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Chapter 720: Throwing Dirty Water on Third Master, Swallowing the Sinful Fruit in Death (3)

Fu Chen didn’t need to do much. As long as he got someone to push all kinds of video evidence forward, there would naturally be public opinion pus.h.i.+ng Jiang Fengya to the cusp of the storm.

The entire internet was mocking her. At this moment, she was completely smelly.

Soon, a chat history was released.

The content was about Jiang Fengya threatening Fu Yuxiu.

[I don’t want the child. At the time, you wanted to give me ten million yuan. As long as you gave me the money, I will immediately abort the child and promise not to hara.s.s you for the rest of my life.]

The most recent message was from today. According to the doctor, Jiang Fengya had already lost the child almost a week ago.

She even wanted to extort him with an empty stomach?

How shameless.

Fu Yuxiu had told Fu Zhongli about this long ago, but they hadn’t told anyone else in the family for the time being and were preparing to call the police to deal with it. They didn’t expect that Jiang Fengya couldn’t wait and went to the entrance of the compound. Then the incident with Fu Xinhan happened.

Actually, Jiang Fengya had been bitten by Fu Xinhan before and was traumatized by him. When she saw Fu Xinhan, she couldn’t wait to hit him. But after kicking Niannian, she angered the dog and was almost bitten to death.

When she woke up, the doctor told her…

“Your left leg might become permanently disabled.”

Jiang Fengya immediately broke down. Later, she heard that the Jiang family had taken her money, and she couldn’t even afford the medical expenses. Fu Chen’s dog had bitten someone after all, so he had paid part of the medical expenses.

But later on, she had serious gynecological complications, and these had nothing to do with Fu Chen. Without money to pay the hospitalization fees, she could only lie in the corridor.

Later, the police intervened, and the Jiang family heard that she still had a lot of private money, so they reluctantly brought her home. At this moment, she couldn’t move her legs, and she had suffered a lot with the Jiang family.

It was said that after staying for more than a week, she went to the police station for three to four days. She hadn’t been given food and had even been beaten up. Her life was worse than death.

According to what Song Fengwan knew, it was as if the heavens wanted to punish her. She had tried to commit suicide before, but she didn’t succeed. She was tortured to death in the Jiang family.

It was better to die.

As for how the child in her stomach was miscarried and whose it was, no one knew. It was most likely not Fu Yuxiu’s. Otherwise, she would have done the test long ago. Even if the Fu family didn’t protect her, they would still protect the child. She wouldn’t be so stupid as to let the child be miscarried so easily.

Later on, people found out that she had unclear relations.h.i.+ps with many boys at Yuncheng University. In the capital, there also seemed to be many ambiguous people. Even she herself probably didn’t know who this child belonged to.

But this was all for later. It had nothing to do with the Fu family and Song Fengwan.


After Jiang Fengya caused a small commotion, the matter was quickly resolved.

Fu Chen went to the police station to pick Song Fengwan up.

For dogs who bit people, they would be dealt with. But their case was special, so they went through a lot of procedures. Fu Chen didn’t see Fu Xinhan until the third day.

At the time, he was lying in the cage with water and food in front of the door, but he didn’t move at all. When he saw Fu Chen arrive, he was covered in dirt and had tears in his eyes. He looked so pitiful.

The person in charge opened the cage. “After he came, he was quite obedient. He didn’t bark, but he didn’t eat or drink either. He might have thought that you didn’t want him anymore.

“I’ve seen the video. That woman is too much. Even a rabbit bites when forced to a corner. Besides, it’s a dog. Yours is very well-behaved. If it were any other dog, it would have torn her apart long ago.

“She still wants to hold the dog accountable. How shameless.”

Fu Chen didn’t say anything. He squatted in front of the cage, patted Fu Xinhan’s head, and reached out to rub his paws. “Come out. I’ll take you home.”

Fu Xinhan whimpered and rubbed against the back of his hand.

Fu Chen brought him to take a bath and visit Niannian, who was recuperating in the pet hospital.

It was said that it had been kicked so hard that it almost died.

Yu Manxi’s heart almost ached to death.

“Where’s Fu Xinhan?” Fu Chen frowned.

Why did he run away as soon as he arrived? Fu Xinhan didn’t like this place. Every time he reached the door, he had to be dragged in forcefully.

Everyone thought that he had run away. Later, they found the dog guarding in front of Niannian’s cage.

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