Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 673 - Zi Yi asked, Who Is Your Oppa Lu?

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Chapter 673: Zi Yi asked, Who Is Your Oppa Lu?

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye strolled the night market until 11 p.m. at night before they went home.

Zi Yi leaned on the pa.s.senger seat, took out her phone, and said to Lu Jingye, while she was scrolling her phone, “The stones we bought from that shop have already been sent over.”

Lu Jingye responded with a nod.

Just then, his phone rang.

After answering his call, his subordinate reported. “Second Young Master, those two are the men from the Eldest Son of the mayor.”

Lu Jingye only responded with an ‘ok’ and he did not say anything else.

The other party added. “The mayor will be holding a banquet at his place tomorrow.”

It took Lu Jingye two seconds before he said, “Get someone to prepare a gift for me.”

“I understand.”

Zi Yi waited for him to hang up his phone before she asked, “Are you familiar with Ge Danjin?”


Ge Danjin was the name of the mayor’s Eldest Son.

“Kind of. We have worked together before in the past.”

“Did the mayor invite all the businessmen who arrived in Country Em to his banquet?”

“More or less.”

Lu Jingye originally planned to attend the banquet held in the mayor’s house alone. However, he did not expect Shadow to bring him an invitation letter the next morning.

“The mayor actually invited us to go together?”

After Zi Yi checked out the invitation letter, a glint flashed past her eyes. “I feel that there must be a good show tonight.”

In fact, Lu Jingye did not wish to bring Zi Yi to these types of banquets. They were all filled with people who schemed against each other and not to mention, his wife was beautiful and he did not like others staring at her.

However, seeing that the young lady was so interested, he said, “You can come, but you cannot leave my line of sight.”

Zi Yi obediently nodded her head. “Alright.”

The banquet was happening this evening. In the morning, Lu Jingye and his subordinates had a meeting, so Zi Yi got Shadow to move a chair to a shaded area in the courtyard, as she had a video call with Mrs. Lu.

Mrs. Lu asked her through the video call, “Are you eating well there? Did you sleep well too? If you wish to head anywhere to play, get Jingye to accompany you.”

After Zi Yi answered all her questions, she said with a smile, “Mom, Ah Jing, and I went to purchase some jadeite stones and all of them are of good quality. When the time comes, I’ll use these to make some accessories for you and my Aunts.”

Mrs. Lu instantly smiled like a flower. “Child, you don’t wear accessories and yet, you’re thinking of us every day.”

Zi Yi also smiled in response. “I have to do experiments and wearing them would have an impact on the experiments.” She then added. “I even bought a piece of Emperor Green jadeite and although it’s not very big, it should be able to be crafted into five rings.”

“Really?” Mrs. Lu was a little surprised. “Your luck was that good?”

“Hehe, it’s not due to luck. It’s because I brought testing equipment along with me. It can 100% a.n.a.lyze the elements inside the stone.”

“Haha, our Yiyi is surely capable. In the future, we don’t have to worry that we are unable to purchase good jadeite stones.”

“That’s right.”

After they conversed a while more, Zi Yi mentioned how they will be attending the banquet tonight.

Mrs. Lu did not forget to remind her. “If you encounter any short-sighted or rude people, get your robots to take care of them. Don’t let yourself suffer.”

“I know.”

Mrs. Lu suddenly thought of her younger son and said, “If only Yunxiao can also find a girl he likes during this trip, how good would that be?”

However, it was a little unrealistic. After all, Lu Yunxiao was headed to the Golden Triangle and Mrs. Lu felt that be it men or women, anyone who was located there would not be a kind soul.

The both of them chatted for at least one hour before they hung up the phone.

Zi Yi was planning to send Dou Xiangling a video call and unexpectedly, Little Loli contacted her.

She answered Little Loli’s video call and soon, a fangirl-like excited voice could be heard from the other end. “Master, Master. I saw an oppa that resembles Oppa Lu a lot. Is he Oppa Lu’s younger brother?”

Zi Yi coldly snorted. “Who is your Oppa Lu?”

Little Loli giggled. “Master, you’re so stingy. So what if Little Loli called him Oppa Lu? Little Loli…”

“Robot A will come back before Chinese New Year.”

When Zi Yi suddenly mentioned this, Little Loli instantly screamed out loud, “Ahhhh! Really? Master, I love you! You finally let Robot A out.”

“However, it’s not impossible to get him to stay where he is for a little while longer.”

“No~ I don’t want that to happen!” Little Loli was panicking. “Master, don’t let Robot A stay there, Little Loli misses him so much.”

Zi Yi had gooseb.u.mps covering her whole body from Little Loli’s cutesy voice.

She then asked in a light tone, “Then what should you be calling Ah Jing?”


Little Loli was extremely observant. “I can call him brother-in-law or Master’s man.”

Only then was Zi Yi satisfied.

Little Loli asked in a tone as if testing Zi Yi, “Master, Second Oppa Lu…”

“He is ranked number three in the Lu Family.”

“Alright then~ Third Oppa Lu is here and so should I tag along with him?”

Zi Yi heard Little Loli’s happy voice and did not comment on anything else. She said, “I added anti-magnetic interference settings to his robots. Let’s see if he is able to approach Rick then.”

“But Rick has already left?”


Zi Yi immediately guessed where he could be. “Alright then, you can come over here directly.”

“Yes, Master.”

Unknowingly, it was soon the afternoon.

Lu Jingye’s subordinates left one after the other.

Zi Yi looked at the man who was approaching her and she said, “Rick is here.”

“I know.” Lu Jingye was clearly already aware of this matter. He walked to where Zi Yi was and said, “He arrived just today. He came together with the Prince’s Eldest Son, Dan Wei,”

“Prince?” Zi Yi lowered her head and checked up on Country Em’s Prince. She got the results immediately afterwards.

Country Em was a const.i.tutional monarchy. This country was different from that of other similar countries. The Prince was in charge of most of the country and he currently had even more authority when compared to the King.

“Therefore, Rick is thinking of working together with the Prince to deal with us.”

“Then that’ll depend on if he has the capability to do so,” Lu Jingye said with a cold expression and pulled her to her feet.

The both of them headed to the living room together and Lu Jingye asked, “What would you like to have for lunch?”

It was a suitable time to prepare lunch now.

Zi Yi thought about it and mentioned a few dishes.

Lu Jingye stopped walking and with a frown, he said, “You shouldn’t eat only meat dishes.”

Zi Yi acted cute with him. “But I like to eat meat.”

While talking, they arrived at the kitchen.

The robot already had the rice cooked. The vegetables had also been washed and sorted out. Zi Yi took a glance at it and noticed two different types of vegetables. She complained. “Why are there so many vegetables?”

Lu Jingye pinched her nose and said, “It’s not much.”

He rolled up his sleeves and walked over.

Zi Yi followed behind him like a tail and said, “I want to eat spicy food.”

Upon hearing the young lady deliberately making things difficult for him, Lu Jingye calmly said, “There are no spicy dishes here. If you want to eat something spicy, we can have it when we return.”

“I wish to eat hot pot.”

“Okay, we’ll have it when we go back.”

While Lu Jingye was talking, he took out a bag from the side and handed it to Zi Yi.

The bag was filled with lychees.

Zi Yi took the bag and stood over the sink as she peeled the lychees. “It’s best to eat hotpot during the winter. If I had it in this climate, I would definitely get too hot.”

“That’s true.”

Zi Yi finished the first lychee and was about to feed one to Lu Jingye, when just then, Shadow’s voice sounded. “Master, there’s a guest.”

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