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Chapter 951: Marriage Or Enmity

Ning Qirui finally flew back from the variety show and rushed to Su Yayan’s office.

He wanted to tell Su Yayan about how she had invited his brother to a barbecue party, causing him to starve in the wilderness and suffer the cruel tragedy of being tortured by his brother enjoying a barbecue.

However, he had just arrived and had watched such a major outburst. He was completely stunned and forgot his original purpose of coming here.

Hearing Su Yayan’s words, he slowly came back to his senses and muttered softly, “There’s no need to overturn a boat full of people like this.”

Su Yayan was stunned. She looked up at Ning Qirui and said with a faint smile, “Do you know what Phoenix men are like? He’s befitting of this t.i.tle.”

Ning Qirui frowned, he was not convinced. “I know. Isn’t it referring to a poor guy who married a wife who is better than him in every aspect? Well, I can’t say that he married her. It seems that a lot of people like him marry into the wife’s family.”

“You are right to understand it this way.”Su Yayan smiled at him, “But the Phoenix man I’m talking about is clearly relying on the woman to get rich, but he is still ambitious and thinks that he is capable and talented. Even if he doesn’t rely on the woman, he thinks he can still succeed in his career. On one hand, he enjoys the benefits that the woman’s family brings to him, but on the other hand, he thinks highly of himself. He hates the negative impact that this has brought on him. He feels that the various conveniences that the woman’s family has provided for him have dragged him down and made him suffer unnecessary criticism and humiliation.”

“This…” Ning Qirui was a little confused by Su Yayan’s explanation. After a long time, he mumbled, “Is there something wrong with his brain?”

Su Yayan burst into laughter. “In our eyes, there is something wrong with his brain, but in his eyes, it is reasonable. With the things from his wife’s family, he rose step by step. He feels wronged and thinks that he is so n.o.ble. How could she use money and resources to humiliate him? What will the people outside think of him if she did this?”

Su Yayan looked into Ning Qirui’s eyes, which had unknowingly started to become shocked and panicked, she chuckled and said, “Some people even think that if a tiger doesn’t show its might, others might think that she is like h.e.l.lo Kitty. Just wait, when he has a firm foothold in her family, he’ll be the first to swallow all of her family’s a.s.sets sooner or later. When that time comes, let’s see who dares to look down on him.”

Ning Qirui was shocked. What kind of terrifying and twisted plotline was this? Wasn’t marrying such a person simply inviting a wolf into the house?

“To put it bluntly, he doesn’t have the ability to be arrogant and clearly knows that he’s losing face by relying on a woman, but he can’t resist the temptation of wealth and status. He’s risen through the ranks by relying on his wife and enjoyed the happiness of a high position. On the other hand, he wants to erase his past of losing face by relying on women. It’s easy for him to feel resentful toward the people who helped him before because in his eyes, their existence is nothing but a reminder of his disgraceful past.

“Cutting off the flesh of his loved ones, stabbing knives into those around him, and then going out to listen to those who had previously ridiculed him before flattering him and satisfying his selfish and greedy vanity. On the other hand, his wife and her family have contributed money and effort yet they will still be resented, hated, and set up. They were married, but it was scarier than being enemies. Do you think this kind of person is good?”

“No, no, no…” Ning Qirui hurriedly waved his hands like a propeller. “I was wrong, I was wrong. This kind of person is not good.”

Su Yayan was amused by him. “You are not wrong. I just said that there are only a few good men, and I am not discounting everyone else.”

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The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me Chapter 951 - Marriage Or Enmity summary

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