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Chapter 949: You Forced Me To Be Ruthless

“I’ll move out and not live under the same roof as you again. It gives me gooseb.u.mps all over. I’ll take the two children with me. This house was previously jointly owned by us. I’ll get someone to sell it later, and we’ll split the proceeds fifty-fifty. It’ll be the last bit of kindness between us as husband and wife.”

Mrs. Ding had thought about it from the very beginning. When they got married, each of them had paid fifty-fifty to buy this house.

At that time, Ding Juesi’s career was not as good as it was now. The money he had on hand was also very limited. He simply could not afford to buy this entire house.

It was not that Mrs. Ding had not thought about paying the full price for this house. She was just worried that it would hurt Ding Juesi’s self-esteem, so she had settled for the second best option. The two of them each paid half of the price to buy the house.

Because of the disparity in their family backgrounds, Mrs. Ding had been very careful and worked hard to manage their marriage all these years. In the end, the many years of affection only resulted in such a cold return, Mrs. Ding’s heart was also extremely cold.

When all the sweetness in the past had turned into a knife cutting through flesh, the best way was to swing the sword to cut off the love threads and stop the damage in time.

However, she was not backing down at this time to fulfill the wish of this sc.u.mbag in front of her and his mistress.

Apart from leaving the house with nothing, Mrs. Ding felt indescribably disgusted whenever she thought of the possibility that Ding Juesi would bring that woman into the house after she left with the children.

She might as well sell the house and divide everything that belonged to them. She would not give it to any of these dogs!

“Of course, the prerequisite is that you are cooperative. I will get someone to send you the divorce papers after that. You should think about what I said just now and sign them when you’re done. If you don’t sign them, I’ll see you in court. My lawyer will be waiting for you at any time.”

Mrs. Ding was quick-witted and did not lack money. She did not bring any unimportant things and was ready to get someone to pack them up.

In just a few minutes, Mrs. Ding carried a small bag and was about to leave with the two children and the nanny.

Ding Juesi stood at the side and did not seem to have recovered from his wife’s treatment.

It was only when he saw the two children that he finally found his voice. He asked hoa.r.s.ely, “Do you really have to be so ruthless?”

Mrs. Ding was angered by his retort and laughed. “You forced me to be ruthless.”

“Aren’t you going to consider the feelings of the children? If you move out now, what will the people outside say about me? I’m their father. If others laugh at me, they will naturally laugh at them. Do you have the heart to let them lose their father at such a young age and be looked down upon by the people around them at such a young age?”

When couples quarreled and wanted to get back together after a divorce, they liked to bring out their children.

Generally speaking, children were a woman’s weakness. As long as they brought out this trump card, they would be able to put themselves in an invincible position.

However, Ding Juesi’s plan was destined to fail.

When Mrs. Ding heard him say this, not only did she not change her mind, she became even more determined.

“So you also know that when others laugh at you, they will also laugh at your children. Why didn’t you consider me and our children when you did those dirty things? Now you know how to use the children to morally kidnap me. Do you think you’re worthy?”


“A divorce is inevitable. I don’t want my children to live with a hypocritical and dirty man who is unfaithful to his family. You know that what you did was wrong, but you don’t think you should be punished. When the children grow up, they had better not be like you and harm other little girls.”

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The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me Chapter 949 - You Forced Me To Be Ruthless summary

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