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Chapter 1134: International Popularity

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wei Jin wanted to laugh, but looking at Mu Feng’s pale face, she could not laugh. She patted the seat beside her. “Come here.”

Mu Feng walked over. Wei Jin’s mother stood up and walked out with the apple. “You two chat first. I’ll go out for a walk.”

With that, Wei Jin’s mother left the ward, leaving s.p.a.ce for the couple.

“Does it hurt?” Mu Feng leaned over and wanted to check Wei Jin’s wound, but Wei Jin pressed him down.

“Stop fooling around.” Wei Jin’s face flushed red.


“It’s only been a while since we last met, and you’re already so distant from me.” A smile flashed across Mu Feng’s eyes. “Do you not acknowledge me as your husband anymore?”

“No.” Wei Jin lowered her eyes with a shy expression.

However, in just a second, Wei Jin looked up again, wanting to look at Mu Feng for a while. After all, she had not seen Mu Feng for too long.

“Come here.” Mu Feng extended his arm to Wei Jin. “Let your hubby hug you.”

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Wei Jin looked at him angrily, but in the end, she still stepped forward and leaned into his arms. “Are you feeling better?”

“Much better.” Mu Feng endured the pain in his body and stroked Wei Jin’s hair comfortingly. “You’ve suffered. I’ll help you get it back.”

“Okay.” Wei Jin was not pretentious. She liked the feeling of having someone backing her, especially since that person was Mu Feng.

“Good girl.” Mu Feng lowered his head and planted a kiss on Wei Jin’s head.

The ward fell silent for a moment. There was only the sound of medicine flowing quietly. The originally cold ward now seemed very warm.


Time flowed quietly. When China began to step into the threshold of the night, the other side of the sea was the beginning of a lively day.

The most famous news agency website in the country was Weibo, and internationally, it was FINS.

Early in the morning, a Chinese name appeared on the trending list in FINS.

The topic of “Chinese Kung Fu” quickly occupied the eyes of the world.

The cause of the matter was a video posted by Director Charon.

Director Charon’s new movie had already begun filming. All the actors had already begun the final preparations.

Director Charon’s video recorded the actors memorizing the script and warming up.

Among them, there was a surprising scene that flashed past.

An oriental-looking Chinese woman was riding a horse on the gra.s.s and running. She looked very carefree. The woman looked back and smiled. Suddenly, she stood up on the horse and made a series of fancy movements, causing the netizens to click their tongues in wonder.

[Amazing, is this Chinese martial arts?! I’ve always heard that Chinese people know martial arts, so is this true?]

[Wow, no wonder Director Charon wanted to find an actress from China to play an important supporting role. Their bodies are really terrifyingly flexible.]

[I want to know this lady’s name. She’s so beautiful and her horsemans.h.i.+p is superb.]

In the end, Director Charon personally replied to everyone.

“This is China’s actress, Su Yueran.”

Director Charon had a large number of fans on all continents. Once he posted this post, Su Yueran immediately became famous worldwide.

By the time the news spread to China, Su Yueran already had the t.i.tle of Oriental Pearl internationally.

Some domestic marketing accounts were very patriotic. Regarding the news from abroad, the marketing accounts reposted it wantonly and further processed it. In the end, the version that circulated online became:

“The former Oriental Pearl Xia Wanyuan has already been forgotten. Now, the new Oriental Pearl has made the world more aware of China’s charm.”

In order to further expand the popularity, the marketing account even launched a topic “The Pearl of the East in your heart”, attracting netizens to choose their favorite vote on Weibo.

Back then, when “Yuan_wanxia” became famous overseas, the international community did not say anything. The domestic marketing accounts first gave her the t.i.tle of Oriental Pearl. Now that Su Yueran had suddenly caused a heated discussion overseas, everyone could not help but think of Xia Wanyuan.

[There’s no need to say that. Aren’t the two of them spreading Chinese culture? Why does the marketing account’s words sound so uncomfortable?]

[Yueran is so amazing. She has brought glory to the country. I look forward to Yueran becoming an international superstar!!]

[ If the Chinese can’t understand Xia Wanyuan’s calligraphy, how can they expect foreigners to understand? Anyway, if we really want to judge the Oriental Pearl, I vote for Su Yueran. She’s still more amazing. ]

[ Hehe, are you blind? It’s fine if you don’t understand it yourself. Don’t drag us in to thank us. It’s not like Xia Wanyuan only knows how to draw Chinese paintings. Her oil painting skills have been certified by the International Painter a.s.sociation. There’s no need to explain to the number one person who has won glory for the country. ]

At this moment, a blogger suddenly uploaded a screenshot.

In the video, it showed Prince Charlie’s social account in England. In the account, he praised the Chinese for their high horsemans.h.i.+p and used a word, “she”.

Seeing Prince Charlie praise this woman with extremely high horsemans.h.i.+p and use all sorts of flattering words that made the Chinese netizens blush, everyone naturally thought of Su Yueran.

Some resourceful netizens even dug out videos of Prince Charlie and the Chinese woman he praised racing at the Lakeside Villa.

In the video, the black-haired valiant figure rode the horse in the night. The netizens’ blood boiled.

[How amazing. I really didn’t expect Su Yueran to be so strong to receive such pa.s.sionate praise from Prince Charlie. As expected of the female celebrity I like.]

[ Glory for the country. Alright, I’ve become a fan. ]

From internationally to domestically, social media was filled with netizens’ praise for Su Yueran. For a moment, Su Yueran was in the limelight.

In the manor, Xia Wanyuan had also seen the trending topics on Weibo. Seeing that familiar video, Xia Wanyuan raised an eyebrow.

Looking at Su Yueran’s studio’s response, they seemed to tacitly agree that the person in the video was Su Yueran.

Xia Wanyuan closed Weibo and was a little amused.

Why do so many people like to pretend? Aren’t they afraid of shooting themselves in the foot?

The foreign websites quickly dug out the horse racing video that Prince Charlie had uploaded at that time. Suddenly, a large number of netizens surged into Prince Charlie’s social account and began to praise this magical Asian woman.

Prince Charlie had been meeting foreign guests for the entire day. When he finally caught his breath and opened his social account to take a look, he saw countless comments praising this “magical oriental woman”.

Prince Charlie nodded. Not bad. These people had good taste.

However, when he took a closer look, he realized that there was an unfamiliar name in the comments.

Su Yueran?? What the h.e.l.l?!

This was Xia Wanyuan, okay?! My G.o.ddess!

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