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1199 Returning to Masang (2)

It only took Yun Feng less than half a day to rush all the way to Mu City. Right now, the entire East Continent was just a day’s time for Yun Feng. The journey that was long for her in the past would only take her a day now.

Mu City was originally a second-rate city, but because Mu Xiaojin married into the Yun family, the status of the Mu City in the Fengyun Empire was completely different from before. With Mu Xiaojin’s governance and Yun Sheng’s help, Mu City had already become more and more prosperous. It had already become one of the top cities in the Fengyun Empire over the years. Even though it couldn’t compare to the prosperity of the capital, it was almost on par.

As soon as they arrived in the sky above Mu City, Yun Feng clearly felt that the original small city had been expanded a lot. Ge Yuan and the capital were just this large. Xiaojin had indeed matured a lot over the years. “She is quite smart.” Qu Lanyi was also surprised. He didn’t expect Mu Xiaojin, who had a weak personality and didn’t dare to speak loudly back then, to be able to take care of Mu City to this extent. Time was truly magical. It could make a person change so much.

“As the leader of the Mu family, Xiaojin has been in this position until now. I can see that she’s working hard.” Yun Feng was gratified. Perhaps Mu Canghai’s resurrection made up for the missing part in Mu Xiaojin’s heart, and her brother had deep feelings for her, which allowed her to achieve her current achievements.


The Mu family’s mansion was still the same as before. Mu Xiaojin hadn’t changed much, but had renovated it. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi landed from the sky without disturbing anyone. Although the Mu family was prosperous, there weren’t many servants in the mansion, which made it quiet. Yun Feng walked all the way to the main hall. She didn’t meet anyone on the way. As soon as she arrived not far away from the main hall, a voice came from the main hall.

“Master Mu, you’ve only had Yun Qingchen after you married into the Yun family all these years. Do you think one son is enough for a family like the Yun family?” This was a very provocative voice. Yun Feng raised her brows and took a few steps forward without batting an eyelid. She saw the scene in the main hall. Mu Xiaojin was sitting upright with a cold face. A few gorgeous young women and two n.o.ble ladies were sitting on both sides.

“That’s right. The Yun family has a huge business right now, so it certainly has to have more descendants to make the family prosperous! So many famous families have wanted to marry into the Yun family over the years, but you stopped them. To put it bluntly, will you still be able to give birth in a few years? If something happens to Yun Qingchen, the Yun family’s lineage will be considered extinct.”

Yun Feng suddenly became a bit colder. Qu Lanyi whispered, “What a sharp-tongued b.i.t.c.h. The Yun family’s current prosperity has aroused the ambition of many foxes and wolves. They want a share.”

Yun Feng remained calm and looked at Mu Xiaojin, who was equally cold, with her black eyes. Mu Xiaojin said coldly, “Even so, it’s not your place to enter the Yun family!”

“You!” The person who was interrupted looked embarra.s.sed. Another person suddenly smiled. “Master Mu, as the daughter-in-law of the Yun family, you certainly have to think for the Yun family. You’re too selfish right now. The Yun family only has one descendant right now, Yun Sheng. The bloodline is very thin! If you don’t think for the Yun family anymore, the Yun family will blame everything on you if anything happens to them in the future…”

Mu Xiaojin snorted. “The Yun family certainly doesn’t need anyone to care about it. The Yun family never cares about other people’s theories. Some people don’t know their place and come to our door shamelessly. Is there no one who wants those women? You want to send them to the Yun family. Do you think they deserve it just because of their look?”

“Mu Xiaojin! You…”

“You’re right. The Yun family has always advocated monogamy since ancient times. All the children of the Yun family have followed it. Everybody has only one partner. They’ll be together forever.” Yun Feng walked out and said coldly. She glanced at the few beautiful women sitting in the main hall with her black eyes. The few women couldn’t help but feel cold when Yun Feng glanced at them. They couldn’t help but sit uneasily. Coupled with Yun Feng’s appearance, they felt ashamed of their inferiority and they all lowered their heads.

“Who are you?” The two middle-aged women glanced at Yun Feng suspiciously, while Mu Xiaojin bit her lips and looked at the mature girl in front of her. Yun Feng smiled lightly. “You’re not qualified to know who I am. From now on, if anyone else is shameless enough to come to this door, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Her words were gentle, but they were full of pressure. The two women immediately turned pale and their lips trembled. There was an inexplicable fear in their hearts. They could only leave the door of the Yun family with the few women who had already lowered their heads and didn’t dare to look at her.

“Xiao Feng… You’re back.” After everyone left, Mu Xiaojin finally said with a tremor in her voice. Yun Feng walked up and held Mu Xiaojin’s slightly cold hand. “Where’s my brother? Why isn’t he with you?”

“He went out to do something. It’s alright.” Mu Xiaojin shook her head. Her face was no longer young and her eyes were also full of dignity. However, in front of Yun Feng, she became like before.

“There are still a lot of people who have designs on the Yun family. It seems that I should make an example out of them and cut off the dirty thoughts in everyone’s mind.”

Mu Xiaojin chuckled. “It’s fine. These people are just wis.h.i.+ng. Brother Yun Sheng and I won’t care about them at all. However, I only gave birth to Qingchen. The bloodline of the Yun family…”

“Little Qingchen is enough. Besides, the bloodline of the Yun family will be continued by you, Xiaojin!” What Yun Feng said made Mu Xiaojin’s heart warm. In Yun Feng’s eyes, the Yun family didn’t have to worry about the bloodline at all. The summoner bloodline of the Yun family had already awakened in Yun Qingchen. Mu Xiaojin could be considered a great contributor.

Speaking of Yun Qingchen, the two of them talked for a while longer. Mu Xiaojin’s eyes were full of pride. Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile when she heard Yun Qingchen’s glorious deeds over the years. That kid turned out to be mischievous. He had given Xiaojin and her brother a lot of headaches over the years. Fortunately, he went to the Masang School of Magic two years ago and was quite restrained there. Xiaojin and her brother finally lived in peace for a while.

She only stayed in the Mu family for half a day. Even though Mu Xiaojin still had a lot to say to Yun Feng, she knew that Yun Feng wasn’t staying for long this time and had to set off again. She was certainly a bit regretful that she didn’t see Mu Canghai, but she was also deeply gratified to know that her brother was fine.

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