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Chapter 934: a self-deprecating love, teaching your brother-in-law how to behave (2)

Translator: 549690339

the restaurant wasn’t expensive, and the portions were sufficient. the two of them only ordered three dishes, and it wasn’t even seven o ‘clock in the evening when they were done.

“do you want to go to the movies?” duan linbai asked tentatively.

he was the kind of person who looked calm, but actually had many thoughts in his mind.

his ears had turned red from holding back.

“what do you want to see? i’ll book the tickets.” it might not be possible to calculate the money too carefully, such as going dutch, but it was still okay for him to treat her to a meal and she to treat her to a movie. she didn’t like to owe people.


“i’m fine with anything.” duan linbai knew what she was thinking, so he didn’t insist on treating her.

the two of them chose a movie according to the rating. considering that duan linbai’s face was too eye-catching, the two of them chose a relatively remote cinema and only entered after the movie started.

at that time, less than one-third of the people were seated in the theater. all the lights were off, and it was dark inside. duan linbai walked in front. after entering the theater, he knew that their seats were in the last few rows, so he walked straight ahead.

the light was too dim, so the two of them walked very carefully.

xu jiamu rarely had the chance to go to the cinema. he was too busy with his studies, especially after his ph.d., and he had to work part-time. he was so busy that he was about to go bald. who would have the mood to watch a movie?

she kept counting which row she was at. when she tilted her head slightly and turned her head back, she staggered and almost b.u.mped into duan linbai in front of her.

she subconsciously reached out for something to support herself, but just as she grabbed onto something, she clenched it tightly.

when she came back to her senses, she realized that the thing she was holding …

it was duan linbai’s hand.

he slowed down his pace, and the two of them were almost walking side by side.

“just follow me.”

duan linbai’s voice was shattered by the deafening sound effects of the theater. she didn’t hear him clearly and turned to look at him suspiciously.

he coughed twice and got closer …

his body started to heat up unconsciously, his throat was so dry that it seemed to be on fire, and the breath he breathed out was hot.

“follow me,” he ordered.

xu jiamu nodded.

she allowed him to hold her hand and walk upstairs. they had finally found a seat, and everyone needed to sit down, so it was not convenient to hold hands.

this made duan linbai a little depressed.

just now, he was so focused on finding a seat that he didn’t even get a good feel of it …

he still wanted to hold her hand!

since they had just eaten, they didn’t order anything to drink or popcorn. they just watched the movie quietly.

xu jiamu’s attention was originally focused on the movie, but slowly, she started to feel restless because of the man beside her …

he had been looking at her the entire time.

can’t we just watch a movie?

she raised her hand to tuck the hair behind her ear, and her hand casually rested on the armrest. duan linbai’s heart jumped!

the opportunity had come!

G.o.d knows how nervous he was. his palms were covered in cold sweat. he rubbed his hands on his pants and raised his hand slightly, reaching out to get closer …

when his fingers touched the back of xu jiamu’s hand, her heart skipped a beat. her rationality told her that she should pull her hand back now, but before she could do anything, a certain someone was faster and grabbed her hand.

he held it tightly.

it was as if he was afraid that she would run away.

xu jiamu could clearly feel how warm the hands wrapped around her were. her neck stiffened as she tilted her head and sized up duan linbai, who was seriously looking at the screen.

if the light was bright at this moment, one would definitely be able to see a certain someone’s face that was almost burning red.

f * ck you, it’s just holding hands, do you have to be so nervous?

very quickly, xu jiamu felt the sweat on a certain someone’s palm getting bigger and bigger. the heat was contagious, and it made her body heat up as well.

her hands were sweaty, so it must be uncomfortable. her fingers struggled a little, but duan linbai was extremely nervous and instantly tightened his grip.

it was as if something had suddenly clutched her heart, causing it to tremble violently.

he stopped moving.

some things were like this. perhaps if they let go now, they would not have the courage to hold hands again, so the two of them had a tacit understanding and did not let go. just like that, their hands were covered in sweat.

it was only when they walked out of the movie theater and were about to drive off that he had no choice but to let go.

after getting on the bus, the two of them didn’t talk much. duan linbai couldn’t help but smile. the bus was filled with sweetness.

xu jiamu rubbed his fingers, then turned to look at his hand on the steering wheel, breaking the silence.

“you studied cla.s.sical music before?”

” yes, my parents said that i had adhd when i was young. they said that learning music can help one improve one’s body and mind, so they sent me to learn music. when i was learning piano, i was scolded a lot. ”

“you can play the zither?”

“i know a lot of things, piano, violin, cello …”

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