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Chapter 763: Difficult Decision, a Test on Humanity! Part 3

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The distance between Origin Terrtiroy and Su Mo’s territory was too far.

Although they had the experience of traveling to Origin Territory, it would still take close to ten days at least for them to travel one way.

Back and forth would take half a month.

It was impossible to squeeze out half a month of time now.

Su Mo shook his head as he thought about it and completely dismissed the possibility of bringing resources from his territory.


‘What if I begged the mysterious system to see if I can get another unique perspective again and take out a batch of resources from thin air?’

Thinking of this, Su Mo tried to summon the system panel and muttered.

Unfortunately, in the past, when he requested to have another perspective of the territory was unanswered. Naturally, the system was also unresponsive when he wanted to take out resources.

Although Su Mo spoke to the system panel a few dozen times, the light blue interface did not change or respond at all.


‘It seems even this won’t work!’

Su Mo closed the panel.

He pondered for a moment and could not think of any other better solution. Then, he walked to the window and opened it to inspect the streets.

The heavy rain had washed away the stench in Origin Territory that had not been cleaned up for a while.

There were rarely any traces or rubbish on the whole street except for a little bit of mud.

The dim yellow light from nearby guards occasionally walking past with their torches lighted up the dark streets.

After a whole day of labor, they were exhausted and in low spirits as they patrolled the cold streets.

Su Mo noticed their lack of vigilance and thought to himself for a while. Suddenly, he jumped out of the window and landed gently on the mud, leaving two deep footprints.

He used his shoe tip to wipe away the mark of his departure.

Then, he quietly followed the guards that pa.s.sed by just now and arrived at Origin Territory’s west gate.

Last night, the eastern gate that Huang Bing stood guard at led to a snow-covered wilderness.

Meanwhile, the west gate led to the small and large accommodations of the people of Origin Territory.

Su Mo was familiar with the place despite being here for the first time because he had already gathered much information.

He very casually bypa.s.sed the guard at the gates by making a detour and followed the first mountain ahead of him. He slowly moved forward in the darkness, using the mountain as his guide.

On the way, Su Mo learned the name of the mountain after judging some terrain and features of the surrounding,

It was the seventh mountain of Origin Territory, Mount Rotary.

The mountain was 370 meters high, and there were 279 small residential accommodations on it, with a total population of 2170 people.

Compared to the snow-capped mountains they had climbed previously, this mountain was a piece of cake for Su Mo.

It took him less than an hour to reach the top.

It was already five in the morning, and a faint light began to rise in the sky, indicating that dawn was coming soon.

In a hurry, Su Mo quickly found the fourth mountain that was under Marshal w.a.n.g, Mount Nine.

Su Mo easily climbed up the mountain with the experience he had from climbing Mount Rotary and carefully checked the condition of the people on the mountain.

This time, Su Mo scrutinized the place very thoroughly.

He returned to the foot of Mount Nine along the path he climbed around six thirty in the morning when the sun was about to rise.

He returned to his table and sat down. Then, he poured a cup of tea and took a sip.

Although it was only a few hours of exploring, the sights he saw shocked and touched him.

Standing outside the window of a house on the mountain, he saw a middle-aged man who munched on tree bark to deceive his sense of taste and smell.

He also saw a young man who had to hide and trembled under his blanket at night because his only set of clothes had gotten wet in the day.

There was also a young girl who was supposed to be enjoying her youth in college but was cuddling in the corner with her mother as they waited for the morning sun to rise.

He saw plenty more ordinary people who were forced into despair because of the sudden game and the disasters.

Along the way, Su Mo also heard the suffering of people.

A few people lying in their beds could not fall asleep. Thus they mumbled and planned with the people around them about how they would wait until the cooling disaster was over, so they could take out all their belongings to exchange for some plant seeds to be cultivated and harvested in the future.

Some were starving and desperately hoping that their territory lord, Sun Bahu, would be generous to distribute more soup to those who had not received their portion.

‘I’m afraid that before the disaster’s damage falls upon them, they would already be mentally broken if they found out that seventy percent of their territory resources had been emptied and another thirty percent will likely be taken by Sun Bahu.

‘Should I help them or not?’

The morning sunlight shone brightly on his desk. Su Mo simply laughed as the thought popped up in his mind.

Sometimes, there were questions that did not need to be answered.

The question had already been answered in his heart.

Su Mo did not expect to save everyone, but as long as one more survived, there would be another chance of recruiting one more resident with great loyalty.

It was totally worth it!

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