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Chapter 32: Leading a Team for the First Kill, Register While You Can!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

h.e.l.l-level for 500,000?

Nightmare-level for 1 million?

Lorne was shocked by the amount. Perhaps it was because he had been living at the bottom all these years, but the figure of a million dollars was hard to imagine.

Of course, in the game, spending 1 million to find someone to help one clear the dungeon was also an incredible thing. This was definitely a shocking scene in other games.

Thus, Lorne was undoubtedly stunned.

He looked at the message and thought for a long time. Only ten minutes later did he reply to the message.

“In three hours, I will challenge the dungeon. Be prepared.” Lorne stated his plan.

On the other side, Twinkle Rose paused, then quickly replied, “No problem. Our Silver Snow Guild’s sisters are all ready.”

“You may be mistaken. There are some things that I must clarify in advance.”

“First of all, the price of clearing Nightmare-level is one million per person!”

“Secondly, it’s not you who hired me this time. It’s you who bought the right to join the team. After entering the dungeon, I’ll be in full command!”

“All the equipment, skill books, and items dropped in the dungeon will be mine!”

Lorne stated his rules.

This was the first dungeon in the entire game. If one obtained the first clear of this dungeon and went on the system announcement, it would be an advertis.e.m.e.nt for players all over the world. The mere price of a million or even four million was not a problem.

But at this point, Twinkle Rose could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Not only was Tyrant abominable, he was also very greedy! How worthless did he think money was to quote a million for a position?

“You’d better make a decision quickly. I’m about to issue an announcement to start advertising. Don’t blame me for not reminding you if you don’t get a spot later.”

“No spots? Are you sure? Right now, all the top guilds in the world can’t even clear the Hard Dungeon. Do you think someone will believe that you can clear the Nightmare Dungeon and use a million to buy a spot in the dungeon?”

Twinkle Rose felt that this guy was crazy.

“Of course. Anyway, I’ve already explained the situation. Think about it yourself. Bye-bye, big-busted sister.”

“…” Glitter Rose gritted her teeth as she read the final reply.

She did not know what was wrong with her. She actually felt like believing him.

Although Tyrant was a scoundrel, his strength was very real. After all, he had once killed a Boss with 5,000 health in just a few seconds!

Thinking of this, Twinkle Rose felt even more conflicted.

However, she did not contact Tyrant immediately, because she felt that no one would believe that guy, much less spend a million to buy a spot. When they were about to enter the dungeon, that guy’s price would definitely decrease. At that time, she could save some money.

On the other side, after talking to Twinkle Rose, Lorne opened the chat channel of the Beginner Village.

Chatting here required 1 silver coin each time.

To issue a notice here, one gold coin was needed every time.

This time, Lorne did not save. In his eyes, what he was about to do was worth a few million. It was only right for him to spend a few gold coins to advertise.

Soon, a long announcement was made.

“Beginner Village Announcement (From Player ‘Tyrant’): Please note that this G.o.d-tier player is about to take the first clear of the Nightmare Dungeon in three hours. If anyone wants to join the team, you can chat with me privately about the rules.”

“Beginner Village Announcement (From Player ‘Tyrant’)…”

“Beginner Village Announcement…”


Right now, the highest price on the black market for a gold coin was 5,000 alliance dollars. Lorne had swiped it ten times in a row, and the total cost added up to 50,000 dollars.

When the players in the Beginner Village saw this information, the entire chat channel was in an uproar.

“Did I see wrongly? Did he say Nightmare Dungeon?”

“That’s right, it’s the Nightmare Dungeon!”

“Gosh, is Tyrant crazy? Even the top guilds in the world haven’t pa.s.sed the Hard-level yet. Does he think he can clear a Nightmare Dungeon alone? Is this a joke?”

“I think this is a scam!”

“That’s the truth!”

“I’m dying of laughter. What kind of stupid child would believe such nonsense?”

“A lot of the rich second-generation heirs of large corporations are brainless. He might really be able to fool a few.”

“Hahahaha, you’re right!”

In the depths of the valley, after sending the announcement, Lorne continued killing monsters.

A million dollars per position was not a small number. No one would choose to do this in the short term.

Lorne did not mind. Even if there was no one, he could still contact the Twinkle Rose and give it to her for a million dollars. No matter what, he would not lose anything.

As for why he had to set the time limit to three hours later?

There was a reason, of course.

He wanted to raise his pets’ levels.

Even if he could not level up Rimuru, the other two pets had to reach Level 10. Otherwise, the damage output of the team would not be enough.

And so, with his pets, Lorne continued his trek through the forest.

During this period, countless people wanted to add him as a friend.

But most of them were not his target.

As he checked his friend requests, Lorne cleaned up the battlefield where Rimuru pa.s.sed.

After more than two hours, there was still no sign of any rich person who wanted to collaborate.

Instead, Little Mantis’s level kept rising during this period of time. Under a few golden lights, it directly reached Level 10.


“You used 13,000 experience points to raise your pet [Death Scythe Mantis, Little Mantis] to Level 8.”

“You used 15,000 experience points to raise your pet to Level 9.”

“You used 17,000 experience points to raise your pet to Level 10.”

“Due to the pet being unable to surpa.s.s the level of the Summoner, your pet [Death Scythe Mantis, Little Mantis] cannot continue to level up. Please try to level up.”

The pet’s level could not surpa.s.s that of the Summoner, so Level 10 was the limit.

As a Bronze-Grade monster with an additional bonus from its superiority, Little Mantis definitely had an astonis.h.i.+ng growth.

Coupled with the fact that Little Mantis was one of the main damage dealers in the dungeon, it was much more important than the minotaur. Its strength would also greatly affect the success rate of clearing the dungeon.

Therefore, Lorne was also looking forward to it. He took a deep breath and opened its attributes panel.

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