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924 Terrifying Hail, This Is the Way of the World!_3

If it wasn’t for his Profound Insight, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to discover Zhang Chong’s tracks.

The shapes.h.i.+fting technique was indeed flawless.

Of course, this was also related to Zhang Chong’s vivid performance.

As he walked, the old man entered three more alleys along the way. There were women, children, and middle-aged people.

The more Su Mo followed him, the more frightened he became. This feeling became even stronger when Zhang Chong walked into the inn he stayed in yesterday.


Fellow Daoists!

Zhang Chong actually understood this principle, and even his room was next to Su Mo’s.

The fate between the two of them could not be said to be not deep!

After Zhang Chong rushed into the room, he was no longer breathing. Su Mo tidied up his clothes and walked in through the front door, returning to his room.

The two of them tacitly called for the inn’s servant to bring food and wine to their rooms.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. When the sun set and night fell, there was still no movement in Zhang Chong’s room.

If Su Mo had not used the Insight Skill to scan the area every hour, he would have thought that he had disguised himself and gone out to scout the area.

The inn was very close to the yamen, which meant that the commotion could not be too big.

Under all kinds of restrictions, an ordinary peak stage light Jin would not be able to do anything to Zhang Chong. Unfortunately, it was easy to dodge an open spear, but difficult to defend against a hidden arrow.

When a wisp of smoke drifted in from the small hole under the door, Zhang Chong, who was still sleeping soundly in his room, had already stepped into the gates of h.e.l.l.


“Who are you? What do you want? The yamen is nearby. Don’t act recklessly.”

Zhang Chong, who had just woken up, looked at the thick hemp rope wrapped around his body and then at Su Mo, who was playing with a dagger in front of the table. He shouted in panic.

“Jade-faced Playboy? Zhang Chong? Stop pretending. If you answer well, I will naturally let you live.”

Su Mo did not get confused and immediately exposed this seemingly flawless disguise.

Zhang Chong, who was tied to the bed, was innocent at first, then angry, and then calmed down. It was obvious that he had realized that he was already in the bag of the person at the table.

However, as long as this person didn’t kill him, it meant that there was still a chance.

Even the Overlord, who had reached the peak of the Transcendent State, had only lived for more than forty years.

He might as well use this time to enjoy himself!

Zhang Chong’s life dream was very simple. As long as he had food to eat, wine to drink, and women, it would be fine.

“Whatever you want, as long as I have it, I can give it to you, as long as you let me live today!”

Zhang Chong was quite straightforward and didn’t play dumb.

“I want the Shapes.h.i.+fting Technique in your hands, no, I want all of your cultivation techniques!”

Su Mo was not in the mood to figure out Zhang Chong’s thoughts. He knew that dealing with this kind of person, he should speak less and not be able to figure out his personality. It was terrifying.

The unknown was always the abyss!

As expected, Zhang Chong relaxed after hearing this. As long as they didn’t want the 500 taels of silver reward for his head, there was still room for negotiation.

Under his guidance, Su Mo took out two cultivation techniques from the secret compartment under his bed and activated Profound Insight.

[Transformation Transformation]

[It was originally the cornerstone cultivation technique of the Thief Sect, pa.s.sed down from the previous sect master to the current sect master, Zhang Chong. The Shapes.h.i.+fting Technique had a miraculous effect. Not only could it change one’s body shape, but it also had the miraculous effect of changing one’s appearance and voice. When cultivated to the great success stage, one could change one’s appearance with a single breath and greatly transform into a living person. It’s a necessary cultivation technique to travel the Jianghu.]

[Lifting Technique]

[The lightness skill of the Thief Sect is easy to learn. It’s a secret skill for running. However, there was a strict requirement for one’s weight, and one had to cultivate it together with the secret medicine of the Steal Sect. Your calves will be slightly deformed after training.]

Sensing the information from the Profound Insight Skill, even Su Mo, who had never smiled since he came to this world, smiled.

I’ve worn out my iron shoes and searched everywhere. It’s easy to find it.

After searching for a way to escape for three months, he could not find it. He did not expect that the heavens would send an opportunity next door to him.

” Is there a secret to cultivating this shapes.h.i.+fting technique? You tell me, and I’ll write it down. If there’s any falsehood, this day next year will be your death anniversary.”

The threat was very low level, but it was very effective.

Zhang Chong began to explain the difficulties of the Shapes.h.i.+fting Technique word by word, and the number of words on the paper also increased.

One page, two pages!

Three pages!

It took him three pages to write down all the tricks on the palm-sized paper and activate Profound Insight.

[Experience of Shapes.h.i.+fting]

[Narrated by the current leader of the Thief Sect, Zhang Chong. Written by Su Mo. The insights of the seventh generation leader of the Thief Sect, in addition to the secrets of the current genius leader, has the effect of speeding up the practice of the Shapes.h.i.+fting Technique]

Su Mo blew at the paper that had yet to dry and nodded in satisfaction.

The reason why he wasn’t afraid of Zhang Chong’s nonsense was because of the power of Profound Insight.

Under the Profound Insight, he could see everything clearly. After using it for three months, he knew how heaven-defying this Profound Insight was.

“Alright… Hero, can you let me go now?”

Zhang Chong, who was tied to the bed, became even more careful as he watched the old man sitting in front of the table with murderous intent, deep thoughts, and a smile.

Before his master pa.s.sed away, he had instructed the Thief Sect that there were two types of people they could not offend:

Firstly, a person with great strength.

Secondly, there were mental problems.

Now, in Zhang Chong’s eyes, Su Mo was naturally cla.s.sified as the second type of person.

“There’s no rush. After I’ve mastered the Transformation Technique, I’ll let you go.”

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