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Chapter 401: Peak Battle (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


Golden light flashed as it swept out like a sun, dissipating all the spirit energy without raising any waves.

At the same time, Qin Jue frowned with killing intent.

Four upper realm True G.o.d Stage experts had suddenly appeared here and were crazily attacking the barrier. They clearly had ill intentions.

“Senior Qin, Senior Qin, you’re finally here!”

Seeing this, Zhu Tianpeng hurriedly flew over.

“It’s you?”

Qin Jue was surprised. “Why are you here?”

“Senior, we didn’t attack this barrier on purpose. We just didn’t have any other choice. The G.o.d Realm… the G.o.d Realm is about to be destroyed. Senior, please save us!”

Zhu Tianpeng went straight to the point.


Qin Jue was stunned and somewhat dumbfounded.

The G.o.d Realm was about to be destroyed?

What was going on?

According to his knowledge, there were two upper realm G.o.d King Stage experts holding down the fort in the G.o.d Realm, and the Heavenly Dao laws of the G.o.d Realm did not allow existences that surpa.s.sed the upper realm G.o.d King Stage to step in. Qin Jue didn’t understand how it could be destroyed.

Unless the other party was a G.o.d King Stage expert who could travel freely through realms.

However, with Old Mo around, even if a Dao Verification G.o.d King invaded, he should still be able to resist.

Or perhaps Old Mo had gone crazy?

Of course, there was a third possibility.

The G.o.d Realm had been attacked by a Dao Integration Stage G.o.d King Stage expert!

Thinking of this, Qin Jue couldn’t help but look forward to it.

“What’s going on? Speak clearly!” After calming down, Qin Jue said seriously.

“This… I’m not sure about the exact situation, but Brother Monkey told us that if we don’t ask you for help, the entire G.o.d Realm will be destroyed.”

Zhu Tianpeng quickly said, “I hope Senior can save the G.o.d Realm!”

Qin Jue :”…”

It turned out that Zhu Tianpeng did not even know what had happened.

If it weren’t for the fact that Qin Jue could tell with his spirit sense that Zhu Tianpeng wasn’t lying, he would have really suspected what the other party was telling him.


As if recalling something, Zhu Tianpeng took out a crystal ball and said, “Brother Monkey said that this person asked us to find you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Tianpeng injected spirit energy into the crystal ball and a figure was immediately projected from the crystal ball.

Qin Jue looked in the direction of the voice and was slightly stunned. The figure projected from the crystal ball was actually Old Mo!

“Are you sure this person sent you to find me?”

Qin Jue finally realized the seriousness of the matter.

It had to be known that Old Mo was a G.o.d King Stage expert. If even he had to ask Qin Jue for help, then how powerful was the enemy?


Zhu Tianpeng nodded heavily. He had seen Old Mo before, so when Sun Wukong mentioned the old man, Zhu Tianpeng instantly remembered.

“I understand. Let’s go.” Qin Jue said solemnly.

“Thank you, Senior!”

Zhu Tianpeng was overjoyed. “We have already opened a spatial pa.s.sageway…”

Before he could finish speaking, Qin Jue interrupted with a wave of his hand. “The spatial pa.s.sageway is too slow.”


The spatial pa.s.sageway was still slow?

Without waiting for the Zhu Tianpeng to react, Qin Jue flicked his finger and a spatial gate immediately condensed in front of him, leading straight to the border between the Inner Realm and the G.o.d Realm.


The four upper realm G.o.d King Stage experts looked at each other and could see the disbelief in each other’s eyes.

How did he create a spatial gate from so far away with a flick of his finger?

It was only at this moment that they understood why they had asked Qin Jue to help save the G.o.d Realm!

After pa.s.sing through the spatial gate, Qin Jue raised his hand and punched.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The realm barrier immediately shattered like tofu, revealing a hundred-meter-wide hole that connected to the G.o.d Realm.

