite generous to us. I didn't leave him and the house penniless. Instead, he has left me a sum of money and a decent apartment. So, Joy and I are staying there now.”

Duan Yarong was a little startled. She seemed to be surprised that Zhao Youlin did not return to her parent's house after her divorce from Mu Tingfeng.

Zhao Youlin saw what she was thinking. She took the initiative to hold her hand and said, “Eldest aunt, in the past, my shallow experience had misguided me into trusting the wrong person. I failed to see clearly who is the one who truly cares about me and who tries to scheme me. As a result, I've hurt the people who were concerned about me as well as those who laughed at me. I've learned a lot from this incident, and I won't repeat the same thing in the future.”

Duan Yarong was a little stunned. Soon, she understood what Zhao Youlin meant. She heaved a sigh and at the same time, she realized that Zhao Youlin was getting more mature.

Zhao Youlin thought over it for a while before revealing to her the incident of her father and stepsister coming to her right after her divorce from Mu Tingfeng. Of course, she breezed over the fighting parts.

Even so, Duan Yarong was still very angry and said, “Your father is getting worse after being cast under that woman's spell for so many years. Even if he did not side with you during your divorce, how could he take you to apologize to Mu Tingfeng just because he's afraid that he would be dragged down by you?! He really has put the Zhao family's reputation in disgrace!”

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