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Chapter 638: Making an Example (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At that time, even if he was trapped by the enemy, he could hide for three or five years. As long as he wanted to, he could return to his body at any time and catch the enemy off guard.

Even if he lost for a moment, the one who would be tortured to death would definitely be his opponent.

So, when he thought about it carefully, Jiang Li suddenly felt that there seemed to be no need for him to be so careful now. Occasionally, he could show his strength to the world.

However, in that case, these uninvited guests might be useful.

No, just these people were not enough.


If he wanted to do that, he needed to gather more strength.

From the looks of it, the “pa.s.sionate” Fengdu City should receive more guests.

However, if he wanted to do that, he still needed the cooperation of a fellow.

Otherwise, those shrewd fellows from the Divine Judgment Hall would not be easily tricked.

After walking out of the Human Emperor’s Hall, Jiang Li directly walked into the bustling Fengdu Prison.

In the silent underground palace, only the screams here could add some vitality.

Pus.h.i.+ng open the dungeon door, the screams of those ghosts seemed to be even more miserable than the last time he came.

“City… City Lord! Why are you here?”

“Sit, sit. My place is not very clean. City Lord, please don’t mind it.”

The warden, who was holding a cup of Soul Dissolution Liquor and slowly drinking it, immediately stood up and wiped his seat when he saw Jiang Li arrive, and he invited Jiang Li to sit down.

Apart from wine jars, there were still wine jars here. It was not humble to say that it was not clean.

Jiang Li stepped forward and glanced at his Soul Dissolution Liquor. After the Northern Profound Hall Master, Qiu Shui, arrived, the quality and intensity were more than ten times higher than before.

The warden, who was originally drinking bowl after bowl of Soul Dissolution Liquor, could only slowly brew it now.

“Are any of the previous prisoners willing to join?”

Jiang Li casually picked up an upgraded version of the Soul Dissolution Liquor. After pouring it into his mouth and updating his status, he walked towards the depths of the dungeon.

Er’Lai hurriedly followed, but his expression was a little troubled.

“Please… please forgive me, City Lord. Those guys are too stubborn. I’ve used all my methods, but I still can’t make them submit.”

After easily crossing a mountain of blades and a sea of flames, Jiang Li and the warden quickly walked into a dungeon that was heavily sealed. In the entire Fengdu City, its toughness was second only to the Human Emperor’s Hall.

After striking out 99 seals in a row, he opened the cell door in front of him.

No matter how cautious they were, it was not too much to be wary of this cell.

This was because there were 14 powerful Earth Immortals imprisoned here.

If these guys escaped, they could overturn Fengdu City.

“Kid! Who are you? Do you know what will happen to us if you treat us like this?!”

“I am the Sect Master of the Six Yin Sect. Do you know the consequences of your actions!?”

“Don’t use those boring tricks on us anymore. They’re useless.”

“Make a decision quickly. Otherwise, when we recover our strength, do you think this small prison can trap us?”

“On my mountaintop, there are 38,000 roasted human skin lanterns. Kid, do you want to be one of them?”

As expected of a group of demonic cultivators and Earth Immortals, the words they said were each more terrifying than the other.

Of course, there were not only threats but also temptations.

“Cultivation method? Secret technique? Authority? Woman? Pick one and let me go. No matter what you want, I can satisfy you.”

“Have you heard of the name Heart Changing Demon? I have a precious wisdom heart that can turn a stupid person into a genius. If you let me go, I’ll change it for you!”

As soon as Jiang Li entered this cell, voices sounded, and all kinds of threats and temptations surrounded his ears.

Of these 14 Earth Immortals, only one was Grand Secretary Meng Gu of Ink Scar Academy who had wanted to attack Qin Shuman a long time ago and was captured by Jiang Li.

The other 13 were all Earth Immortals of the Demon Sect who had been captured on the night of the Tragic Death City’s attack and were later “rescued” by Jiang Li.

At that time, they had been skewered by Jiang Li and used their mouth spears and two Nine Nether Wood to absorb a lot of strength.

The spiritual qi was so huge that the two Nine Nether Wood reached the edge of reaching the next step. Now, they were breaking through on the Back Yin Mountain.

However, because these thirteen guys were all in the state of borrowing lives from the Blood King Palace,

at that time, most of the power absorbed was from the Earth Immortals of the Blood King Palace.

After Jiang Li locked them up for some time, these fellows actually woke up.

The threat of the Blood King Palace was still there. With the principle of not wasting talent, Jiang Li did not kill them easily.

Instead, he planned to let them abandon the darkness and join the light. They would wear masks and contribute to the future of the human race to atone for what they had done in the past.

However, these guys were all Earth Immortals after all. Their arrogant hearts would not give in so easily.

Moreover, the body of an Earth Immortal was indeed sufficiently tough. The Prison Warden, who had not reached that level, could not really injure them even if he used all his methods.

This fueled their arrogance. As soon as they entered, they thought that they were interrogating Jiang Li.

“An Earth Immortal who has recovered his strength. How terrifying.”

Jiang Li made a terrified expression, and then he drew the Mosquito Spear and Bloodthirsty Trident on the spot.

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