Zhu Tianpeng :”…”


The four upper realm True G.o.d Stage experts who were about to use their secret techniques were instantly dumbfounded, shocked speechless.

Forget about the spatial gate, how could it forcefully break the realm barrier?

Was there a mistake somewhere?

“What are you guys waiting for? If you don’t come over soon, the barrier will heal.” Qin Jue reminded.


The four of them suddenly regained their senses and hurriedly pa.s.sed through the barrier.


Qin Jue looked around and frowned. “What’s going on? Why aren’t there any signs of life?”

Everywhere one looked, it was lifeless, as if it was h.e.l.l. Whether it was a planet or a continent, there were no signs of life, as if everyone had evaporated from the world.

Not only that, but even the surrounding spirit qi became extremely thin, as if it would disappear at any moment. It was simply worlds apart from the G.o.d Realm in Qin Jue’s impression.

“This… It wasn’t like this when we entered the Inner Realm five days ago.”

Zhu Tianpeng was stunned.

Qin Jue pondered. If the other party could turn the G.o.d Realm into such a state in just five days, it seemed that things were indeed not that simple.

“Will the patriarch and the others be fine?”

The two upper realm True G.o.d Stage experts from the Heavenly G.o.d Race had anxious expressions.

“Don’t worry, Brother Monkey and Patriarch Tian are both upper realm G.o.d King Stage experts. They shouldn’t be in any danger.”

Zhu Tianpeng consoled.

Because he had never come into contact with experts above the G.o.d King Stage, Zhu Tianpeng was not that worried. In his opinion, even if a calamity happened in the G.o.d Realm, it would not be able to threaten the two of them.

“Not necessarily.”

Qin Jue spread out his spirit sense and faintly said, “The other party’s strength far your imagination.”

In fact, there was one thing that Qin Jue didn’t say. He could sense the aura left behind by Sun Wukong and Tian Hunji nearby, as well as an unknown energy fluctuation.

In fact, there was one thing that Qin Jue didn’t say. He could sense the aura left behind by Sun Wukong and the Heavenly Chaos Machine nearby, as well as an unknown energy fluctuation.

In other words, Sun Wukong and Tian Hunji were either captured or killed by the other party. There was no possibility of them escaping.


Zhu Tianpeng panicked. “Then Brother Monkey…”

“Forget it, I’ll go take a look first.”

Qin Jue couldn’t be bothered to think too much about it. He quickly captured the source of that energy fluctuation and opened another spatial gate.

Unexpectedly, that energy fluctuation came from the land of the Heavenly G.o.d Race.

After arriving home and seeing that everything had almost been flattened in front of them, the two Heavenly G.o.d Race experts rolled their eyes and almost fainted.

“How could this be?!” One of them shouted.

The Heavenly G.o.d Race had thrived in the G.o.d Realm for more than a million years and had deep roots. During this time, they had nurtured countless experts. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have declared war on the Myriad Divine Court. However, at this moment, besides some internal core buildings, the Heavenly G.o.d Race was basically no different from ruins.

Most importantly, not a single one of the billions of people from the Heavenly G.o.d Race was left!

Everywhere one looked, one could see broken walls and many ugly, strange creatures with strange auras.

The commotion here immediately attracted the attention of those strange creatures. They flapped their wings and surrounded Qin Jue and the others.


The two Heavenly G.o.d Race experts were unable to restrain their anger. They immediately took out their weapons and began to fight the strange creatures.


Those strange creatures were only around the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage and were no match for the two upper realm True G.o.d Stage experts at all. However, no matter how many they killed, more strange creatures would appear. The ones that came after were also stronger.

If this continued, the two of them would die sooner or later.

Sighing, Qin Jue raised a golden light that filled the sky from his palm and spread out layer by layer like a wave. All the strange creatures that came into contact with the golden light, regardless of their level, were instantly killed.

Although he did not know what these strange creatures were, judging from the current situation, it was definitely not wrong to kill them.

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